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  1. Hi, I have a brindle pointed black tri-color that had a pink nose as a puppy. It was pink spotted but over time it filled in. Weird thing was, I swear, after a day in the sun it would blacken more. I think by a year of age it was completely black.
  2. I'm so sorry for your unexpected loss. I vet I worked for years ago used to say to people losing a dog young "You were robbed! You should be angry and upset! You should have had this dog for another seven years!" So, you have my deepest sympathy.
  3. I love the shirt!!!! Where can I get one? It looks like my dog!
  4. Happy 13th Birthday Logan, Two episodes of vestibular disease have affected your balance but it hasn't reduced your drive or your happy spirit! Here's to more birthdays!
  5. aschlemm


    Keep it up! I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts and send them on to others. (Also an owner of a non-working dog, but a total admirer of working dogs!)
  6. Ugh, Poor Logan, he had vestibular disease in January and had another episode about 10 days ago. This time it hit him really hard and fast but he kept his appetite and was only depressed until the nystagmus went away. I'm thinking the head tilt is going to remain this time. Has anyone had a dog get this a third time?
  7. Here are two funny pics, I refer to it as "some things never change" as the photos were probably taken about 10 years apart!
  8. Hi, I have two Border Collies and I've always had a house cat. I had two Border Collies before these two and also had a house cat. I've always picked a 6 month old kitten that had a strong "don't mess with me" personality. A timid cat wouldn't work with them. Just by circling and staring a timid cat would be put off. I'll be honest, if I was in your shoes I think I'd wait to get a puppy until the flighty kitty with cardiomyopathy has passed. If he had a "don't mess with me", personality I wouldn't be concerned. But, being flighty combined with the heart issue I wouldn't want to risk it. If you were looking for an adult Border from a rescue you could specify "must be great with cats" and possibly do ok. Another option would be to have a house large enough for old kitty to live upstairs and puppy to live downstairs. I always have a spare room baby gated off that is "the cat's" room. That way they can get away from the dogs, have their own space and I don't have to worry about the dogs getting in the litter pan or the cat food. Good luck with your decision
  9. Ditto. My wild and crazy boy is now 12 years old and I think back to those days and smile. He is still wild and crazy but his body has difficulty keeping up!
  10. I would imagine that the experience was so scary that he wouldn't do it again but I wouldn't be content with that thought. I'd probably buy a wire panel with small squares and attach it using those metal brackets (like what connects the top of the crate to the sides only smaller) you clamp them tight with pliers, I'd put the panel on the inside of the door to prevent him getting his jaw caught again. Years ago my Mom would stop by when I was at work to let my puppy out. He would get excited in the crate and jump around a lot. Once when she opened the door, he got his foot stuck between the wire and the tray at the bottom of the crate. He made the most horrible noises!!!! My Mom freaked out. The pup got his foot free and then ran to the back door like nothing was wrong at all. My Mom told me she hopes she never hears an animal make a noise like that. But, he was absolutely fine and it never happened again. I think he just panicked at being caught.
  11. I've had four Border Collies that love to attack the vacuum!!!! I make it worse because I laugh!!!! I'd ignore the behavior and be thankful you don't have teeth marks on your vacuum!
  12. Her vulva should be swollen and her nipples will get bigger. If you don't notice a change in size I'd catch a urine and take it to the vet for them to check.
  13. No, I haven't been in the position of being Border Collieless. It would be the same as Sue R. If I don't have a Border, it would mean I'm no longer physically able to care for one. I'm on my second pair and I've shared my life with a Border Collie for 25 years. I can't imagine being without one although I love dogs in general. I love my Borders and, God willing, will have one (or two) in my life for a long time yet. I really feel for you too. I'm praying that the right Border Collie comes your way.
  14. Oh, you better believe I'm feeling better!!! I'm having a rough start to the new year, a good friend died in a car accident and my aunt has terminal cancer. But every time I look at Logan and realize how much he has improved and how much worse my year would be without my dog, I have to smile and give a prayer of thanks.
  15. Well, the antibiotics were done Thursday evening and Friday morning he was a new dog! Perhaps it was just coincidence but he went back to a greatly improved appetite and a return to his old behaviors. I did use Dramamine, 50mg twice a day, Sunday, Monday,Tuesday but really didn't think it helped. Wednesday I gave him Cerenia instead and didn't think that helped either. Maybe he just worked through it and had improved by Friday regardless or perhaps the Clindamycin gave him a sour stomach on top of everything else. Who knows? We went for a short walk today and he looks about 80% normal. Still a little unbalanced with an occasional head tilt but not too bad considering. He was so happy to get out! Yesterday he was back to chasing leaves in the yard!!!! I was so happy to see that!!!! He has always been a really silly dog!!!! Thanks again for the input.
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