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  1. I would imagine that the experience was so scary that he wouldn't do it again but I wouldn't be content with that thought. I'd probably buy a wire panel with small squares and attach it using those metal brackets (like what connects the top of the crate to the sides only smaller) you clamp them tight with pliers, I'd put the panel on the inside of the door to prevent him getting his jaw caught again. Years ago my Mom would stop by when I was at work to let my puppy out. He would get excited in the crate and jump around a lot. Once when she opened the door, he got his foot stuck between the wire and the tray at the bottom of the crate. He made the most horrible noises!!!! My Mom freaked out. The pup got his foot free and then ran to the back door like nothing was wrong at all. My Mom told me she hopes she never hears an animal make a noise like that. But, he was absolutely fine and it never happened again. I think he just panicked at being caught.
  2. I've had four Border Collies that love to attack the vacuum!!!! I make it worse because I laugh!!!! I'd ignore the behavior and be thankful you don't have teeth marks on your vacuum!
  3. Her vulva should be swollen and her nipples will get bigger. If you don't notice a change in size I'd catch a urine and take it to the vet for them to check.
  4. No, I haven't been in the position of being Border Collieless. It would be the same as Sue R. If I don't have a Border, it would mean I'm no longer physically able to care for one. I'm on my second pair and I've shared my life with a Border Collie for 25 years. I can't imagine being without one although I love dogs in general. I love my Borders and, God willing, will have one (or two) in my life for a long time yet. I really feel for you too. I'm praying that the right Border Collie comes your way.
  5. Oh, you better believe I'm feeling better!!! I'm having a rough start to the new year, a good friend died in a car accident and my aunt has terminal cancer. But every time I look at Logan and realize how much he has improved and how much worse my year would be without my dog, I have to smile and give a prayer of thanks.
  6. Well, the antibiotics were done Thursday evening and Friday morning he was a new dog! Perhaps it was just coincidence but he went back to a greatly improved appetite and a return to his old behaviors. I did use Dramamine, 50mg twice a day, Sunday, Monday,Tuesday but really didn't think it helped. Wednesday I gave him Cerenia instead and didn't think that helped either. Maybe he just worked through it and had improved by Friday regardless or perhaps the Clindamycin gave him a sour stomach on top of everything else. Who knows? We went for a short walk today and he looks about 80% normal. Still a little unbalanced with an occasional head tilt but not too bad considering. He was so happy to get out! Yesterday he was back to chasing leaves in the yard!!!! I was so happy to see that!!!! He has always been a really silly dog!!!! Thanks again for the input.
  7. We are about five days into it and every day he is doing a little bit better. The biggest issue has been his appetite. At first my vet wasn't sure if he had a brain tumor or encephalitis so she had him on antibiotics to treat encephalitis. When she saw him Saturday evening his signs were very subtle. By Sunday morning he looked like classic vestibular with the horizontal nystagmus and even his eyebrows twitched all day long. I'm hoping his continued poor appetite is more due to the antibiotics than anything else and once they are done it will go back to normal. I do feel horrible for him. He has always been so incredibly high strung and athletic that this is really difficult for him. I've heard of some dogs having a recurrence but I don't think that is too common. At least I hope not, although I will gladly nurse him through vestibular rather than deal with encephalitis or a brain tumor. Thanks for the input.
  8. My 12 year old Border Collie male recently had a bout with vestibular disease and I was wondering: How many people have had a dog with vestibular disease? What age were they? Did they recover completely and how long did it take? Did it reoccur?
  9. I wouldn't use either the flea shampoo or the flea treatment on her again. I also agree with bathing her in a cleansing shampoo, like an oatmeal based shampoo. I'd also give her benadryl (dose is 1mg per pound, twice daily. It's an antihistamine.) until she stops itching and I'd give her extra attention, some new toys and extra activity. I've had problems breaking "the itch habit" with my dogs also. If the hair doesn't grow back, the skin looks red/rashy, or she continues to itch, it's time for the vet. Good luck.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. But, she did indeed, have a Great Run!
  11. Hi, I got to see the Harrisburg SDT on PCN again this year! I was so looking forward to seeing it in person this year (since it isn't snowing!) But, last evening my 12 year old Border Collie started with vestibular disease and he needs extra attention and TLC so we watched it on tv. Great coverage! Hopefully next year I will get there in person!!!!!
  12. I use cat treats. My dogs love them and they are cheap and easy to have on hand. I also will give a Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatball for extra good behavior (or when giving pills.) My dogs go nuts over them!
  13. Love the pics!!!! So glad to hear it wasn't anything bad!
  14. Hi, I would not put a prong on her. I had a trainer suggest that to me for my young female BC, years ago. I did switch training collars and found one that worked better. My current male BC I did use a prong on for years, but he is a different dog with an entirely different temperament. Perhaps try a head collar (Gentle Leader, Halti, etc.) I now use that on my puppies until I feel they understand the concept of walking on a leash without pulling, then I move on. Honestly, find a different trainer with a different outlook so your girl doesn't think all classes are horrible. Perhaps a pet agility class or nosework or something you can both enjoy. My dogs as puppies have all done what your girl is doing. You are right, she is a puppy, puppies aren't bad, they are just puppies.
  15. Hi, I'm late to this conversation but I also say go with your gut and leave this class. I would try to find another one altogether and ask the instructor questions beforehand and attend a class without your girl to see if it is a good fit. I've had four Border Collies. Three fit in anywhere but my current male does not. He does better in a small class with less chaos and noise and with a positive, upbeat atmosphere. He also doesn't do well in an hour long class. Shorter is always better for him. They are all different!
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