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  1. Does she video herself working him? it might be something about her body position or her timing reward that she's not aware of. Just a thought.
  2. teresaserrano

    Sudden behavior changes

    At 10 mo she may be aproaching her first season, which does bring on many hormonal changes. My Tess is not that good with some other dogs, but during season she was much much more reactive, and then it took her a couple of months to go back to normal (one of the reasons I spayed her). Even if she isn't coming into season, she's growing up. With Tess, as a pup she liked most other dogs but as she grew she became more and more selective and gets "offended" very easily. I would limit her interaction with other dogs for now and see if it's her season coming. As she grows, it might be that she grows less tolerant of other dogs, and there's nothing much wrong with that. I know my Tess will never ever be dog park material, but she does have many friends with whom she plays well. I'm just carefull with whom she interacts.
  3. teresaserrano

    Foster dog

    Yeah, I was a bit afraid he might like to wander off after birds, but so far he shows no interest in not being with us. He is of course still in the honeymoon period, but he's also getting trained, so with luck we might altogether avoid the "I'll just go there and come back in an hour" thing
  4. teresaserrano

    Foster dog

    An update on Josh He belongs ofiicially to João since 2 weeks now. They haven't met yet, will meet next saturday, but I send him lots of pics and tell him lots of stories. João says he feels like he's deployed somewhere and his bride sends him long leters and pics Josh is doing great and is a wonderfull dog. Still somewhat scared /insecure in town and sometimes in the house, but is making good progress. Surrounded by nature he's in his element. I'm thinking probably he had never been in a town or a house before. He's good with people (often a bit scared of strangers, but friendly and his core temperament is super relaxed, not one bit of agression on this boy), great with dogs, usually ignores but is friendly and very polite when aproached. Super calm in the car, goes in and out on command. Great with the cat. Never wanders off and always comes when called. Will often stop a couple of steps away from me so drags a long line. Loves food, loves toys and playing and is smart, so very easy to train. Nice off switch in the house, lots of energy when whe're doing stuff. Is sweet as can be and loves to cuddle. After not even 7 weeks, his bond to me is as strong as Tess's. They love each other and play a lot. She's a real big sister, he looks up to her for direction and learns a lot from her. Honestly I can't find one single flaw in this dog, everything he's still scared about or doesn't do "right" is easily fixable/taught. Tess is my heart dog but she does have flaws, mostly with regards to people and dogs selectiveness and her belief she's the queen of the universe which does get a bit old sometimes. Josh is kind of perfect. One man's trash is another man's treasure, you know? And now for what really matters, pics The beach is a big favorite Loony dog getting dirty is lots of fun Washing the dirt off is equally fun Frisbee! More frisbee! And one more just because
  5. teresaserrano

    Collie Breeding

    I missed the banjo video the first time around. It rocks
  6. teresaserrano

    Donald McCaig

    That's so sad. I loved his posts, would have loved to have met him.
  7. My mind isn't at it's quickest at the moment, so I find I have something else to add . My Tess is people selective and will show teeth if some random stranger wants to pet her out of the blue. I'm always carefull with her and strangers, specially children. But she's also the perfect dog for kids who are afraid of dogs, as they won't crowd her and want to hug her the moment they meet her. She's very interactive with people so she'll go get a toy and sit in front of them, clearly asking for them to grab it and throw it. Even a fearfull kid can't resist that look for long. The same way she likes people to respect her space, she's also very respectfull of their space. No jumping on them, no trying to snatch the toy from their hands, no nipping at their clothes. Fearfull kids are soon playing with her and soon after petting her, which she accepts beautifully because they're by now play friends. Just to say that I wouldn't worry much about a bc and your future kids, as long as you teach both dog and kids proper ways to interact, it should not be a problem. What I find about bc's is that as long as you teach them, they learn easily what is expected. But you do need to teach them. They're usually very not like those easy going happy go lucky dogs that are always great with everything that comes their way. They excell at learning though. More that that, they NEED it to be happy. They have an absolute need to be always learning. If you don't provide that, they will learn things you probably won't like.
  8. Just to add I second the rescue an adult dog idea. My brittany is around a year old and has been with me for about 6 weeks. I can't describe how absolutely wonderfull he is. I am completely and utterly in love with him. They don't need to be young pups for the bond to develop or for the training to be successfull. I've always had pups but was thinking for some time that I would like to try having an adult rescue. He wasn't planned but it's working very very well and I don't think I'll ever have a pup again.
  9. I live in an apartement with 2 dogs (1 bc, 1 britanny) and it works just fine. Tess is always ready to go do some fun stuff but at home she is calm and relaxed. I live in Portugal which has a warm climate and she copes well with the heat. But like Flora said, a bc isn't just a dog, it's an hobby, which means they do take a lot of our time. A good amount of exercise is needed, yes, and lots of mental stimulation, but most of all they need to be a huge part of their person's life, they want to be involved with everything. Tess loves to put the landry in the washer, go get my slippers or put her toys away in the toy box almost as much as she loves playing frisbee, fetch, tug, swimming, playing hide and seek or doing a bit of for fun mantrailing. I have done dockdiving with her, teach her many tricks and of course have worked on obedience training all her life. Bc's are absolutely the best, but they're not for everyone. They have quirks, can get obssessed easily with this and that, can be super sensitive to sound and movement, often don't much like other dogs and can be wary of strangers, including children. That said, they can also be trained to do almost anything/behave in almost any way, so as long as you know you can put in the work needed, they turn into absolutely marvelous dogs. Some people think that because they are smart they are easy, but it's the other way around. Because they are so smart, they can be hard work. They're worth it though.
  10. teresaserrano

    Litter and the pack

    My sister lives with 7 dogs. 3 are hers, 3 her roommate's and 1 is a foster. One had pups last month. When they where five days old, both women went out, left mom with pups in a room, other dogs in the house. The dogs managed to open the door to mom and pups and killed the pups. The door knob was round, not an easy open one. Mom dog was wet from saliva but not hurt. All these dogs are sweethearts. Could have been the other females just trying to steel them, could have been the males eliminating someone else's offspring to increase their chances of fatherhood (males are all fixed, but it doesn't mean they know that).
  11. teresaserrano

    Petting without permission

    Of course you're right, but sometimes one gets so tired of avoiding and explaining stuff like this to strangers The trainer has 5 mals, that one was relaxed about strangers, but a couple of others would have happily latched on to that guy's hand if they could. And when someone very unexpectedly puts his hands on your dog, one might not be able to react fast enough. With my dog I'm always very carefull because she doesn't like all people and certainly not all dogs. I usually just say "she biites" and keep saying it till the incredulous stare goes from their faces and they go away. Specially with those people and dogs that don't seem to understand the concept of personal space.
  12. teresaserrano

    Petting without permission

    My trainer was walking one of his mals when this couple aproached and the guy just started pettting and grabbing the dog. So my trainer started caressing the girl's hair and arms. Guy says, what the helll are you doing? My trainer answers, you pet my dog uninvited, I pet your girlfriend uninvited. What's the difference?
  13. teresaserrano

    Abca lookup?

    I've never used an e-collar so not experienced with it, but I do know a bit about dogs and training and my instinct is to not use it on a fearfull dog as it can make things much worse by scaring him even worse. There are many thechniques for building confidence that don't include something that may backfire. On the other hand, I do know some trainers use it on very low settings, not as a correction but as an attettion getter, and that sounds as what your training is proposing. It can work if it is well done, the risk is if it isn't. If you decide to go with it, just be very aware of your boy's reactions and attitude. Remember he may seem calm and compliant but in fact be just shut down. Best of luck.
  14. teresaserrano

    Advice on Potential Adoptee

    His coat was already looking so much better! Another update, please
  15. teresaserrano

    Sudden Death Pining

    That's so absolutely great, DSG. I'm very happy for you. And Roan