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  1. (her name is Lola) but no, Lola liked the ball more at first, but I started to play frisbee and reward with a play of ball and food afterwards to increase her liking to the disc.I had to start will rollers, were I only roll the frisbee on it's side so it's still on the ground but moving as she catches it. Getting a tough fabric disc is a good way to play tug. And now she is a natural It would be nice to see pics of you're dog playing.
  2. I look at tons of videos and look for advice for disc dogging. I know how badly it can injure a dog if done wrong. Still learning though
  3. yeah sometimes the wind would blow the frisbee up and wayyy up. She could still jump to catch it, so i will just throw them lower or rollers from there.
  4. I'm on facebook just for the contact with people so I don't actually want to start a 'trend' or discussion on there. Forums are so much better for conversation. The grammar and spelling mistakes are way to awful on FB...and I thought my grammar was bad..
  5. I know..I did most of the jumping only for the pics
  6. I've been doing 'disc dogging' only sense I've had Lola, but I think i'll be doing this alot in the future too. It's so much fun. She is around 8 months old. doing her 'hide' trick :3
  7. She is fun and I would think Pit bull too because I know she will be around 40 lbs grown
  8. She definitely has a border collie personality. She is also very silly sometimes, and other times I catch her staring at me...just watching me like she is staring into my soul..haha
  9. That is what I had labeled her as, but wasn't 100% sure because some said otherwise. Thanks for your input
  10. Mind helping me figure out my dogs breed? She looks to me like a short haired BC mix. I have ask on other site and (sometimes depending on the pics) I got different responses. Most thought pitbull, border collie, cattle dog, rat terrier, fox terrier and/or lab. She is about 6 months old and around 25 lbs. Her ears are semi-erect, sometimes only one flops. But here is 'Lola' at 3 months 5 months Present 6 months
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