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  1. highway61

    Look Ma, No Crate.

    I've never seen anyone on these boards suggest "pop 'em in the crate as the only answer" but instead, some really great advise on how to use them to ours and our dogs advantage. There are plenty of threads here on crates and all their benefits, did you do a search and find that they mostly end with pop 'em in a crate as the solution?
  2. highway61

    Look Ma, No Crate.

    My bad, I should have been more clear, the question was directed at the OP who suggested we could learn how to raise a better pup from reading it.
  3. highway61

    Look Ma, No Crate.

    I haven't read the book so I'll take your word for it, thanks. Having said that, if you *don't* live in a very small cabin in the mountains, far removed even from the closest town, which is a very small town and allowing your dog to come and go from your house freely, what benefit is there to reading it? Seems like a such a tiny demographic to even relate to for most of us. Particularly those of us with Border Collie puppies.
  4. highway61

    Look Ma, No Crate.

    So when your pup needs a nap and won't give up the ghost on her own, we just let her be her own "nap captain"?
  5. highway61

    Aggression issues

    The fact that she's highly food motivated works in your favor! Use it to your advantage in working on that recall. Condition her to know that *everytime* you call her name or give the recall command she will get food (training bits) from you, guaranteed.
  6. Going through some old online photos and ran accross this. I laughed like I'd never seen it before (don't remember). I could caption it "don't step on my junk!" 20130707_182452.mp4
  7. highway61

    Fern's Thread

    Mark's Fern is a lot closer to a vacuum than my Sammy would ever come....unless he's attacking it. For no humanely known reason.
  8. highway61


    Like twin toddlers dressed the same...how do you tell them apart?
  9. highway61

    Still having feeding problems

    Great advice but instead of 10 minutes I'd make it ten hours later. Unless he is actually suffering from a health issue that is the cause of him not eating, he'll be plenty hungery after that. Does he respond to treats and if so, is he getting treating between meals?
  10. highway61


    If you have a dropbox or you use a photo hosting service such as photobucket you can just put the link of the photo in the body of the message here. If you use the attach button but the pic is too large, downsize it with irfanview or some other freeware s/w.
  11. highway61

    Healthy and Safe Chews

    Although I do buy them on occasion (my boys luv 'um!), I still find it hard to believe they are what they are FWIW; I've been giving these two frozen beef rib bones once a week for most of their lives. No issues (so far) and the heeler mix is 14 now. I buy the beef ribs (w/ plenty of meat) cheap, cut them up and freeze. When I feed them, it's in place of what they normally would've had that night which is kibble.
  12. highway61

    Underweight Dog

    Is this your only dog? I have two who gobble up their two meals a day with a healthy vigor. They *never* pass up food but I think if one of them wasn't feeling like they didn't want to finish that they would just so the other dog won't get any extra! Both dogs are at optimum weight but my Mom and wife don't buy it and are often harrassing me to feed them more. Don't succum to peer pressure and good luck!
  13. highway61

    Knickers the giant steer

    Holy cow! (sorry). How old is/was that steer? The article linked reports Knickers is 7 yrs old and that is "long in the tooth" for cattle.
  14. highway61

    Knickers the giant steer

    https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/meet-knickers-the-giant-cow-that-is-neither-a-cow-nor-a-giant/ Imagine your cattle dogs trying move this goliath!