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  1. Baderpadordercollie

    "Poor" dogs

    I was watching a video the other day of dogs doing flyball at Crufts. I like watching the Crufts flyball and agility; so many different dogs, from so many different places. But, I made the mistake of scrolling down, to be met with "poor dogs" and "Y R dey making the dogs do dat it's not good for them they're working them too hard" comments. I looked back up and watched a BC being held back, waiting for its run, barking, lunging, and when released, took off like a shot. Yep. Totally being forced to run. (Sarcasm.) It made me think back to last june, when I was at a dog event and they were doing a herding demonstration. We, the audience, and the handler and his dog, were at the bottom of what I can only describe as a steep ass hill. A LONG steep ass hill. Waaaaaay up at the top were the sheep. And it was hot as heck. But that wasn't a problem for Meg the Border Collie. She glided up that hill and brought the sheep down nice and easy, no sweat. After the demonstration she hopped in a nearby stream, all smiles. Happiest dog I ever saw. I'd love to hear what those commentors would have to say about "poor" Meg being worked "so hard." I can't help but imagine these people typing away their "poor dogs" comments with obese and very bored dogs lying on their sofas beside them. Opinions formed in ignorence are best kept in the solitude of one's own mind.
  2. Baderpadordercollie

    Agility or Flyball in Southwest VA?

    ssloan That's awesome. I bet that is a fun job. Nice to hear that Karen competes during the weekend. I wouldn't want to take classes from someone who didn't have competition experience. I don't think we would need private classes; my dog is well behaved and good with other dogs, which is why I don't want to pay for an obedience class I don't need. Unfortunately, at this moment, I am unable to do the drive. I am hoping that in the not too distant future I will be able to free up my schedule more.
  3. Baderpadordercollie

    Logan's 12th Birthday!!!!

    Awwwwe a cake and everything. ❤
  4. Baderpadordercollie

    She knows something we don't.

    I had a dog once who did not like one particular person that we would occasionally see. I later found out that he was a real jerk, really nasty guy. Only person she ever took a disliking to like that. Sometimes they pick up on subtle body language we don't see. Sometimes they just know. I agree with the above. Keep the dog away from this guy. And as for yourself, I personally wouldn't trust the guy if your dog dislikes him so much and it's just him she dislikes. He may not be as nice as he seems.
  5. Baderpadordercollie

    Strange Tan Appearing?

    One time my dog bumped her face on the coffee table, and one side of her snout swelled up a bit. I had forgotten about it when the swelling started, and somehow got myself in a tizzy thinking she had foxgrass up her nose, (despite the complete lack of sneezing, nasal discharge, etc.) I was talking to my mother about OMG foxgrass and I'll have to take her to the vet, and she looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Sarah, does foxgrass even grow around here?" Oh. It doesn't. And then I remembered the coffee table/face collision. The swelling disappeared within a few days. What I mean to say is that I am the exact same way, I always jump to the worst case scenario in my head and worry myself half to death, but more often than not, the most obvious thing is actually what's going on. Which is not to say that you should ignore signs of ill health, or that it's wrong to have a chat with the vet. But usually, if the dog is otherwise healthy, there's no cause for worry. Also, look at the whole picture. Simply having one thing that could be a symptom of a disease/health problem does not mean they have that problem. Heavy panting is a sign of heat stroke, but that doesn't mean that every time my dog pants heavily, she has heat stroke. She pants heavily after a good run in the snow and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have heat stroke then.
  6. I'm also currently teaching Brèagha growl on cue. She's a very growly dog, and she growls when she is happy to see me, and when she plays. She's just vocal in general. Happy barks, happy growls, excited barks, "there's something outside" barks, and my favorites, "rrrrawrawrawarw" and "rrrrooroooo!"
  7. D'Elle That's pretty freaking hilarious. XD
  8. I taught my dog to turn pages for me when I play piano. You can tell in this video I didn't have the piece down pat yet which is why I didn't get it all in one take, (I kept messing up,) but she was brilliant. https://youtu.be/ErDmVQBgm1w
  9. Baderpadordercollie

    A Few Questions About My Growing (7.5 Month) Pup...

    Lyrically_speaking Thanks for explaining. I understand better now.
  10. Baderpadordercollie

    A Few Questions About My Growing (7.5 Month) Pup...

    Please forgive me if this is innacurate, but from your description, it seems like you are endlessly cycling from collar to collar and harness to harness trying to find the one that will train your dog for you. Are you wanting to teach him loose leash walking or are you trying to find the best way to manage the pulling? There's no wrong answer there, some people don't mind managing and would rather do that than teach the skill, which is fine. For myself, if it's not bothering me, or anyone else, I don't bother training my dog out of it, unless it's something unhealthy, so I just manage it. Nothing wrong with that. But if you are seeking to actually teach him to walk on a loose leash, without using any management tools, there is no collar that will do that for you. If you are seeking only to manage the pulling, then stick with whichever tool you have had the most success with. (I think that would be the prong?) If the goal is to teach him loose leash walking on a flat collar, you will have to slowly and methodically teach him to do so, in baby steps, and it will take time. For me, it was worth the time investment. For you it might not be, it's up to you. But if you do want to teach loose leash walking, the collar alone will teach the dog nothing at all. There is no one right way that works for all dogs, but here is what worked for me. My dog currently eats kibble. So instead of pouring it into her bowl, I used it as treats. We would walk, and at first, I rewarded for every 2 seconds not pulling. 1, 2, "yes," treat. 1, 2, "yes," treat. Gradually we worked our way up to 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds, etc. We got to 30 seconds. We got to a minute. Eventually we got to a point where I was rewarding so infrequently that I could phase out rewards completely. If she does pull, I stop, and I don't move until she releases tension on the leash. But she hardly ever pulls. During the training process, if I went on a walk and I didn't feel like or have time to train, I used a management tool, in my case a Halti, so she wasn't able to practice the behavior. So that is me, that is my dog. There are lots of different ways to teach them, and you will come across a whole plethora of them on the internet, but that is what worked for me.
  11. With your current situation and preferences, I agree, it would be wise to adopt a young adult. The subject of puppies being a "crap shoot" was actually discussed in an earlier topic.
  12. I'd say that, while it's definitely possible to get a puppy that will grow into a dog that's just not compatible with you, 9 times out of 10 you will get along just fine with the dog if you raise them right. I have never experienced, or known or heard of anyone who's experienced, having to go through 4 different puppies to find the right one. However, if you are eager to begin advanced training and sports right away, a puppy is probably not best for you. Puppyhood is one thing you simply cannot rush.
  13. Baderpadordercollie

    Post Spay Exercises

    GentleLake Yeah I was thinking rehab seemed a bit excessive. I'm mainly just wondering if I need to ease slowly back into heavy exercise or if I'm just being paranoid.
  14. Baderpadordercollie

    Post Spay Exercises

    Thanks. She is a bit frustrated with me for not allowing her to run yet, so well wishes appreciated. I am hoping some of the sport dog people around here will have some input as well, ;)
  15. Baderpadordercollie

    Post Spay Exercises

    9 days ago my 1 year old dog was spayed. I have just started going on short walks a couple of days ago with her, and of course she is raring to go and wants to run like mad. The vet said to "restrict exercise" for 7 to 10 days, and I have been. But I know it's probably not a good idea to just let her start running right away. I mean, when she runs, she RUNS. How long should we stick to walking? Also, someone mentioned to me that it's good to do core exercises with them to re strengthen the muscle. How long should I wait to start doing that? I love doing active things with my dog, and of course she lives for it, so the temptation is to jump right back in, but I know that's not a good idea.