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  1. My Border collie used to pull awful with a regular collar to the point I was dealing with a lot of the same behaviors that you have mentioned. I started using a harness like the one you mentioned also with 2 points that I can attach a lead (one in front and one on top plus a handle). I started working along the same steps that waffles mentioned with the harness and the leash clipped in front. In the house, in the yard, and on quiet roads. As soon as he would start pulling, the harness automatically would have him turned facing in my direction where we would try to reinforce "heel" and "sit/stay". He still gets excited at the beginning and end of the walk because he knows where we are but his manners while walking have improved 1000%. Early on when he would start to pull, I would turn and walk the other direction with "heel" commands so it made him have to be engaged with me because he really wasn't sure where exactly we were going next.
  2. This one might be my favorite so far. ☺
  3. And here will be the latest spam. He's now a year old, about 30 lbs and these are all within the last month. Jasper got to join us on a family vacation as well. Ace is tall and leggy. Just waiting for his fur to grow and his body to start to fill out. I tried to measure him the other day and he stands about 20" tall and his tail just goes on for days.
  4. And more puppy spam. These are all the first month we had him. He's a bit of a clown.
  5. I've recently found this forum and it's already been full of TONS of wonderful information. So I figured, I would go ahead and throw Ace into the mix. I originally had a husky for 14 years and had to put her down about 4 years ago. My brother used to have a farm and had Jasper (his border collie) and he is a fabulous dog. I was thumbing through the paper one day and low and behold, someone had BC puppies for sale. Without telling the family, I took off one day and picked up Ace. He just turned 1 and has so many of the same mannerisms my husky did, it's almost bizarre. This was Ace the day we got him (2 months old)
  6. Here is the harness that I have for Ace. He doesn't seem to mind it and I have found it great with helping train how to act on a leash with the front attachment point. It has a front and top attachment (with a handle to grab on to). He loves the water and is in and out of the creek by the dog park and there hasn't been any issues with rusting or any degradation of the harness. I've thrown it in the wash a couple times and it's held up great so far. There are a lot of similar variations that I've found on Amazon since I bought this originally.
  7. Ace is doing so much better and I am grateful I was able to stumble across this forum. We went through 2 days of chicken,rice, and pumpkin exclusively. Yesterday we took one serving of the mixture and split it into 2 servings and mixed half a cup of his normal food in with each serving to see how his system reacted. Thankfully, everything stayed solid!!! Today, we are going to 1 cup of normal food for his 2 feedings today to see how he reacts.
  8. This is my first post here and thanks to the above advice, my 1 year old border has finally gotten over some incredibly soft stool. I never thought that the rain might be because we were feeding him too much food. We've dinner the CRaP diet for a day and I'm going to start weening him back to normal food starting tomorrow.
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