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  1. aschlemm

    Lyme Questions

    Idexx lab has a Lyme C6 test that differentiates active disease from on-going antibodies. My Border Collie, Logan, has been Lyme positive (on SNAP test) for years but his Lyme C6 test is low so it is simply that the antibodies are still present, no active disease. He has also tested positive for Anaplasma for years and been treated with doxycycline numerous times. He has been asymptomatic.
  2. aschlemm

    Piggy says no

    I personally find Piggy very frightening. I think I should buy a couple to induce good behavior in myself ( i.e. sit one by the junk food!!!) I keep coming back to this thread for a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. aschlemm

    Noise Phobia Question

    All four of my Borders have been somewhat noise phobic. None were spayed or neutered early. I'm curious at what age did it appear? Mine were all ok as puppies and young adults. It didn't show up until maybe age six. After that, each year it is a little worse although none of mine have been bad enough to medicate.
  4. aschlemm

    No uterus found during spay procedure

    Hi, I've worked in the veterinary field for over 20 years and I have never (yet) seen a female dog born without a uterus. I would guess she has been spayed. I've seen maybe three or four cats that were missing an ovary and that side of the uterus (they have a Y shaped uterus normally.) I imagine a dog could be the same way but I've yet to see it. If she has an ovary she should show signs of heat. If she was spayed and a piece of ovary was left behind she still should show signs of heat (no bleeding, just a swollen vulva.) I'd keep checking her vulva and if it never appears swollen, after a year I'd say she was spayed. If she ever appears swollen I'd get an ultrasound to check for the missing ovary. My house cat can from where I work. She came in as an almost six month old kitten. After her injuries healed she was opened up to be spayed- no uterus or ovaries were found! She was already spayed. She was not ear tipped, shaved, dyed nor was there a visible scar. I'm still flabbergasted about it. She must have been spayed tiny. I asked my vet if she was sure my cat wasn't a "freak of nature" and she said no, she felt the uterine stump. She had already been spayed. Like you I felt bad that she had to be opened up for this to be discovered. Another thought, if your dog has a small, tucked up vulva and infantile nipples she was spayed before she came in heat, perhaps as a puppy . If she was a hermaphrodite or pseudo male or anything odd like that the vet would have noticed something I would think.
  5. aschlemm

    Adequan injections?

    The Veterinary practice I work at gives adequan injections. We give the injection in the muscle every four days for eight injections. After that it is monthly. We recommend it for dogs who have torn cruciate ligaments and dogs with joint pain due to arthritis. Some dogs it really seems to help. I would say 75% show some improvement, sometimes the change is dramatic. Usually by injection #6 the owner will see an improvement in activity. The nice thing about it is that it has minimal side effects. Twice we had dogs that got diarrhea after the injections so they were stopped. We had an old Rottie that could only go three weeks between injections. By the fourth week she couldn't climb the steps she needed to, so her adequan was given every three weeks. We will also give it to cats. It is a different schedule but they seem to benefit also. Really, the only drawback is the price.
  6. I noticed the video was taken two years ago. I wonder what happened to the dog? And the owner? How does the owner feel about the video?
  7. aschlemm

    Opinions on tying a dog outside of a business?

    I agree 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I take my dogs hiking I often have to pee. Lots of times I don't wish to leave them in the vehicle because of "well-meaning people" so I put them on a sit/stay in front of the porta-potty. So, sitting in the porta-potty I've heard the "best" conversations regarding my "abandoned" dogs (who are sitting side by side, leashes tied together loosely, in front of an "in use" toilet!) I've yelled from my seat in the toilet that they are my dogs and I'm peeing (I really think it should be self-explanatory!) I've also stepped out to find someone reaching for a leash, allowing their dog to blast up to mine, and I've been crashed into by other dogs. I was thinking about making a sign " I'm having a pee, my dogs are on a sit/stay, please don't pet them, annoy them or try to steal them." Now, I simply take a really good look for anyone before I decide I'm going to pee, then I put them on a sit/stay behind the porta-potty where I can see them through an air vent, and I make it really quick. The pathetic thing is, the problem is the people. My dogs are reliable on a sit/stay and will not willingly go with anyone they don't know.
  8. aschlemm

    Send good wishes for Gibbs

    There is a product called Movoflex with hyaluronic acid and boswellia that I have my Border Collie on and it works very well. I'm actually trying to find a human version of it to take myself! (I'm not kidding.) What brand is the EFA fish oil both you and Gibbs take? Does it have Krill oil? Do you get gross "fish burps" from it? I'd like to take fish oil (my Border takes it also) but I'm allergic to shellfish and so can't take Krill oil and "fish burps" gross me out. Adequan is a good idea, usually you see an improvement by the sixth injection.
  9. Happy Birthday Logan, you crazy bugger, hard to believe it's been 12 years. Here's to many more!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I wonder if there was a nest of ground bees. Do you have them where you live? You can hear them, a faint buzz,the nest is below the ground, when you walk over the nest they come out and sting. I stepped on a nest as a three year old child and I still remember the experience!
  11. aschlemm


    I keep the hair trimmed on the feet/footpads, this also helps reduce the dirt tracked into the house. I also trim tummies in the summer, thin out front leg and butt feathers and trim around the rectum. I've never done a full body clip.
  12. aschlemm

    Having a little problem.

    I'm sorry since this is a longish story but it has always puzzled me and it relates to your problem. My first pair of Border Collies were Cory (neutered male) and Cass (spayed female.) They got along well, Cory was dominant. When I hiked them, a large number of dogs that we encountered would have a go at Cass, on leash or loose. She never barked, growled, fought back or showed teeth. It happened many, many, many times over the years. She had even been grabbed by other dogs. Typically Cory would defend her. She'd even crawl under him for him to protect her. In all the attacks all she ever received was one tiny puncture wound on her muzzle. Twice, dogs ran out of the obedience ring, past people and dogs just to grab her. I used to joke that she had a "kick me" sign. When my male passed away and I walked her alone she was visibly nervous and unsettled. Then I got a male pup who she delighted is bossing around, I never had a problem after that and I even went back to taking her to obedience trials. I wonder if it isn't a confidence problem that other dogs are capitalizing on. Perhaps attending a class or locating people with friendly, socialized dogs, so she can have "dog friends" would help her present more confident body language and the unfriendly dogs wouldn't find her an easy target.
  13. aschlemm

    Border Collie x Hanging Tree

    What a neat cross! I work as a Vet Tech and we have a client that breeds Hangin Tree Cowdogs. His dogs favor the Border Collie more and are wonderful to work on in the vet office. Very mellow and tolerant. He uses them to herd his cattle (he is a dairy farmer) and they are workaholics. I'm so glad to see your boy has a tail!! My only complaint about the Hangin Trees is that they have their tails docked. I've always thought if there was one that didn't want to work cattle it would make an awesome obedience/agility/anything else you wanted to do, type of dog. Only I like tails!!! I hope you have plenty for your boy to do!!!
  14. aschlemm

    Puppy bladder

    I've always hated getting up during the night and my puppies were 9 weeks or older when I got them. Usually we'd have last time out around 11 pm and then be up 4:30-5 am. I don't remember any of them having an issue.
  15. aschlemm

    the Elderly BC - cognitive issues

    Purina has a food named "Bright Minds" that you might want to check out. Both people I know who put their old dogs on it noticed an improvement. Not a miracle, but improvement. Also Anipryl. The same two people also tried Anipryl (one a vet and another a breeder of labs) and felt that there was improvement.