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  1. I think the smooth coated dogs I have shed more than the rough coats I used to have.
  2. That looks like an Aussie... That's super talented!
  3. No, I was referring to Gentle Lake's response. The "maybe do some research" part seemed like it could have been put differently.
  4. Yeah, your response came across to me as a little snarky too...
  5. Mine are about 11 months. I’d start getting concerned if they didn’t have their first cycle by 18 months.
  6. This is far beyond what people online can help with. You need to find a good trainer and take her to see them and see if they can help you. Whereabouts are you? Maybe someone can recommend some trainers in your area.
  7. OP, I'm not far from you, in WA. Are you on FB? There are some good local raw dog food groups, that have some companies and butchers they recommend, as well as just folks who are needing to get rid of freezer burnt meat, etc.
  8. Well, he may just need those kongs or chew toys. But you can teach him to settle by teaching him to hold a place on his bed, gradually increasing the duration until he learns to just take a nap when he is told to go to his bed.
  9. I’ve heard of cases where the dog slipped on the slippery kitchen floor and hurt or scared themselves, and are avoiding it because of that. Do you think that’s a possibility, especially if he was chasing/roughhousing with the pup in the kitchen and wiped out?
  10. I agree with her, 100% and usually do that with my dogs.
  11. If something scares him that is not dangerous(like music playing) and he comes up to me, I acknowledge him with a pat and “hi Fido” but then send him to go sit on his bed with a bone or something. Or play fetch, etc. to distract him, but not coddling and soothing.
  12. I don’t have access to a dog park, but I’ve read so many stories exactly like yours that I will never take my dog inside a dog park. When something really scary happens to my dogs, I do give them a little time of comfort and then continue on like nothing happened. I don’t think it’s fair to totally ignore them when they seek comfort from you, but you definitely don’t want to go overboard and make a huge fuss out of it. If after(and by after I don’t mean immediately after, but in the following days) the incident they are scared of the object/situation I don’t pay attention to that fear or coddle them. I will do counter conditioning, etc. but no coaxing or sweet talking, trying to convince the dog that he’s okay, because he’s not gonna buy it, and it may just make his fear worse. I’ve never had a dog get jumped by another dog, so I don’t have any specific advice for you... Good luck, and I’m sorry that this ever happened...
  13. As far as the inbreeding aspect and the ABCA go, it relates to what Smalahundur said: registries are closed gene pools anyway, so it would be hard for registries to pass anything about inbreeding when that's what breeds are in the first place.
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