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  1. Riika

    How to find a reputable breeder

    Sent PM as well.
  2. If something scares him that is not dangerous(like music playing) and he comes up to me, I acknowledge him with a pat and “hi Fido” but then send him to go sit on his bed with a bone or something. Or play fetch, etc. to distract him, but not coddling and soothing.
  3. I don’t have access to a dog park, but I’ve read so many stories exactly like yours that I will never take my dog inside a dog park. When something really scary happens to my dogs, I do give them a little time of comfort and then continue on like nothing happened. I don’t think it’s fair to totally ignore them when they seek comfort from you, but you definitely don’t want to go overboard and make a huge fuss out of it. If after(and by after I don’t mean immediately after, but in the following days) the incident they are scared of the object/situation I don’t pay attention to that fear or coddle them. I will do counter conditioning, etc. but no coaxing or sweet talking, trying to convince the dog that he’s okay, because he’s not gonna buy it, and it may just make his fear worse. I’ve never had a dog get jumped by another dog, so I don’t have any specific advice for you... Good luck, and I’m sorry that this ever happened...
  4. Riika

    What is considered inbreeding

    As far as the inbreeding aspect and the ABCA go, it relates to what Smalahundur said: registries are closed gene pools anyway, so it would be hard for registries to pass anything about inbreeding when that's what breeds are in the first place.
  5. Riika

    What is considered inbreeding

    To each his own...
  6. My personal thoughts are to not neuter at all, or do it around two years of age. I agree, it can be hard to find things on this forum through searching, but a google search will help a lot with information on age of neuter and new research.
  7. Riika

    What is considered inbreeding

    There is nothing wrong with inbreeding when the right dogs are bred together. That’s how you get consistent results in offspring, and how breeds are created.
  8. Riika

    New aggressive BC pup

    To address one of the earlier points you stated, not necessarily related to your question, well bred working dogs are not aggressive. Confidence and bite on stock does not translate to aggression towards humans. I have a very tough and aggressive female, and her breeder has a male so tough I actually saw him topple an adult cow one time, but both are as friendly and delighted to see people, any person, stranger or not, as a Golden Retriever. Second, the behaviors you’re seeing are not actually herding behaviors. All breeds of dogs does this to a certain extent. Something physical is the correct way to stop this. If he were mine, I’d start to break this immediately by having whoever he starts acting like this toward, pick him up by the scruff and shake him, saying “no!” in a growly tone. It’s a bit extreme, but it sounds like he’s being a bit extreme as well. Once he starts backing down, back down your punishment to the appropriate level for his level of attitude. His growl will shut off or turn to a whine very fast, and when it does, you’re at the right level, or can even back down a bit. Also, if you know that this starts at certains times/situations/when he’s tired, try to avoid it by crating him when you see it starting to come, until he calms down. But when it happens, don’t ignore it. You also need to get all the family members on board with training him, and get him to respect all of them. A simple start to this is 1. instead of just feeding him, train him using his kibble as treats, and 2. have the rest of the family take turns doing this as well.
  9. Riika

    Breeder concerns

    Probably not. They can claim you weren’t an “approved home.”
  10. Riika

    Who is PLM Stockdogs?

    Wyatt Fleming
  11. Squeaky toys, and food puzzle toys are what works best for my dogs to entertain themselves with.
  12. Riika

    DNA testing

    It looks like you're in the UK? I don't personally know of any good labs out there, so I hope someone else will chime in soon!
  13. Riika

    Short and stocky.

    A line of BCs that I had were short and stocky, 40-45 pounds. The one I have now is the same height as those ones, but ten pounds lighter, and much lighter boned. That same line of BCs didn’t stalk things much at all, until they got introduced to stock. But also, some BCs are just looser eyed and don’t have that intense stare that the breed is known for. Him not being interested in seeing stock can just be that he hasn’t been introduced to him in a way to excite interest and get him to “turn on.” I’ve seen it several times at stockdog clinics-you put the dog in the pen, and he shows no interest. Once the sheep get moving and get exciting, they will often “turn on” and then they’re good to go after that. Be grateful, and don’t question why he’s not lifting his leg yet!!!
  14. Riika

    Help?! chance of pregnancy?

    My dogs’ nipples always get quite a bit bigger after being in heat, especially when it was their first heat. I’ve never heard of a dog getting bred in those few seconds, but would have to wonder if your dogsitter told you the whole truth. I would try not to stress about it, and wait for the ultrasound. It’s the only way to know, and if she is, there’s nothing that can safely be done except deliver and raise the litter.
  15. Kristine, It’s good to see you back! I’ve missed seeing your posts here, as well as on your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with Tessa. To all that responded: thanks. I did decide to try it with my puppy, and it didn’t go over well. We will not be using that method. After a few minutes of just being around the person, with them ignoring him and playing tug with my other dog, he stops barking and becomes comfortable around them, and will evdn run up and play tug. He won’t allow petting(which is acceptable in my mind) but after his initial outburst will mingle in a crowd, just ignoring everyone-these are mainly well behaved kids, not adults. He is actually pretty good with adults, even sprawling on their feet and wanting a belly rub. I think the best thing is going to be just letting him do what he wants, and watching the kids to make sure they don’t push on him. They have been extremely good about just continuing their thing, and not trying to approach the puppy, so that’s been nice.