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  1. http://story.newspets.info/kirk-female-border-collie-watching-win-2017-purina-pro-challenge.html Don't know if Kirk was taught to do this in front of the TV but she does look like she's interactively excited about watching her performance.
  2. highway61

    One Honest Politician

    Centuries from now parents will point to a portriat of the Orange Clown and tell their children "don't be that guy"
  3. highway61


    Fixed it. For those countering violence with violence on their puppies, I'm interested in hearing the positive effects. Those who recommend kicking their dog on leash when they won't stop pulling or react out of fear obviously haven't any experience with reactive dogs.
  4. I've seen enough. Domesticated Pet Stock? http://www.bordercollierescue.org/advice/bcr_leaflets/adviceon.html DO NOT get a young puppy from a farm. Farm bred puppies are obviously from working parents (and bloodlines) and not from domesticated pet stock. On a farm puppies tend to be isolated from social interactions and grow up poorly socialised and domestically inexperienced..
  5. They do? My BC has an "off switch" but I'm the only one who will engage it.
  6. highway61

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    This. If my puppy stank and I was feeding it smelly bait, I would start there No doubt sardines are rich in vitamins/minerals and your pup loves them but I would discontinue them and see if the odor gradually gets better.
  7. Right. Because the problem here is the hysterical outcry
  8. CaptJack, you have crystalized my own thoughts eloquently! If you watch the video, the news team investigating also speaks with the owner of Ahimsa (Winona is awesome!) who I've taken my own reactive BC to for classes. It's a nice glimpse into what the very worst and best examples of dog training looks like. Any self respecting dog owner who turns their dog over to Academy of Canine Behavior should have their head examined. Strictly amateur hour
  9. Apparently my state has pretty weak animal cruelty laws. https://www.seattledogspot.com/academy-canine-behavior-abuses-dogs/ "This is one reason why, in my experience, some animal control agencies won’t prosecute animal abuse; they don’t want to spend the time and money on a case they don’t think they can win."
  10. Warning: Although its a plastic bat, it's still hard to watch this poor dog get abused with it. https://q13fox.com/2018/07/26/dog-trainer-video-sparks-outrage-owner-of-facility-insists-action-has-been-taken-animals-are-safe/ "We dont have an all clicky approach" The owner is so intellectually deficient that I'm surprised she wasn't wearing her red MAGA hat for this interview.
  11. highway61

    "Spooky Smart"

  12. highway61

    Talking to Animals by Jon Katz

    Just google "Caeser punches dog". 19 second mark. Here's Caeser trying to defend it as "a touch".
  13. highway61

    Talking to Animals by Jon Katz

    Fair enough and I sincerely don't mean to antagonize but can the same be said about Katz? That was my reason for bringing CM into it but it's only because I see the parallels. So I guess that's why I'm a bit perplexed why the CM abuse fest = bad but the Katz abuse fest = good.
  14. highway61

    Talking to Animals by Jon Katz

    I've seen enough of the Dog Whisterer to know you could associate punching dogs in the throat as clear and simple. Caeser looks particularly brillant when he backs a fearful dog in the corner using a tennis racket for protection