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  1. A little late at posting week four with Tobias. I had a colt starting clinic I was attending all week. I took Tobias one day and he was so good with all the people. He thought everyone was there just to say hi to him. Any way here is a video with his latest tricks as well as some old ones. The last trick is one he just started learning the day it was filmed so he is just getting it.
  2. This is a very interesting topic. I wanted to leave Tobias intact too until he was fully mature but still unsure. We live on about 15 acres and the yard is not fenced. He's only 10 weeks and hasn't really wondered off but as a mature intact male wouldn't he be more likely to stray? There is a high way maybe 100 yards from the house that doesn't have much traffic but people do go fairly fast when the roads aren't slick or icy. For our Great Dane we altered him when he turned 6 months and he is still dog and people aggressive regardless. He also never filled out and is on the skinny side but for such a large breed being a under weight is probably benifical for his joints but I kind of wanted Tobias to fully fill out and mature if possible. My toy poodle male I kept intact until he was 3 or 4 years old. Although he was always on the more dominate side he was always friendly with other dogs and people male or female. For over a year I had two intact toy poodle males living on my house together and never had an issue with marking in the house or fights. They we good boys. However when a family member brought their stupid unhousebroke male who had a male diper band on he marked in the house and then it up set my males who didn't appreciate this stranger marking in territory that they couldn't mark on. I when a head and neutered after that just because my boys started acting weird.
  3. Thank you all for your encouragement. Tobias is simply one of the most amazing puppies I've ever had. He does the cutest things too. Like when he gets a chewy he goes an hides them all around the living room in the corners and under stuff. And for baths he loves sticking his head in the water and biting ripples and splashing in the tub. And we were having minor potty issues in the house a couple of weeks ago but suddenly he has figured it out and goes to the door when its time to go out. Its been at least ten or twelve days since his last accident. They grow up so fast. Cadens Mom - That is an excellent point and idea. Honestly I was think about that but I thought it would be confusing to say 'left spin' or 'right spun' but I didn't think of 'twist'. I'm going to start that now. Thank you! And the funny thing is I was thinking of using 'feet on mine' or something like that but then my mom said that perhaps 'together' could work so Ive startes to use that instead. I appreciate your input! So now Im kind of starting to run out of ideas to teach him. Hes been learnimg two to three trick a week but does that seem like to much for a puppy? I mean he doesnt seem to be getting confused but i dont want him to get burnt out either. We have two to five training sessions a day that last between a minute to four minutes at most. What are some other things a ten week old puppy could start learning? This week he has started 'crawl'. I would love to do agility with him for fun in the future. I know not to jump him for a very long time but could I start teaching him to go on objects like a mini teeter totter? He has started to weave through my legs could he be old enough to start learning to weave through objects?
  4. Thanks ^__^ Here is week three video. Im not sure what its called when the dog places their feet on yours and walk together but thats one of Tobias's new tricks along with weaving a figure eight through my legs. He is such a smart puppy.
  5. Here's his video from week two! Tobias has improved so much on all of his tricks except for the one where I'm trying to teach hind end awareness by stepping on the bowl. He'd rather chew on it lol. But he also learned how to spin and just today started to learn back.
  6. I discovered as much as Tobias loves cheese and other treats his regular dog food works best for him usually. Especially in the morning when he's really focused on eatting I ask for a trick and give him a couple of kibbles then ask for another and so on. I only ask for a couple of minutes at most but ask for at least one trick before eat meal biscuit and chewy bone I give him because it seems to be the moments that he's most motivated. Now that he knows some tricks really well to make it more fun sometimes when playing I'll ask for a trick so his reward is more play. I don't over do it though because I don't want him to think playing with me is no fun nor do I want him to think I just want to take toys away and make it a chore for him to get them back. But using toys for first learning new tricks doesnt seem motivating enough for my 9 week old. As for aloofness I give Tobias his space and sometimes it definaly feels that he loves the family Great Dane more than he likes being with me but its also kind of nice that someone else can entertain him for over an hour. I'm keeping faith that as he grows older he'll bond more with me when he realizes that I'm more than his babysitter.
  7. Love this! What a lovely bunch you have.
  8. My little guy talks back when I say "No you can't do that". Its kind of cute but I stay firm and as soon as his little fit is over I calmly praise him verbally and with a soft pat or stroke. If its something he shouldn't be chewing on then sometimes I'll roll a ball or offer a game of tug. I've also sprayed bitter apple on things he consistently want to put his mouth on and that seems to have helped a lot so far along with a variety of busy bones pig ears and greenies given to him at different times of the day. He is the first pup I've ever had that likes to chew on furnitare. He's only nine weeks and I've only been a border collie owner for the last two weeks so I can't really say if what I'm doing is correct in the long run or if Im in any position to try and help with advice but that's kind of an idea of how I've been handling my pup's desire to touch things he shouldn't. Prevention and redirection. Best success with Ziggy.
  9. Thanks for all the advice! He's actually started the last three days going and touching to door with his nose when he has to go poop. And he's learning what 'outside' means. So I ask him if he has to go outside when he starts wondering and he hops around and runs to the door. Accidents in the how have decreased greatly. Not that it was bad before but I can see a big change now. He really is a smarty pants.
  10. She's adorable! Congratulations! About how old is she? I love those fluffy ears <3
  11. Another question... Im aware that puppies have to go potty all the time but is needing to go every 25 to 40 minutes normal? I take him outside constantly and he's really good about going every time I put him out. He holds it four to six hours at night. But durning the day despite my best efforts he still has frequent accidents...
  12. This really isn't about raising a balanced border collie, though it does have a part about how to successfully live with a bc. Before I got my pup I found this video quite insightful. I can't really say that its accurate or not since I've only recently brought my first border collie puppy into my home but it's very intersting and informative in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tGqTi57Bks
  13. I agree with this. I'd much rather have a pup who had a little less socialization so I could intoduce things to him/her first hand. Though if the breeder really knew what they were doing they probably wouldn't make something a bad experiance for the puppy but the idea of getting a pup who is a 'clean slate' is more attractive to me personally. As a horse trainer, I'd much rather work with a wild horse with no prior human contact than one thats more 'domestic' and possibly already has issues from bad training prior to coming to me. Of course with dogs being a little diffrent I don't think I'd want a feral puppy either but its the clean slate idea that I'm refering to. However with my new little guy being brought up in a barn, there are noises that he doesn't like such as the vacum and hair blow dryer but he's getting use to it very quickly. The important thing is that I know that he isn't going to have a bad experaince if I can help it. With the family great dane however, he was always very socialized as a pup. Not sure what the breeder had done with him but we got him at 6 weeks old. Anyway he will try and bite other dogs who are larger than a toy poodle (he's a gentle giant with his poodles and thankfully little baby Tobias) and does not like strangers at all. We found out that one of his brothers form his litter did attack someone so I would think that his issues are definately genetically linked. Though not all the pups turned out aggressive. His runt sister is a very friendly dog to all strangers like great danes are supose to be.
  14. Thank you so much Gentlelake for your detailed critique! I know I’m not fully getting the marked behavior. I know how important timing is with training horses but this is the first time I’m ‘clicker training’ a dog with a marked word. With horses it’s a mostly a physical release of pressure so my actions are a little slower than my voice. As for the asking for his feet up when already there was a mistake. I really need to just set the camera down for now so I’m not focusing on training and filming at the same time. And so true about the tone of voice! I did a quick session again tonight while being more conscious of my tone and he responded really well. I’ll be keeping that in mind for now on.
  15. I think my timing is a little off for saying 'yes' (I'm not using a clicker I'm trying to use a marker word instead.) But here is all that Tobias has learned in our first week. (And yes art2184, I am too!)
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