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  1. Thank you Donald. You are the only one who posted something in response to my question. I just wanted an experienced handler to give me some idea how these 2 types of dogs would differ in their working style and how they might differ when training them.
  2. Hi there, I am a newbie to BC herding training and was talking with a USBCHA trialer and trainer. She said that some people like dogs with "eye" and others don't. I'm looking at getting one of her dogs that she thinks has more "eye" than she likes. She said a trainer kinda picks which training problems or traits they are willing to deal with when they pick an "eye" dog or "non-eye" dog. I guess I am wondering if someone with much experience could tell me something about how training the two types of dogs might differ; what sort of tendencies each type of dog has; and what "problems" might have to be corrected when training a dog of each type.
  3. Thank you. Especially for the information on the "magic" age period for shipping.
  4. Hi there, I guess I am posting this in the ask the expert area hoping that more sheepdog trailers who might have imported dogs would be in this forum. If one is considering importing a border collie from the UK are there any pet shippers that you have used and would recommend? and what things do I need to know about shipping a dog internationally? Is there a minimum age which is considered "old enough" to bear the stress of international flight travel? Thank you. Karen
  5. Agreed, very impressive. Those were some long outruns and a lot of sheep to shed.
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