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  1. A little late but Pandora is 9 months old now.
  2. This is Solo, Pandora, and Pandora's sister, Wren. My breeder/friend is keeping Wren.
  3. I had a few times where I was watching my puppy and he urinated right in front of me. Once was immediately after a hyper playing session where he was having so much fun and then suddenly started to go! Even though I'd just taken him out, all of that activity caused him to need to go much sooner. Another time he went on the rug in front of the door ... just walked over to it and went. After that I removed the rug and got mad at myself for not being more aware of his signs. Sometimes it happens. Just try harder to pay attention to what the puppy is doing, and crate him when you cannot pay attention. Even if you make a few mistakes, your puppy will learn. It seemed like it didn't take too much time for Solo to learn. He never did poop in the house, and ever since the snow melted and he saw the difference between our yard and the field with weeds, he poops in the field and I never have to clean it up! I planned on teaching him that, but he did it on his own. Edited to add: I would praise ALL outside elimination!
  4. This is Pandora on top, her brother with the left eye patch on the bottom.
  5. Introducing Pandora aka Panda! I was there when she was born. I missed the first puppy (female), arrived for the second and saw him plus 4 more boys. I was getting worried because I had 2nd pick of the females in this litter! When she was born, it was pretty exciting. Strangely enough, there are 2 puppies in this litter that have eye patches on their left eye. Even more odd is that their uncle (my Solo's dad) has a patch on his left eye, too! The puppies are 4 weeks on Friday, but I will post pictures from the beginning as I can to get this thread started. In the pictures below, she is 2 days old.
  6. There are newborn puppy pictures, more puppies, sheep, disc, kayaking, camping, etc.! I know it's long, but if you make it through the 7 minutes, thanks!
  7. Gorgeous pictures! It never gets old looking at pictures of border collies doing what they love to do.
  8. She's beautiful, especially on sheep! I feel the same way about my Solo and the breeder letting me have him.
  9. I thought about this! I also thought about Rey. Mom was exactly like that, too. She did a great job. Lex is a name that I considered, because I was thinking of the name Galaxy. Mom is named Star (she was born on Christmas day), Solo is from Star Wars ... Galaxy shortened to Lex. Maybe!
  10. I can hardly believe it, but I am lucky enough to be getting another border collie in my life. Solo's breeder and one of my best friends had another litter of pups, and I was able to be there for the whelping (which about a week and a half ago), which was so cool. These pups are cousins to Solo. His dad (not owned by my friend but bred by her) is the brother to the mom of these pups. I was on the list for a girl, and what do you know, Star (mom) had 2 girls and 4 boys. My friend is keeping the other girl, so I won't know which I am getting until the puppies get older and she decides who will be the best choice for her. It doesn't matter to me - both puppies are amazing! The first is a split face black and white, and the other is too I guess but with a patch over the left eye and it's a tricolor. Last pic is of me with the girls while Star was outside stretching her legs and going potty. They were 2 days old in the picture. Name ideas welcome! The latest one I like is Luna, and since the mom is named Star, I thought it was a neat connection. The only thing that stops me is that I like to watch Kristin Crestejo and she has a Luna.
  11. I'm sorry for your loss! Shep is adorable. Enjoy him!
  12. She's beautiful! As I read your first post, I remembered how my border collie was at that age. He's almost 1 year old now, and he definitely went through so much of what your Kira is going through. I was really worried! Thankfully I am friends with his breeder and she talked me through it - that it really was a puppy phase and he'd be just fine. So much of what you wrote sounds like I could have written it, even the part with the trainer who encouraged prong collars. The advice from people here is priceless. Good luck with your girl!
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