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    My wife, my son, a good book, and a good dog (make that several good dogs)!
  1. Oh, your Shepherd is a looker, too! I have a 5 year old German Shepherd. Love her to death!
  2. I usually like the rough coat moreso than smooth... but your Nattie is quite impressive! I have no idea what show dogs are "supposed" to look like, but I think your Nattie might just knock em out of the park! She's impressive!
  3. Beautiful dog. I think you got a good one, regardless.
  4. What a great looking guy you got there! I agree, he looks all Border Collie.
  5. Your dogs are really something, Mara! The last time I checked the boards your Kolt was still a pup, and it is really something seeing him now! He's a good looking guy, for sure. Both of them are!
  6. I can't tell if Don looks like he is a little out of his element, or perhaps he's thinking about jumping behind the wheel and really taking charge. Glad no one was hurt!
  7. Love the second picture! Pure joy on that face.
  8. I'm surprised there aren't more posts on here. I was looking forward to putting a face to so many of the posters here. Come on guys!
  9. Very cool idea. My wedding last year...
  10. I agree, lots of updated pictures is a must! Great expressions on Rook's face, too.
  11. Great to hear SuperGibbs was so well received! And I love to see dogs interact with each other, esp in situations like this one. Great work!
  12. That video is amazing!!! Blows my mind, unbelievable how impressive these dogs are.
  13. These dogs all have wonderful stories! And Emily, all of your dogs are striking! Cola is my 4 year old German Shepherd. I got her when she was an eight week old puppy and as prepared as I thought I was, I sooned learned that nothing teaches you like experience. Cola is my first dog. Yes, I had dogs growing up, but I would say they were more my dad's dogs than my own. She and I are always together. I cook dinner... by my feet, go to the bathroom... by my side, watching TV... on the floor next to the couch, yard work... right there behind the mower or whatever else is happening outside. Cola loves her walks and happily jogs right along beside me (when I run). She is definitely a little bit of a headcase (has some serious separation anxiety and noise phobia) and we are working on getting that under control. She used to be a one person kind of dog, and a little bit of a loner, but is finding out that having a little sister, and another person isn't too bad. My wife and I got married last year in May. I think Cola wanted to know why we needed to add another person to the house, but she soon realized that new person isn't too bad, and with her came a little buddy, her adopted sister, Marlee. Marlee is a 3 year old Morkie and might be the most loving dog I have ever met. She has probably been the best form of therapy for Cola I could have provided. Marlee has more personality in her 8 pounds than I could have ever imagined possible. She was bought from a breeder as a puppy when she was 8 weeks old and has been the center of my wife's world ever since. Marlee is one of those dogs that puts other little dogs to shame... she listens, she loves, she is a cuddler, but she is still very much a dog. She currently loves the water hose, and is determined to get wet when we water the plants. She also loves a good hike just as much as Cola, and does her best to keep up with her big sister and her people. She also sleeps in the bed with us, and takes up more space than me! I wasn't sure about little dogs, but when I saw her with my Cola, I knew she was special. I'm also keeping my eyes open for a border collie, but with my son soon on the way, my wife and I are going to be patient. One baby at a time
  14. I can't tell everyone what their honesty and sincere comments mean to me. The whole idea of putting anyone(esp our dogs) on medication always has a negative stigma behind it. But, I think our dog is truly struggling w her anxiety. Tommy Coyote, I too am dreading the fireworks, but prob not as much as my Cola. Ruth, what kind of beer do you want? After doing all the yard work and mulching the flower bed, I'm drinking a Sierra Nevada Hefeweizen right now... Pretty good, but that's prob for another forum... On a more serious note, talked to the vet yesterday and we're going to talk next week and discuss some things. I feel "OK" about this, and really appreciate everyone's feedback. I guess my only other questions would be how often do I medicate my dog? Everyday w dinner? Only when it seems like she needs it... She's pretty calm when not having one of her pacing, scratching the door, barking at the sound of us closing a kitchen cupboard fits. Honestly, questions for the vet next week... Once again thank you everyone! Nathan
  15. Yes, the pacing is a common theme at our house. And before we got our fence, she would sit at the window crying for me as I mowed the grass. I was/am someone that tends to think we rush to meds to fix our problems... But as I've gotten older and more experienced I see the need for it when appropriate and properly diagnosed. I also brought it up here to listen to some examples, reassure myself that it is ok, and just be certain. I've confided with some friends and family about this, and some of them tell me I'm crazy... So yeah, just feels good to know I'm not the only one that has considered/used some form of anxiety medication.
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