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  1. Yes I have made them aware of the Midwest BC rescue group. I think they were hoping that the dog could just go from their home to its new home so less stress for the dog.
  2. They live in town where there are restrictions as to what all they can do on their property and fence heights are one of them.
  3. Would anyone here be interested in helping take in a 4 year old half border collie, half australian shepherd mix. He is 4 years old, house broke, very friendly, lived with another dog (german Shepherd) and kids so he is not aggressive but he can jump a 4 foot fence which is why they are trying to rehome him. He is a beautiful brown and white. They are not asking for any money to rehome him but do not want to take him to a shelter. He is next door to my niece and she says he is very sweet.
  4. Yeah that is not one I show around a lot because it kind of freaks me out LOL!!! She was about 10 weeks there I think.
  5. Mya definitely had some weird shots, In the first one there, we call that our bat girl!!! She liked lying on her back and nipping like that. My husband took it at just the right angle so she does look like a bat.
  6. He's beautiful and looks like he and tess get on very well.
  7. She is beautiful, I love the half black, half white nose...
  8. He looks so grown up and so handsome!! Yes they just do not stay little long enough.
  9. I love the one black leg and one white leg in front She is yet another beauty for your group. Don't they always look so innocent and cute when you know they are the devil in disguise LOL!!!
  10. I would certainly rather someone tell me than not in a situation like that. Early detection can mean a great deal when it comes to cancer. Both great stories. Dogs are awesome..
  11. I agree with this too, but sometimes after a long day of work and exhaustion you yell first without thinking and then regret it later I know I have fallen into that category and then trying to make it up to the dog, but just yelling because the dog should know better I have not done. I am reading a really interesting book on dog training right now and I find it very interesting that the author addresses that the dogs already know the things we think we are teaching them, what we in fact are doing is just teaching the word or hand signal for the command, and the rules of which we want them to follow..
  12. I agree with both points. As above when I came home late i expected to find a mess waiting for me and you are right Mya probably sensed it before i even said anything. And also on the first point, my daughter has 2 dogs and her yorkie always knows my daughter is going to be upset when dixie the bigger mix (and a puppy) does things he knows she will not like. She knows he did not do it, because he cannot chew a huge hole in her wall and he has never destroyed really anything when she has left him but as you said he has the look on his face of guilt and licks her so as to say sorry and she knows he did not do it, but he probably feels her emotion of exhaustion and what am I going to do with you. Dixie is usually caged even when she goes our for an hour or two now...
  13. She is priceless, as are all of your dogs. Just too darn cute.
  14. As I have said before I think we humans could learn a lot from dogs. I have seen dogs show guilt or whatever word you want to call it time and time again, whereas humans who should show guilt and apologize act as if they have done nothing wrong whatsoever to feel guilty over. We left Mya way too long the other day (was not our intention but we did not get back when expected). Not only did she meet me at the door with tail between her legs and ears back but she actually showed me where she had peed and was totally unhappy until I got it cleaned up. I knew it was our fault and not hers but still she felt this guilt or whatever you want to call it. I cleaned it up, told her it was not her fault this time, and took her out where she happily went to her grassy spot and peed again, after which she was praised and all was forgotten. A lot of people I know could learn how to be so apologetic.
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