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  1. Thank you both of you.xxxxxx Do you know what Diane-I had no idea that there are vets specialising in areas but it makes sense!!! I'm willing to do and pay anything for her. So will mention this to our vet as he may have a recommendation of a specialist vet. As she isn't responding to the tablets Julie so I think it's looking likely to be an Auto Immune problem. I don't know what that means long term for her. I shall also mention this to the vet. I have even approached the breeder I got them from who is a life long family friend who runs a farm and trains up sheep dogs. With the thought that perhaps it's something hereditary but he said he has had plenty of dry noses on and off over his 60years but has never experienced anything like this with the lost pigment to date.
  2. Hello, I have a BC who rather unusually has a grey cracked nose and loss of pigment in lower lips. It's real extreme when looking at the comparative photos. Have been to the vets twice but they don't know what it is. They believe it is one of three things a reaction to the sun, auto immune problem or a tumour. They have given us a prescription of tablets treating a reaction to the sun and we are regularly applying Vaseline to her nose to prevent cracks. We are due to go back to the vets later this week. We are half way through the course of tablets and there is currently no improvement. I know I should have some patience but I'm hoping by reaching out another BC owner will have experienced this, A little background, she is one of two pet BC's in our household. They are twin sisters who are 3. The other is completely fine. The one who is showing these symptoms is her normal happy and energetic self with full coordination. She has full appetite, drinks plenty of water, stools and urine normal. No temperature, her coat is in lovely condition, vaccs, flea, worm are all up to date. She is showing no signs of pain or discomfort around her nose, lips or jaw. Have you had any experience of this? any help or advice would be very greatly received.
  3. Thank you. It's not something we have experienced before. I will leave and and check it every now and then. I've been keeping an eye on her and she's not licking it. She's very very active still, running around the garden and playing non stop ball with Erin!! :-) Laurelin that sounds quite distressing!! We are quite lucky in that there has been no blood!! Maybe she's going to also be a dog with nail issues,xx
  4. Hello, Cadi has damaged her dew claw. It looks to me like the nail has broken leaving just the quick. It looks quite pink to me. I don't want to poke and prod it too much. She doesn't appear to be in discomfort, there's no signs of bleeding etc. She is very much herself!! I have no idea when she did it. I have cleaned the area with saline and been spraying it with antiseptic spray. Does anyone have any experience and advice on what I can do to ensure she stays comfortable. I don't want her to injure it further or get an infection. I've added a picture of the damaged dew claw. Many thanks.xxxx
  5. Got two worn out dogs fast asleep!! I'm trying to catch endler fry to put them in a safe tank! :-)

  6. Thanks for the link. There's quite a few in the midlands in reach of me so will definitely go to one in the new year! Would be an interesting learning curve I'm sure!!! I find agility tremendous fun! Seeing how much my girls enjoy it spurs me on even more!!xx
  7. My two smell lush and are so soft after having baths!! Just enjoying a pre bed cuddle! :-)

  8. Welcome from a newbie to the forum from the UK. My girls Cadi and Erin do flyball and agility amongst other things-they are incredibly easy to work with! I think the key is understanding dogs inside and out and keeping them mentally and physically happy!! I'm glad I have discovered this forum-lots of very useful tips and friendly members. Lou.xx
  9. We've started agility too. Other games: I play hide and seek with our girls and have been playing that since they were 4 months old. They love it. It's good as we practise the stay command and they have to use their ears and noses to find me around the house. I also shut them in he bathroom whilst I hide a selection of treats all around the house then let them out and leave them too go find the treats. Keeps them busy long after they've found all the treats. Lou.xx
  10. Wow. Your hard work pays off because it looks amazing. I might have to come to one just to observe. We are doing agility as a bit of fun at the moment but we are a long way off being competitors. Lou.x
  11. A morning of playing none stop ball with Cadi and Erin. They still aren't tired!! :-)

  12. Thanks everyone. Those ears are fab. The ears always grew first in every growth spurt so there were times they looked like the Gremlins. Certainly made us smile!!
  13. Hello, I'm new to this forum. May I introduce our two girls Cadi and Erin. They are 16 months old and are such a joy. We got them from a Welsh breeder who is a long time family friend and world champ in sheep dog trials. We have had them since they were 8 weeks old and they were a litter of only two. The Welsh connection is the reason we chose Welsh names for them. We live a town life in the heart of England so no sheep herding but we practice agility and flyball which is a big success!! Also enjoy nice long walks twice a day. They have wonderful temperaments and are so loving. I'd love to hear about your dogs so please write back and/or share photos. Louise.xxx
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