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  1. Baderpadordercollie


    @Smalahundur I can give you all the information in the world about how and why this type of training works and why using physical corrections and intimidation are harmful to dogs, but it would be a waste of my time as you clearly are not open to learning. Everything you could ever want to know is out there for all to read, I'm not going to spoon feed it to you, nor will I be baited into an argument.
  2. Baderpadordercollie


    @Smalahundur I think if you read the article I posted above, you will find that "positive reinforcement based training is permissive" is addressed there, and more thoroughly than I have time to do at the moment.
  3. Baderpadordercollie


    Jami74, I absolutely agree that when the person starts to get really frustrated, put the dog away, think about it, and try again later. When I get frustrated, that's when I make mistskes, plus I'm not thinking clearly so I'm not going to accomplish anything. Sometimes I just have to say, okay, we're done for now.
  4. Baderpadordercollie

    One Honest Politician

    "Believe the lie," wasn't that one of the X Files taglines? - My off topic brain
  5. Baderpadordercollie


    My thoughts exactly. If anyone who was interested in the article happens to be sick in bed or has an inclination to spend their weekend reading, there is a whole page full of articles by the same author that go into more depth about different aspects of R+ training which I found one day and could not stop clicking and reading. It's a very interesting subject. https://eileenanddogs.com/common-misconceptions-positive-reinforcement/
  6. Baderpadordercollie


    @Journey The idea that dogs are turned into shelters because of R+/force free training is a myth. It stems from the fact that dog training is an unregulated business. There is no education required to be a dog trainer. So naturally, on both the "balanced" side and the R+ side you will find uneducated people who haven't a clue what they're doing giving people bad advice. I can find you hundreds of examples of incompetent balanced trainers who have majorly screwed up dogs. And you would say that's not a fair representation of balanced training. Just the same, I will say that if a dog is screwed up by R+ training, the trainer is incompetent, and therefore that is not a fair example of R+ training. Because others have said it before me and said it better, I like to offer reading material. I know full well that 99% of the time people won't bother with it, but I like to offer it anyway in case someone is interested in learning more. https://eileenanddogs.com/2015/05/05/myths-about-positive-reinforcement-based-training/
  7. Baderpadordercollie

    Collie Breeding

    Sahani, Wow. Each of your responses is like an essay. This is not a criticism; I just genuinely find it a bit amazing. I tend to be wordy, but wow. You must either be a fast writer or put a lot of time into typing your responses. I do think that sometimes, some of the people of this board can be close minded about certain things. I won't deny that. But I do not think they are being so here. I believe that the initial responses were simply trying to gain more information about you as a breeder. Remember that no one here knows anything about you. I think you are assuming a condescending and snarky tone behind their writing that is not there.
  8. Baderpadordercollie


    Assuming they are well educated and actually qualified to work with dogs, consulting a behaviorist is the most helpful thing IMO and I'm glad you are able to do so. Best of luck.
  9. Baderpadordercollie

    Sit on the dog

  10. Baderpadordercollie


    Agree. Reacting by slapping or other kinds of physical punishment could make it worse, or maybe it would work, but do you really want to risk making the problem worse? Also, if your goal is to have your dog view you as a safe person to be around and someone they can trust, slapping them upside the head and the like would be very counterproductive to this. How much time do you spend with your dog? Is it possible he's not getting enough attention from you, or maybe he hasn't enough to do during the day and is bored?
  11. Baderpadordercollie

    Dog Parks

    I suppose nothing in life is black and white. I think when it comes to dogs and dog ownership, the #1 answer will always be "it depends."
  12. Baderpadordercollie

    Dog Parks

  13. Baderpadordercollie

    Breeder didn’t register litter

    This is what I was thinking. I would not buy a dog from any place such as the one described, unless my intention was to rescue a puppy from bad conditions or something. (Which I wouldn't do either, but I can appreciate the good intentions behind it.)
  14. Baderpadordercollie

    Dog Parks

    @Rush Fan Very much better said than mine.
  15. Baderpadordercollie

    Dog Parks

    No, I can't be 100% sure. But in this case I think my dog is no more likely to get sick from the park than she is going for a walk, on which she usually walks along with her nose to the ground, stopping to smell all the places where dogs have been. And sometimes they've left poop, and yep, she usually sniffs that too before I can stop her. Quibble? Who's quibbling? It's a discussion forum, people discuss things, or have I got that wrong? I added my perspective just like you added yours. If you don't want to discuss it then don't reply. Either way I don't see that it's anything to be miffed about.