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  1. I've heard about OCD in Border Collies but I haven't owned one, so as an outsider it's a little hard for me to understand. If you feel up to it, could you explain in a little more detail what OCD behaviors are and the problems they cause?
  2. starry777

    My boys are becoming sheepdogs

    I'm glad the herding stuff is going well with your dogs. It sounds fun! I also love watching them work. I love the crouchy walk they do and how they stare at stuff. My only experience with herding probably doesn't even count, but it was fun no less. I took my Corgi to an instinct test just to see what she'd do if she got put with sheep. There was me, her, a judge, and three sheep in a decent-sized pen. Well, after my Corgi followed them around for awhile one got separated from the others. The judge told me to send my dog after it. I pointed at it and my dog went and got it! She did a wide circle to get around behind it and then chased it back. I thought it was the coolest thing ever haha
  3. starry777

    New Puppy Older Female BC

    My Corgi has a human name Her name is Madison.
  4. I've got a friend that lives in Phoenix, so I'd definitely be interested in driving to a fun day out there. If the fun day somehow wasn't fun, well, at least I could see my friend haha xD But I went to a fun day once with the BC rescue closest to me and it was great. I liked watching the busy Border Collies running in every direction and asking the owners questions about their dogs. Also helping clean up is a good idea. As I recall, I did that at the fun day I went to and it was an opportunity to talk to everyone without them being distracted by the other guests. I believe I was one of the last people there. And yeah I've been waiting 15 years to get a Border Collie so what's one more year? Haha Oh and I just went and I subscribed to the ABCR mailing list.
  5. starry777

    Sudden Death Pining

    It's good that you're having a respite from the pain but don't be surprised if it all wells back up and knocks you down again. Ups and downs are really common during grief. Do what you gotta to push through and heal.
  6. starry777

    Bald elbow?

    Does he lay on hard surfaces?
  7. So there's probably something I could do even though I live 5 hours away? Or do rescues typically only have a use for volunteers that are more local?
  8. Hmm, I didn't realize Border Collie adoptions around here were so competitive. Maybe this is why I never see the same dogs for long on bcrescue.net Apparently people snatch them up like hot potatoes. So now is the time to start forming relationships with the rescues, so I have an advantage against the competition, eh? How do I go about that? Obviously this includes going to their events but what can I do when they're currently not holding anything? Just email them and stuff? Just yap about why I like the breed and the things I've done with dogs? ---- I went to the Arizona BC rescue website and I quickly saw one that caught my interest, which has yet to happen with the other rescue, so maybe that means this is the rescue I should invest a lot of time into getting to know? Maybe this is the one that could hook me up when I'm ready.
  9. Yeah it really is useful to have a dog that understands the concept of "hold something when I tell you to."
  10. So what have you guys taught to your dogs? Do they know their toys by name? Can they walk on two legs? What do they do? What have you taught them that you're most proud of? With my Corgi, what I'm most proud of, is teaching her to roll her self up in a blanket. It was the hardest thing I had ever taught a dog and I had to teach it in pieces. I had to separately teach her the concepts of lay down on command, hold something in her mouth on command, and roll over on command. And then it was a matter of putting them all together. And then after that I had to teach her how to initiate all the actions on her own without relying on a signal for each thing. Now she can mostly do it independent of me. A close runner up is her trick where she'll put her toy in a box. I give her the toy, point at the box, and she goes and puts it in there. This trick also took quite a bit of work. It took a lot to get her to under the concept of taking an object from a human and delivering it to a specified location--and making sure when she drops it, it actually goes in the box! I also taught her that if I throw the toy somewhere and I point to the box, to go get it and deliver it to the box rather than to me. So she can do the trick two ways Also I didn't even start on this trick until we'd done a lot of work with holding an object and retrieving it, so that also went into the foundation. She's found that she loves retrieving!! She had no natural inclination for it but after I taught it to her, she decided it was fun. So, if I do the retrieve on flat exercise like in the open level of AKC obedience, she rockets out to get the dumbbell when told to do so. She's the same with retrieving over a jump. So cute xD I love to train the eager beavers. Oh yeah!! I also love doing the drop on recall. I love leaving her in a stay and then walking far away and calling her. She comes running fast (well, fast for a corgi xD) and when I say "Down!" she hits the ground. And then I call her again and she comes the rest of the way My goal is to make it so she can run away from me and then respond to a command. It's a lot harder for her to respond to voice commands when she can't see me! (Plus voice commands are just tough for her in general.) She's used to boring holes in my head with her eyes. She needs to get used to not having to be able to see me in order to perform. It's hard to teach her though because even if I physically hold her, so she's facing away with me, she's doing everything she can to crank her head back to see me xDDD Bless her heart.
  11. Thanks Baderpadordercollie, I read the whole thread. It was informative.
  12. I won't be getting my first BC until probably next year but I've had a name picked out since 2003: Chestine aka Chessa for short. Of course, this only works if I get a female and it doesn't already come with a name (unless I change it) but hey, for whatever it's worth! If you're wondering why I've thought about BCs for so long without getting one, it's because I wasn't in a position to own one. I'm lucky tho that by next year I'll have plenty of money to do all the care and pay for training classes and gas and stuff. So I'm gonna have a rescue help match me with a really good one for me
  13. Oh really? Well that's good to hear. I had thought raising a BC puppy was a crap shoot, regardless of the parents and bloodline. Because of stories I'd heard like, "I loved his parents but he grew up to be aggressive toward strangers and we can't take him anywhere!!" I don't know what those people did in raising the dog, though. Maybe they socialized it good, maybe they didn't. And yeah you bring up another good point: you have to wait until pups are a year old to do anything strenuous with them. That wait is something I'd rather avoid if I can. But then again, if this was the future, and I already had an adult Border Collie doing everything with me, then I wouldn't mind having to wait on a puppy to get physically mature enough to do the strenuous things. Because the adult BC could scratch my itch to do the more physical things and then the puppy could be a totally different project where I focus on trying to mold it into becoming a great canine citizen. Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead, but I know that any BC I get is eventually going to get too old to do agility and frisbee and stuff anymore, so I think I'd like to always have a younger dog around to do those things with and then with the older BC I could just do like nosework or some else that's gentle. Maybe I'd be a household where there would alawys be a 12ish BC, a 5ish one, and a pup. Or something like that, I don't know. But of course for now, I only want to have one BC. I wanna get good with just one before I consider adding another haha.
  14. Well, it's fine with it taking a little while to get a dog because I was wanting to wait about a year anyway so I can finish paying off my credit cards. We refinanced our house and we're using the extra money to pay off the credit cards that couldn't go on the house (they would only do the new loan up to a certain amount). The loan paid off like 12 credit accounts and we've been using the extra money each month to pay off the rest. It's going good (my credit score is ~790 now, whoa o.0) but I was thinking I'd wait until everything is paid off to get another dog because then there will be plenty of money for vet bills and training classes and gas and just whatever. But still given this I should submit an application now to each rescue that I know of in So Cal? What do I do if in the meantime they do find a really great dog for me? Should I let it go? Or should I take it on and let it take longer to pay back the credit cards? Or is that a bad financial decision? I'm kinda leaning toward making credit cards the priority but I'm not a financial expert or anything.