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  1. Rush Fan

    13 week old pupdate

    That face is just too doggone cute! Glad to hear things are going so well.
  2. Rush Fan

    New owner/member

    Congrats on your gorgeous pup! My Mancer had her Berserk Hour every night when she was a pup too. She's 1 yr 9 months now, and has settled down drastically. I do miss her puppy moments, but I don't miss the craziness!
  3. They likely won't be able to do a scraping if the only affected area is around the eyes. At least that's what my vet told me.
  4. Rush Fan

    Battle at mealtimes

    I'm not an expert on behavior or BCs in general. But just intuitively, I'll guess that the issue is that your pup knows the other dog in the house is being fed more favorably and wants the same chunks of beef and such his counterpart is given. I'm currently raising my first BC. She is 20 months now and has always been fed kibble. She never had a stage where she refrained from eating. Quite the opposite, she has always devoured every meal I've ever given her. I wish I had a solution to offer, but unfortunately I can't think of one. Maybe try feeding the older dog in a closed room away from the pup to calm the jealously? Not sure it would work but maybe worth a try.
  5. Rush Fan

    Piggy update

    Yes it's hard to reprimand them when you're laughing isn't it? When Mancer is doing wrong and hears me walking into the room she runs and hides behind the couch. So I walk into the room I just see one of my socks or something in the middle of the floor, and then suddenly I see her head poke out cautiously from behind the couch, and all I can do is chuckle.
  6. Rush Fan

    Piggy update

    Do you react in an exaggerated manner when he does this? I react with an accentuate "OW!!!" and act like my hand is injured. And also respond with "No bite" Mancer still wants to nip sometimes when we are playing, but now when I foresee it coming I can say "no bite" and she refrains. Merlin is still young so it may take some time to train it out of him if course, but as always persistence and consistency are the key. Also, if he responds well to "lie down" as you say, maybe you can just do that every time he starts this little game?
  7. Rush Fan

    New member/New Puppy

    She is a cutie. Hard to guess on the breed, but her brown colors do not look like German Shepherd to me. My first guess is maybe Rottweiler based on the bottom of her legs but again it's a crapshoot to make such guesses. 16 lbs seems pretty large at her age, but there is no set pace at which dogs will grow so once again such guesses are really just a crapshoot, especially not knowing the breed. Congrats and good luck with your beautiful pup, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun together.
  8. Rush Fan

    Hello and Meet Quinn

    They are both so cute. BC and GS mix, I must say I'm a bit jealous! Congrats and enjoy the ride.
  9. Rush Fan

    Are treats over feeding ?

    I feed Mancer Dr. Tim's Kinesis all life stages formula kibble (regular formula, NOT grain free). She typically poops twice a day in relatively small amounts. When I fed her Taste of the Wild she pooped considerably more. She was younger then too so thst could have been a factor.
  10. Rush Fan

    What else could I do

    Just to clarify, even when I was overfeeding her she was able to sleep through the night. Her issue while being overfed was very soft stool.
  11. Rush Fan

    What else could I do

    Be careful with how much you are feeding him. I fed Mancer TOW puppy food and learned the hard way that the recommended feeding amounts on the back of the bag are a little excessive. I remember someone else here having the same problem. Even after reducing the feeding amount she still pooped an awful lot (which I guess is somewhat normal for a puppy) but was typically able to sleep through the night even though she had her largest meal in the evening.
  12. Rush Fan

    Mats behind the ears

    Would making them wet and then brushing them down towards his neck help? This works for Mancer, but sounds like maybe you are dealing with tougher mats than hers.
  13. I'm fortunate in that Mancer doesn't like water. So I've been able to get away with using a squirt bottle to curb her undesired behavior. It's probably a long shot that this would work for you with Merlin, but it's the only thought that comes to mind at the moment.
  14. Mancer is 1 yr 8 months now, and I've noticed two fairly sudden maturation changes in her. I think she was right around 1 year at the first one. She just suddenly seemed less puppyish and more adult-like. Then about a month ago I noticed that she was suddenly becoming more readily responsive and obedient to my commands (and she has started marking occasionally, which she had never done before). But she had also gradually matured substantially from around 3-4 months old up until the first starkly noticeable change at @ 1 year old. The first few months she was a little hellion, but now she is an absolute sweetheart.
  15. Yep. You could also consider letting her go with you, if the situation allows for it.