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  1. I don't know if Ranger is a mix but I get told he is a mix because he has one blue eye. So I educate and say that BC actually can have blue eyes. I think he is most likely all BC, as I just see BC traits. Have not seen another dog's traits in him, but I guess I will never know for sure. I am always a little bugged when people say he is black and white. While yes, he is mostly black and white he is technically tri, he has some redish/brown on his hind legs, cheeks, and eyebrows. I have seen pictures of Aussies with tails, but from Europe where docking is illegal in most countries.
  2. Chene, I know If I had a dog that got along with other dogs I would potentially consider it, but as is, no way I hope he'll find a loving, FOREVER home soon.
  3. Hi everyone, looking through petfinder as I do randomly, I found this gem https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/29797489 at a shelter near me. Poor guy has been handed from home to home and has been in the shelter several times. Unfortunately I do not have the time, money, or a dog that likes other dogs to take him in. But maybe one of you is in the area and is thinking about a new friend. He is in Moscow, Idaho.
  4. And then we do floppy when we are tired lol
  5. What a pretty doggie. I have a border bat too although, it all depends on perspective, the indoor one his ears look huge, outdoors it looks more normal...
  6. Thanks I suspect he is pure bred, or at least mostly BC. The shelter said BC/Aussie, but I think that was mostly because they didn't know BC can have blue eyes, he does not look Aussie to me at all. It does not really matter anyway And he chose me. I was looking for an older, short haired dog...well he definitely wanted to live with me, how else would I have ended up with him?
  7. Hi everyone. Below are pictures of my BC (Mix?) Ranger whom I got from the local Humane Society in September 2013 at age 7 months. Now almost 1.5 years we are starting to be a pretty good team, working through our struggles together with a great future in our vision, and most of all, having a lot of fun together
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