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  1. Never did that to Max and would not want to. His ears tell me what he is feeling. They are never the same and he will be two. I am thinking everyone will be pleased to know he is neutered by what I read hear. Max is a disc dog and a trick dog and hikes with me he keeps me alive and wanting to live. Not all Border collie are just for farm work although I feel he would be very good at herding and we may try to get into that soon. I feel it was up to me to say no to messing with his ears and it was to be what it is he uses his ears to tell me what he is feeling. I know some will think I am silly when I say this but I say come and see for yourself One up one down means he is trying real hard to get it right both down means he is relaxed or very comfortable both up means he is ready like let's get tossing the disc so I can do my thing. When we drive he keeps them both up even while in his crate. Max's ears are part of who he is and I wouldn't of changed a thing about his ears doing what they want. He does not want to be a show dog he is too busy with life right now. I think it must be very hard to show dogs and know its not the life for me.
  2. Max has come a long way in 2015. Team To The Max can not wait to see what 2016 will bring. We are a very bonded team my dog Max and I. I thought I would share some new pictures of our progress. I am looking to find a place to get him started in hearding maybe next year.
  3. Hi I am Patricia and love my border Collie Max. We are a team and love being outside staying healthy. I have learned a lot by being Max's owner. People do not know that Border Collies come in many colors and coat and ears. Max is a genetic white witch means he is not from two merl parents it is just more white genes in him than most. He has brown eyes that look like he has eyeliner on and up close you can see little black spots here and there but not much. He has spotted ears. I know I will never find another one like him and I am enjoying every day I have him in my life. We are part of the Kansas City Disc Dogs and Max loves it more than I ever knew a dog could love a sport. Max keeps me healthy and my mind running to keep ahead of him. He also enjoys earning trick titles with Do More With Your Dog. If you had told me I would own a BC while I lived in town off the farm two years ago I would of told you no you have to have farm work for BC's but now we have so many things to keep Max and I happy. I brought Max to live with me 7-24-2014 at 4 months old and it was love at first sight. He did not bond with me for a few months but now the bond this dog and I have can not be broken by anything. We are a team. I never knew I would do so good with this BC living in town. I do live in a small country town and have a big yard.Max is a indoor dog. Max travels with me and is a pleasure to have to keep me company when we are on the road. Below is a picture of the first day Max came to live with me and he fell right asleep but he has been going full steam since that nice long nap. Ha ha. He sleeps its just that people need to be aware of how much energy a BC has but I love it.
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