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  1. Hi, yes I have read through that previous post however my circumstances are almost opposite. He is in a very stable environment, which has not changed at all since we got him. Same family members, same daily routine which includes two walks which always include some intense exercise for him. (We are the only owners he has had) When he first bit it was one of my sisters friends. He had made it known for a good while beforehand that he was upset and was wanting to be left alone (he was growling and trying to avoid them) and he was separated from them. However they went back to him despite being warned, and one of them went down onto the floor with him and was face to face with him, which was when the bite occurred (I'm not trying to defend him biting but just stating all the facts). As punishment I told him off verbally and took him through to another room and ignored any attention he tried to get for a good hour or so, he definitely knew he had done wrong, as he was very sheepish and quiet for quite a while afterwards. Due to the circumstances of the bite, after keeping him on a tight lead for a few weeks in which he was entirely his normal self, I began becoming more relaxed with him again. This includes seeing regular faces on walks off the lead and him mixing with big crowds in pub etc. which he always loves. He will make a point of going to say hello to everyone he can tail wagging and perfectly happy. However this time was, as far as we know, completely out of the blue. He was laying on the floor next to someone, she lent down to stroke him and he jumped and went to bite her. Now like I said he had spent the last few days with this person, and had displayed no warning signs beforehand. The only thing linking both the incidents is they occurred at home, and have both happened to friends not those he lives with. He is not a particularly territorial dog, he will have the odd bark when someone knocks at the door but as soon as he sees its a person he is always tail wagging and wanting to get a stroke off of them. He is also used to having his mouth be handled when having his teeth brushed etc and he has never once closed his jaws on my while I have been doing that.
  2. Hi guys, my BC is now 2 years and a few months and recently he has had a few problems. Around a month ago he bit a family friend, who he has known for a considerable amount of time and knows very well. Then on Friday on a walk he darted from me and was picked up a mile away. Now just last night he tried to bite someone again. This friend had stayed with us for a few days and took him on a walk with us earlier today. Now we took the decision not to neuter him a few months ago as he has never displayed any interest in bitches, and to this day he still doesn't react to them out on walks. My question is, can this behaviour arise due to him not being neutered? Is it too late for us to get it done now as a precaution? I am just very confused as up until the start of this year he was the friendliest dog you could meet.
  3. So the spot reappeared. However it has now grown quite a lot. I’ll attach a picture. To me it looks like a histiocytoma. However hes just had blood tests sent off to be sure. Vet believes due to his fitness and age it is most likely benign but best to be sure.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Took him to the vet and she said the limp was actually because he was quite sore on his right knee and she reckons he has maybe pulled something or had a knock so is under house arrest for a few days (already see a major improvement) which you can imagine he is not too thrilled with haha. She said the lump nothing and upon further inspection said it was scab where he had a little cut. Thanks again
  5. My 2 year old Collie Jack has developed a small white lump on the outside of his paw right by his paw pads and it is about the size of a pea maybe a bit smaller. (I would upload a pic but it would be really hard to see it.) He developed a small limp about 2 days ago and at first I didn't find this lump as it is quite small and hard to see, so I assumed he had just knocked it or pulled something as he has done this many times. I would describe it as wart like, it is white and has some flaky skin on top of it and is a little bit shiny (Still has hair on the area). When I touch it he does not cry and doesn't appear to be in pain but just uncomfortable as he pulls it away. He walks with about 5 other dogs daily and spends a lot of time in long grass etc. idk if that narrows anything down. I think I will leave work early on Thursday and take him to vets just for peace of mind. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Thanks
  6. So, as everyone else in the house is going away for a week it will be just me and the dog. For 3 of the days he will need to be alone for 8 hours while Im at work. He is currently 20 months old and has never been left for this long before. Has anyone on here left their BC for this long before? If so how did they react?
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