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  1. Ohhhhh Finley. He is such a sweet sensitive boy. A little overly sensitive, actually. Quite the submissive wetter. (If you have any advice for that I'd love to hear it.) Then there's the other side of him. The main side. HE IS A NUT. This boys manners can be crazy bad. He's still a pup, and he shows it! He's a regular wild child. He breaks the rules with a smile. Hes one of those, "does this count" dogs. For example: he's not big on lying down. In class I ask him to lie down, His response: take half a step forward and bow his head a bit. Really Finn? Really. I love him to death, he is amazing. But I'm thinking he may be better geared towards something more active than therapy work. It makes me a little sad to say that because that is the main reason I wanted a BC pup, but its his life, so I need to consider his aspirations (lol he's like my child). By the way he sits on my head when he wants to play with me, I'm thinking he's not very interested in hanging out with people he could break. (Yeah, he really sits on my head, I told you, he's a nut) Regardless, were going to keep working at it. I know hes capable of anything, and I'm not going to give in to his puppy attitude lol. For those of you who have done lower key work with your pups... Have you found they get used to it as you work with them? Did they get better with age? (How much age are we talking here?) Does the "tire them out" method work for you? I'd love to hear about your experiences doing therapy, or any other low key work, with a high strung dog.
  2. This was just the most heart wrenching story. I knew it would be, and waited till today to open the thread. Now, I am at my work desk holding back tears. My pup is only 5 Months old, I just cant imagine the hurt. I am so sorry for your loss. You handled everything with such grace.
  3. That's what I'm saying! How can you shove a needle in a dog (containing the wrong vaccine) without looking at them (when they were just in for an emergency). I was already annoyed that they had me see the woman vet, when I prefer the man. I will continue going there, but I will NOT be seeing her. Dr. Piske is the only reason I will be returning.
  4. Were back at it again This time, they didn't go as far, and it was opposite. Took him in for shots and his eyes were messed up. Vet didn't even notice AND gave him the wrong shot. Safe to say I will not be seeing her again. *sigh*
  5. He was right inbetween, not as dark as some of his littermates, but also not as light as others. It was a toss up.
  6. Well, the vet visit was anticlimactic. She suspects he suffered some sort of head trauma. Both of his eyes checked out perfectly fine. We were instructued to run a panel on him to test for some disorders to be safe. I'll have to do some more research to find out exactly what I'm testing for, because the boyfriend does not pay good attention, and I made it to the vet as they were walking out. So, no real answers as of now. Hopefully everything comes back clear and he was just having a moment. He is EXTREMELY Clumsy, so I guess he could have fallen and hit his head.who knows. I will keep you all updated on his condition if there are any changes. Thanks for all the imput!
  7. Yep, I'm going to have a few gray hairs from this one. I am so nervous. He is at the vet now, and I am stuck at work for 15 more minutes. I've never dealt with a corneal scratch, but he hasn't been showing any signs of pain. sigh.
  8. I gave a cat to a friend (she was in love with him) they changed the microchip info no problem. I was never notified or anything. I was pretty upset with Home Again. What if he was stolen?!
  9. That looks very similar. The scary thing was that the left eye pupil was so small it looked to not be there at all. That may have distracted me from the fact that the other eye was also dilated. I hope this doesn't become a reoccurring thing like the dog from the post, because it freaks me out. He looks possessed with no pupil. I really wish I would have thought to take a picture before it started to go back to normal. Today is creeping on, I am ready to get my baby to the vet.
  10. Last night I put Finn in his crate and went to pick up dinner. We were back home in 20-30 minutes. We set the food down and put some things away, then I let him out of his crate. He was patiently waiting as usual. Finley looked up at me and made eye contact, and I almost screamed. His left pupil appeared to be GONE. With a blue eyed pup, this made him look ghostly. His right eye was completely normal (at least, it looked normal) and his left pupil was constricted to a pin point. I called the emergency vet, and consulted Dr. Google. Everything points to: Head trauma - How? He was in his crate... Scratched cornea - Possible, but again he was in his crate and there is no visible scratch. I can't imagine him scratching his own cornea to the extent that it would constrict his pupil. Still, very possible, and the most likely cause. Neurological or nerve problems - He's only 5 months. I pray it's not something like this. They have since evened back out. (took maybe 30 mins) Have you ever experienced anything like this? Hes going to the Vet today at 4:30, but I'm curious if this is at all common, or if it is an indicator for any diseases seen in BC's. You guys are way more knowledgeable than Dr. Google. Here are some photos of his normal eyes ( sorry its the best I have of his eyes ATM ) and him with his eye after it started going back to normal. After looking at the photos, I'm wondering if the right eye is actually dilated while the other is constricted. Very strange.
  11. Yes he is a Red Merle, It's predominantly on his leg around his neck. he has a few very small spots on his face and ears (the ears could just be freckles). I hardly believed the breeder when she told me he was a merle at 2& 1/2 weeks. I thought, "WHERE?!" We were also surprised that those baby blues stayed. We expected the amber transition, but it just never happened! He is such a great pup! A real Ham!
  12. Here's some photos of my baby boy! He's a real Ham!
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