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  1. Ranger was 6 years old. He was a black and white border collie. He had tonsil cancer and had to be put down. Around Thanksgiving 2014 we noticed he was starting to drool and his breath smelled funny. He was still eating fine and acting normal. We took him to the vet and she said he probably had a bad tooth, but couldn't tell because of the tartar. So she put him on 14 days of antibiotics. It seemed to help. His drooling stopped and his breath went back to normal. So we though maybe it was just an infection somewhere in his gums. After Christmas he started drooling again, and this time he slowly stopped eating. His breath smelled funny and he would 'cough' some. So we took him to a different vet. This vet found a baseball sized mass on the back of his throat under his furry mane. Unless you were looking/feeling for it, you missed it. She almost missed it. She said there was probably no way we would have found it until it was way too late. Well this was getting close!!! We feel like we should have found it! We were hands on with him all the time! Why didn't we feel it or notice it? The new vet put him on 2 weeks of pain meds and 2 weeks of stronger antibiotics to see if it would make him comfortable atleast and get him to eat. He did eat and he even gained 5 pounds in 7 days. So we had it biopsied to see if it was something that could be treated. We wanted to fix it!!! And before we could get the biopsy results he went down hill so fast, we had to put him to sleep because we didn't him to suffer. The cancer was a bad cancer. It was super aggressive and she said as fast as it developed there was nothing we could do. It was not fixable, no matter when we caught it. By the time we had him put down it was the size of a softball. He loved herding the kitties we have and his bff was a white miniature rat terrier. We miss him dearly.
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