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  1. Just a random photo of me and my best bud going for a walk, we go everywhere
  2. My second video of teaching my two dogs Zara and Eve (Doberman) both older dogs to sit come stay and hand shake
  3. My first video of teaching Zara to catch a ball
  4. I will be slowly adding my n00bish training videos as I endeavour to train my older border collie, any advice for training would be appreciated as it’s taking me ages.
  5. Ok no worries I will make that post now cheers and sorry guys
  6. Oh crap, sorry,what would be the right area?
  7. I don’t have many bc books but here is my current lot of bc books if anyone has any other recommendations of bc books I’d be glad to hear them as I want to buy more!
  8. people are probably going to hate on me but i've never ever brushed any of my dogs teeth in my life and i've never ever had any troubles with their teeth
  9. imho he needs more "wearing out" like a massive run/games until he is exhausted and doesn't want to do more, i have to take my girl for a 2 hour hike up a mountain every morning, and constantly train/tricks/ball recovery for a couple of hours later on in the day to keep my girl normal. if she misses out on any of those she runs around digging up the yard or runs around crazy. she's perfect when she's physically and mentally worn out. its what they are made to do. run sheep all day long.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, I will now start training my old border collie tricks and uploading them to you tube as I teach them to her for now here is a simple first, catching a ball
  11. Just a video showing how long it took to get my girl to catch. I plan on teaching her most things and uploading videos if interested :-) and also any advices or comments would be appreciated
  12. Can you train a old dog (8 years old +) new tricks? Which could be good enough for competitions etc.... Any type of compitition really,if its hearding, tricks, fly ball etc
  13. Hey guys thanks for the reply my best guess is a allergic reaction to something but she’s stopped biting now and the hairs growing back .
  14. Hey guys so after we treated our pups this summer for fleas we gave her the usual flea treatment and the usual dog flea shampoo we always use. She started biting her self nibbling and as you can see she’s losing hair. Her breath is fine her skin looks and feels normal we can’t find a way to stop her biting her self nibbling. Any advice what to do? It’s only been since the flea treatment and our other dog is fine with no reactions.
  15. She’s a small Doberman, but then again Zara is a smallish border collie i got Eve from a rescue shelter she was 12 weeks and already de-sexed and FULLY healed. It’s stunted her growth some what
  16. She’s 4 now , here’s some updated photos , Australia outback . Eve the Doberman is very old now (13 and is still best friends with Zara) tolerates and sleeps through all of Zara’s energy . But keeps up with Zara for walks and hikes . When we get back eve collapses while Zara (border collie) runs around some more , we have a large yard
  17. Now that Zara is 4 she will bark and be a guard dog against ANY animal! But if it’s a human she doesn’t care might lick it to death! And isn’t interested in other dogs apart from my Doberman who’s best buds
  18. I love ALL animals especially my border collie!

  19. hey guys haven't posted for a while thought i'd give a update of my babies this is us before and during the walk in the outback australia. me and my best buds! eve (doberman) and zara (border collie) both girls
  20. how good/bad is you're border collie as a watch/guard dog? i have a doberman and a border collie and the doberman is a excellent guard dog, protective of everyone barks at anyone who comes to the house etc, while my border collie doesn't care about who's here , she would more likely jump and lick the intruder then anything else
  21. hello thanks for all the help and advice guys, just a update she just finished her first period and oh boy has she changed since she was a puppy, she is extremely loveable now and loves hugs. i guess once she grew up she changed. as a young puppy she was very aloof didn't care about anything or anyone did what she want. but now she's turned into a incredibly loving dog she just grew out of it i guess. her and eve (doberman are best friends) her only strange quirk is she chases flys haha! here she is now :
  22. thanks heaps for the advices guys u have given me hope she will be more affectionate
  23. thanks guys! the only thing i get a bit disheartened from is that she isn't very affectionate most of the time.
  24. hi guys, i am a first time border collie owner from australia, i have had dogs all my life, mostly dobermans (still my current dog) this is zara she is about 14 weeks old, i got her very early at only 6 weeks old. i love her to death she gets along great with eve (my doberman) and my cat (almost too well) haha i am getting used to her wanting to do everything at once (typical border collie) just thought i'd say hi and introduce my self! maybe if you guys have any advice to raising a border collie compared to other dogs i'd welcome all advice! one thing i've learnt is never stop learning! haha Adrian (zara and eve)
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