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  1. Me and my family are looking on getting a dog in the near future, but we're having a hard time finding the right breed. Recently we started looking more at the border collie. I love their drive to work and their intelligens, but searching around the internet people seem to consider owning a border collie a full time job or like it's almost impossible if you're not living on a farm. I would really like your help to sort out if the border collie is the right breed for me and my family. We're living in an apartment in the rural, with the forest and open fields right outside the door. There's plenty to room outside for a dog to run around and play - but unfortunately there is no fenced in yard. There's also a lot of other animals where we're livng, such as cats, horses and cows. The dog would be left alone for about 4-5 hours a day, sometimes less, sometimes more. The qualities I'm looking for in a dog is a smart, loving companion with plenty of will to please. We'll be spending a lot of time doing agility and dogfrisbee, and I really want to teach him some advanced tricks. I'd also like to try advanced obedience and maybe tracking a few times every month. In the winter, I want to take him with me when I'm skiing. A typical work-day would look something like this: 06.00 - 30 min walk 07.50 - 10 min of play before I leave for school 09.30 - 10 min walk/ play or tricks 12.30 - 15 min walk 15.30 - 10 min of play 17.00 - 1 hour of running/ agility/ obedience/ tracking ect. 21.00 - 5 min walk before going to sleep What do you think? Could I own a border collie?
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