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  1. reploidphoenix

    Thinning hair

    While my lola was never a true long haired border collie, she used to be quite fluffy. In the past month or so, I noticed her hair has gotten really short and thin like a smooth border collie. She just hit a year old in october. I used to be able to flow my hands through it, now I cant. Could it be health related? Or just something that may happen with her genetics?
  2. reploidphoenix

    Breeder concerns

    No. She has the pup listed for a "friend". The friend is the broker that buys them from somewhere in ny. I was told I should just prob let it go, but it upsets me theyre spitting these pups out and selling so many when they seem to have temperament issues. They also say their abca registered, but no one seems to ever get papers in the mail as promised. Should I just let it go...?
  3. reploidphoenix

    Breeder concerns

    This same breeder that I never found the name of in NY is still selling puppies to a broker to sell in my area.. They have temperament issues from being reactive, scared, and aggressive. In a month, this is the 2nd round of puppies up for sale. I never recieved papers when I was told i would(bought him in April or may). Hes supposed to be abca registered. I'm afraid this may be a puppy mill. Anyone willing to find out for me since they refuse to give me any information? Heres the latest puppy for sale..
  4. reploidphoenix

    Lola and Wellington

  5. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    Here Is a good read from a leading dog trainer about punishment and positive reinforcement
  6. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    Hes not confident or relaxed..EVER. Even before training. Theres nothing that has changed in his body language since we started training. The collar is no different then an owner yelling when a dog runs into traffic. It's still a correction reguardless. This just pinpoints what he did, hence he learns faster. His reactivity has gone way down in the house. Next week hes going out in public to help with his barking. I know not everyone agrees with the route I've taken. Not everyone agrees with ceasar millan either...but some of the dogs he helps have been through positive reinforcement trainers that have done NOTHING for their dog. Each dog is an individual. What works for one may not work for another. The training is being done with the guidance of a trainer and not me just slapping a collar on and shocking him..
  7. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    Here is all the stuff I did with my girl..and she was alot younger than the pup in question
  8. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    I have to do what u feel is best for my dog. If you dont carry treats even in a no- distraction environment he also chooses to ignore you. It has nothing to do with being over threshold. I see nothing in the video about bad body language. If you're talking about the submissive butt wiggle to the side when he comes to you, hes always done that. His head low when I put him on place is his stalking/focused face. I've trained my neighbors dog too..I know about positive training and patience, and it hasn't worked for us. I'm not lazy..training wasnt cheap...and its definitely not convenient.. This was my neighbors dog I trained. He was reactive to the vacuum and would bark and attack it. He was even triggered across the house. I had to start across the room and turning it on for just a sec..until I moved it closer and I was able to do this in the video. 4 classes was $700...over an hour away. Dont think I took this decision lightly, and I'm sorry if it disgusts you.... I remember when crates were considered inhumane..
  9. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0F9T8hVs74 Here's a video of "threshold" training, which is used on a working level and i think it probably the most "accepted" per say to use the collar
  10. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    I've had the collar on my hand up to level 26. It starts out as like an itchy tingle. As it goes higher, it feels more like a fast shaking that makes you jump. Wellington usually responds to as low level as 6.. which my husband cant even feel. We do start with treats and positive reinforcement when he does obey. We are phasing out treats and just doing verbal praise. It's not practical to carry treats 24/7..and he already has a history of ignoring you if you dont have treats. It is a very heated topic among owners. Threshold training is the most common way to use the collar. You find a level the dog barely feels, and guide them with the stimuli. It works extremely well and fast for dogs that are willing to work for you. In my dogs case, he was unwilling to work for my praise. It was explained using a "working level" style on him just taught him he could ignore me say 3-5 times before he HAD to listen lol.
  11. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    The collar is supposed to phase out as time goes on. When asked a command, the first hit of the button is on 0..so he gets a chance to obey. Then it goes up a couple points on a collar that has 100 levels until he obeys. I'm starting to see if I give a command he obeys right away now without the stimuli. Once it becomes habit, the collar wont be needed anymore.
  12. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    Honestly..he always looked sad..even before we started training. He just has that really pathetic sad puppy dog look all the time.. this was him sleeping in the car while we were at cabellas lol
  13. reploidphoenix

    Training with Wellington update

    The collar is kept on while hes not in his crate or by himself. It keeps them from becoming "collar smart" and only listening when the collar is on. If it's only used in training sessions, they become fearful of the collar. We taught him the commands originally without the collar, but only listened 30% of the time after treats were put away. Unfortunately, we did this training to keep him safe from running away or getting hit while were out. It's worked well for us so far
  14. reploidphoenix

    Abca lookup?

    It's not what they told me, I looked up the news story. Apparently she put the dog in a crate and had to run an errand. When she came back the dog had passed from unknown causes. She became scared since the owner was famous and hid the dog. Yes it was wrong, but ppl do stupid things sometimes. I'm not leaving him with anyone. I do have him in training and started another thread yesterday.
  15. I know alot of you were very against using a trainer that used an e-collar. He was assessed by the 2nd head trainer in this area for k9 offleash. I showed her he knew commands and what was asked, but refused to follow when he didn't feel like. It was hard to take him anywhere with his barking and stranger danger. He would push you out of the way and almost run you over at doorways, even if you tried to body block him. Trainer said he was being this way because we weren't correcting his bad behavior and that he knew we weren't going to follow through on a correction if he did what he wanted. We are on week 2 ..only 2 one hour sessions, and we've already seen a great improvement. I've never been one to force a dog to do what is asked, I've always had dogs that WANTED to please me. Unfortunately, this dog was not really bonded to me nor my husband. Now, he looks for me in the morning once let out of his crate and has become quite the snuggle bug. I know some think i'm cruel for using this type of training, but it has really helped. I'm glad he doesn't run out past us anymore and take off after whatever is outside. We're still working on the reactive barking this week. Here's a video of his progress. Mind you i didn't have to use stimulation once in this video. Wellington E-collar training