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  1. Mine is a tall and lanky 31 lbs at 7 months.
  2. I'm quoting this entire post so it will get read a second time. Excellent post! I cannot agree more with the statement that it's important not to mistake sensitivity for fragility. While I wouldn't describe my BC as gritty, she is a confident, "do anything" dog with the added benefit that she gives a crap about doing what I ask.
  3. There of lots of people on this forum, much more experienced with BC than I, that will tell you that what the breeder said about working dogs being neurotic is total BS. I own my first BC, now 6 months, and she's easy going, loves to have fun, and is into our relationship just as much as I am. And she is working bred, from working sheepdog parents. Yes, she's active and needs to exercise her body and brain. But, no one would describe her as neurotic or as having attachment issues.
  4. Who needs a hamster wheel when you have a treadmill?
  5. I'm sure this is true. I certainly wouldn't expect every pup to be the same. But I wanted to share that we're having a great time!
  6. I wanted to update this thread to say that our pup is now around 6 months old and is still so much fun to work and live with! We finished both a basic obedience and our first (age appropriate) agility course. We start another 8 week agility course in a few days. After a little encouragement, she's also discovered how much fun it is to swim! I've seen a twinkle in her eye hinting at teenage antics, but for now she's still easy peasy. It has been such a joy seeing her grow! I'm hooked.
  7. I would also suggest a kong. We also both work full time (though not the same schedule), so there are several hours each weekday that pup is crated. Even at 5 months, when she sees her kong come out, she runs to her crate and dives in.
  8. Someone else's thumbnail is showing in my post. Not sure why?
  9. This is our Scout. She's 4 months, working bred, and is our first Border Collie. She's been a ridiculous amount of fun so far and is exactly the "do anything" pup I was looking for!
  10. I've been surprised over and over again at how easy my BC pup has been. She's 4 1/2 months now and has been nothing but fun. She's probably saving all her naughtiness for her teenage months. Seriously though, for a person that enjoys training and other dog friendly activities, she has been easy peasy. This is my first high drive dog and I had mentally prepared myself for a whirlwind. I do see her being a problem pup for someone disinterested in training and/ or unable to set clear boundaries, but I don't feel like any of her puppyness has been "work" so far.
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