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  1. When my dogs try things like this, they don't get ignored-they get in trouble, like picked up by the scruff and speeched and maybe more as needed. If you notice these "episodes" happening at certain times(i.e. he's tired, etc.) try to avoid those circumstances until he gets better, but don't let him get away with this.
  2. Riika

    Sit on the dog

    I start teaching the long down by teaching a place command. They understand that they aren’t allowed to get off and usually settle down to take a nap. It then carries over to whenever I tell them to lay down and nobody is paying attention to them, they just go to sleep. If even if I don’t tell them to lay down, if they are on leash and I stop to talk to somebody, they just do it and go to sleep.
  3. Riika

    Collie Breeding

    To answer the question, there is a great group on FB that can help you out- Coat Color and Genetics.
  4. I agree, he just looks like he needs a good brushing. I’ve heard all the horror stories about a dog’s coat never coming back right, but all the ones I’ve seen grew back just fine, including one of my own-the next year he looked exactly like he had before being shaved.
  5. Nosework is a great option, beings he doesn’t need to see to do it.
  6. Riika

    11 Week old puppy

    “As his manners increase so will his house privileges” Apply that to the cats too. Don’t allow him to interact with cats in situations where he can practice undesirable behavior towards the cats. It may take until the puppy is 7+ months old, but for a lifetime of getting along with cats, it will be worth it right now.
  7. Riika

    Outside Kennel Help

    Some hog/stock panels or chain link laid on the ground fixes it. Putting a layer of straw on top covers the hard wire, and straw is replaces weekly so it doesn't really have a chance to get nasty and rot.
  8. Riika

    Slow feed bowl

    Just throwing it on the floor/ground or especially out in the grass makes them take longer and work for it.
  9. Riika

    No uterus found during spay procedure

    How long had the farmer owned her? Is it possible that she was spayed before he got her? Does she show excessive male attitudes or outwardly appear more masculine than feminine?
  10. Riika

    Agitated After Exercise

    He needs to be trained an “off switch.” If you repost this in the General Discussion section, you will get more answers.
  11. Not perfect-they still pull when excited/distracted, don't stop or turn with me, balk sometimes, and get tangled up around me, but biting the leash, crazy lunging and not in the slightest focused on me, doesn't happen.
  12. If I get them at 8 weeks, they are okay at 10-12 weeks. If they were born here, they are pretty good at 8-12 weeks, depending how much time I work with them.
  13. Riika

    High Volume Breeders

    Just Google "selling puppy age in 'x' state" or something like that, and you should be able to find it. In my state, WA, there is no law about the age of puppies before sale.
  14. Riika

    High Volume Breeders

    Working, temperament, and health. I know a several of breeders on the HVB who are very strict in "evaluating" their dogs, in that they work every day and have placed well in cattle dog trials across the country. I'm not saying that I would be such a big breeder or that I personally like it, but I am saying that I see nothing wrong with it if they have good dogs and take good care of them. That said, I looked up the breeder in question, and I find her "breeding goals" very suspect, and there are no videos, or even pictures or information of them regarding work. They have some dogs with good bloodlines, but that's it-they appear to breed for pet and color.
  15. Riika

    High Volume Breeders

    I see no reason to lose your trust in a breeder, just because they produce more puppies than you like. Speaking from a goat/cattle/rabbit breeder perspective, just because we make a business out of it and have a lot of breeding stock, doesn't mean we compromise the animals' health and wellbeing. Dogs are animals too, but if anyone turns breeding dogs into a business like other animals, most people suddenly see it as horrible-I don't see it that way at all, as long as they are breeding for the right reasons and take good care of their dogs, both mentally and physically. Small breeders can be just as bad as puppy mills-it's not the size that makes a puppy mill, in my book, but the quality of care the dogs receive-so you just have to check things out and not worry about how many pups they produce. If you like your puppy and he is healthy, I wouldn't worry one bit about where he came from.