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  1. I haven't posted any pictures of the babies for a while because I ran over my phone, but before I did that I snapped this precious picture of the boy who is staying in the family.
  2. All of their eyes are open, they are starting to walk and try to sit. They are 2 weeks old as of Saturday. They're doing great, and getting so big. Also, they take up the whole laundry basket now.
  3. Thank you guys! They are such little joys. My favorite is the little chocolate boy, he already seems to have so much personality. Here they all are individually, the ones on pink cloth are girls, and red cloth are boys.
  4. I haven't posted on here in ages... but I love puppy pictures, and I'm super proud of Luna as she is doing great as a first time mom. Luna had her first litter March 25, and they are all healthy and great looking pups. So... I figure I'll post pictures of them while I have them (and maybe continue to post pictures of some of them that are going to homes of people I am close with) Anyway, here they are!
  5. My dogs are both pretty great around children and other people, but Luna gets a bit upset if people she doesn't know come up to her and tug on her or whatever. It's hard to get people to listen around here. Even on private property with clear signs saying to keep out people will invade on your animals space. I have horses that I'll often see random little kids in with them, as if their parents didn't teach them its dangerous. They try to hide and run off when we show up, because they know there are keep out signs. It's like nobody taught their kids boundaries. I hope I do get another opportunity to move. NY is way too expensive to live in, unfortunately that's where we have our jobs though, so we don't want to relocate and not find work.
  6. This place looks lovely. I was going to move to Austin a year ago, but then plans changed. Now I wish I had moved. In NY the places we have like this are usually overrun with disrespectful, loud people and littered with their beer cans. While supposedly our places are friendly to off leash dogs, people will come grab at your dog and let their kids tug at them. It's horrible.
  7. He is 11 weeks old today. Potty training seems to be officially complete, he hasn't had an accident in days. He now whines at the door to go out. I've been working pretty slowly on tricks with him due to a busy couple of weeks, but he knows sit, down, high five, paw, has a great recall, and is working on stay which is coming along nicely. Also, this...
  8. He's getting bigger, though you can't tell at all in this picture. He'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow.
  9. Thank you! He turned 9 weeks old yesterday, so of course a picture of him~ His personality is very goofy, but loving. He hates wearing a collar, so he's still gotta get used to it. He loves trying to play with Luna. He tries to pick up her frisbees that are way too big for him. His run is hilarious because half the time his little legs can't keep up with him. So far I've only taught him sit. His bark is hilarious. He sounds like he's trying to make up for how small he is. Love him in this puppy phase, but can't wait to see how he looks, and his personality when he's all grown up.
  10. His name is Spektr, we wanted to keep the names of my dogs space related. We just call him Spek though, or occasionally Inspector Gadget.
  11. He is home now, and 8 weeks old. An absolute cuddle bug right now, and he loves everybody. So sweet.
  12. Thanks guys. I will definitely be posting tons of pictures of him and my Luna once I have him. Should have one or so more update pictures before he's finally ready to come home.
  13. He will officially be mine next week, I love new family additions. He's not yet officially named, but we've got some ideas. Meet the new little guy!
  14. They are all so adorable, I want to come snatch them all up! Love the name choices.
  15. Thanks guys, yeah it is hard. There are definitely great memories with her, I can still perfectly remember the day I got her and how she tore apart the blanket I got the same day. Such an absolute joy she was. It was probably for the best, though it kills me to have had to make the decision, but you could tell how much pain she was in. It would have been unfair if I made her suffer any longer, and the vets (we had switched vets about 6 times) even said there was nothing left to do.
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