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  1. My husband and I are getting a second border collie in 3 weeks, when she is ready. We have a 1.5 year old male border collie that we had neutered - which was a breeze, he was seemingly normal the same day and hated that we made him rest for 10 days per vet's orders (we chose to get a male first for this reason - hearing that neuters were far easier than spays). While we plan to spay our sweet girl we would like to get her through at least one heat first. Do you have any tips for what to expect when she goes in heat and when to spay? Is there anything we should know going into this? We have a two level house and are able to separate the two dogs if necessary during her heat despite him being neutered. We are novice-ish so any two-BC household tips are welcome too! Lola Jane is currently 5 weeks old and is a red merle border collie. LB is a 1.5 year old red and white border collie. They are born from the same parents.
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