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  1. Yeah I'm going to have to get her a cone I already know it >.< I know, I hate that she has to be in there at night but since stray cats wander into the backyard and raccoons as well, I don't want her getting hurt or biting one and end up getting horrible sick. Once we get a bigger place she is for sure staying inside with me at night. She is well trained and she likes to hang out inside for a bit with me before she starts scratching at the door to let her out to use the bathroom after she's done she either stays outside or comes back inside and sleeps.
  2. So yesterday, September 16th, was my Eevee's birthday. I'm still sad that's she is so big already because it feels like just yesterday she was first brought home. And what a lucky coincidence that Snapchat had birthday filters yesterday! Her first night with me. She was so small... November 13t, 2015. (((
  3. That's the thing, our backyard is cement, the only places for her to be able to dig is behind the shed but it's a small patch of dirt surrounded by recyclables. She literally rips the metal. I've made an appointment for her to get spayed this week so I'm thinking during that week she stays inside my room with me so she isn't out in the cold. She does have a dog house for privacy. But I'm going to drop her off to get spayed before I go in for my new job orientation and my mom is picking her up. I know she's attached to me as I am attached to her, she runs up to me when she sees me and jumps into my arms nearly knocking me to the ground.
  4. We live with my stepdads family until we get a place of our own and the house is separated so our half is a lot smaller so we don't have room for anything. It's more of an apartment than a house for us. She is crate trained and house trained the only problem is we just have no room inside our house.
  5. Well she's in our backyard with our other dogs and our German Shepherd is neutered but I haven't had time to go get her spayed. She has toys, but I do think she's just bored of those toys. She had an elk antler that she absolutely loved but someone stole it recently. But no, no puppies. Our Terrier recently had puppies so we have a house full of tiny fluff balls. I was thinking it was separation anxiety. When she escapes the kennel I hear her outside my window and Whenever she comes into the house she'll go straight to my room (she was an inside dog her first few months) so I'm thinking it is that. The thing is my room is ridiculously small and crowded. She is house trained so she wouldn't have problems with peeing/pooping inside. But we're moving soon so when we do move I'll be keeping her inside and outside. I'm starting 2 new jobs soon and I want her to be okay with me being away for hours. She won't be alone of course, we have our other dogs and my mom or brother will be taking over the walks for her once I start working. Is there any way to ease her into not seeing me for hours at a time?
  6. So I recently purchased a 10x10x10 metal kennel for Eevee and she goes in there when I go to bed. I take her for walks/runs daily so she gets her exercise and she plays actively with our other dogs. However my mom noticed that she somehow managed to make a hole at the bottom of her kennel and squeezes through the hole. My dad fixed it and turned the side where the hole was against a wall but shortly after she made another one. Is there a reason why she does this? She doesn't spend all day in there and only is there at night or if she gets in trouble. She's very calm and if she isn't playing with our other dogs she's asleep under our patio table. Could she be in heat? She was bleeding a month or two ago. She's going to be 1 on September 16th.
  7. I took Eevee to the park today for the first time! She ran around A LOT.
  8. Oh goodness, my heart melted! So adorable!
  9. Yeah, she's around 5 months; she will be 6 months on the 16th! I started to think that she would be medium coat. chene- he is adorable! Like a lion, ha. That's what I was thinking too.
  10. Thank you! She really is, if I tell her no for something, she just looks at me with her big ol'eyes and melts my heart, haha. Right! I love them. So cute, ha.
  11. Really? Her tail is getting really flowy and her fur feels to be getting longer if that makes sense haha. I love her either way. She's the best, even when she burped in my face haha.
  12. She's getting so big and starting to get fluffy!
  13. They really do! She used to be so small and now she just keeps growing! So upsetting, haha.
  14. Eevee will be 5 months tomorrow and it seems like just yesterday I brought her home! https://www.dropbox.com/s/80l09mndyprplkn/IMG_4559.mp4?dl=0 Poor thing had to be tied today because they were fixing the cement in our backyard. :/ She's getting bigger and her tail and legs look fluffier, ears too. I want her small forever!
  15. She was so small! After we picked her up, November 13th. Now she is bigger and nearly knocks me down when she tries to jump on me or runs past me. (To be fair though, I don't weigh much and I'm weak so all my dogs nearly knock me down, minus our Yorkies. :33) I wish she was this small again! (
  16. Running around https://www.dropbox.com/s/be5gyn9f3ihce3k/IMG_3930.mp4?dl=0
  17. There isn't unfortunately. :/ There's a park nearby that has a baseball field but only half of it is fenced. I always try to find local places that have a fenced are but I never can. I know she loves to run, she's always running around with my other dogs in our backyard. I know my old high school has a big enough area for her to run around in but the gates are never open anymore. They used to be, but the city I live in is considered "ghetto" and people vandalized the school so there's always a police car where the track/football field entrance is so no one goes in. I do plan on continuing my search for a good fenced area so she can run around and play fetch. Oh they really do! If I go run errands, she sits in front of me in an effort for me to stay and play or take her with me (I do sometimes) and when she sees me she gets super happy and tries to jump into my arms, it's the cutest thing.
  18. She really does! Both parents are rough coated and the pups from the litter look smooth coated as well, but a past litter looked like they were going to be smooth coats but they wound up being rough coats! She's super soft, I love her. She used to sleep in my room in her crate, but I had to take her crate outside cause my asthma started acted up very horribly so until I get an air purifier, my puppers is outside for awhile. (( I think if anything, she'll have a medium coat. She's about to be 4 months on the 16th, she has such a fun personality. I took her on a small walk last week and she ended up running home. I didn't mind of course but my goodness, I'm glad I took my inhaler haha. It was a quick 10 minute walk that ended with a 2 minute run, haha. He does look like he has a medium coat, handsome either way!
  19. She likes to mess with Yogi. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh08dtyldw133wn/IMG_3729.mp4?dl=0 She's getting big and it makes me sad she can't be a puppy forever.
  20. It's a rainy day here where I live, I took Eevee out to go to the bathroom as she cries when she needs to go, go back outside after 5 minutes and see this. I guess she didn't wanna get wet? :33
  21. Happy holidays from Eevee and myself! :33
  22. Thank you! My favorite video is where "Anyone Else But You" is playing and she covers her face all shyly, it's adorable, haha.
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