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  1. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    I'd like to let folks know, when testing for MDR1, you can also use Gene Check. ://www.genecheck.com/www/htdocs/agriculture_index.html They developed their test using my Peat. Owner is a border collie person as well as a nice guy, Bob Wagner. He's also on the HEF. They're not advertising it but I was told they'd do the test. I just think it's nice to support our own...
  2. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Thanks for testing Amelia. I hope your pup is normal.
  3. Try Karen Thompson, TBC border collies, in New Kent Va. Always has pups and all are ABCA registered. Most have complete DNA panel on sire/dam.
  4. I'm not sure what boxes you are checking off with regards to them? The boxes they check off for me is puppy mill and color breeder. You can do far far better...
  5. Journey

    Donald McCaig

    Such sad news. Rest in peace Donald.
  6. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Some reading if anyone is bored, in no particular order! Introduction Only.pdf Insertion Mutation of ABCB1 Gene.pdf Freq of MDR1 in Brazil.pdf Freq of MDR1 in Israel.pdf MDR1 in Humans.pdf Adverse reaction to apomorphine in a Collie homozygous for the ABCB1‐1∆ (MDR1) mutation - Campbell - 2017 - Journal of Small Animal Practice - Wiley Online Library.html SNP Polymorphisms of MDR1.pdf
  7. Journey

    double hind dewclaws

    I had a nice male, he too had double rear dews. Took them off right away. It wasn't a pleasant surgery..his were not attached though.
  8. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Thank you, Eileen.
  9. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    So? What's your point? The *historical* thread as you'd like to call it has bad/outdated/wrong information. Obviously you're fine with leaving that up and not updating it, which you had previously done. That's fine, I am coming to expect bad information in areas from some.
  10. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    That would have done no good, you'd have found fault there as well. Besides, linking to the HEF doesn't tell people that read the HW thread that the mutation does exist in the breed.
  11. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    I would prefer that when a JQP opens it they see the most relevant, correct information first, especially that it's now 10 years later and we do have the mutation in the breed. Updating information - I didn't view as changing historical records seeing as how you have numerous updates in there to begin with. However, if you would rather leave it outdated and wrong, that works for me.
  12. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Nice snark Mark, very nice. First post: "12/12/07 Katy Robertson at UCDavis reports no pure bred Border Collies found with the mutation; the number of tests being run has decreased and few additional Border Collies have been tested. (edited by MarkBilladeau)" This is no longer true. I made no reference whatsoever to HW above. The thread does incorporate MDR1 as quoted above.
  13. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Can we please also possibly update or clean up the pinned post in this section "which heartworm is safe.." quite a bit of incorrect, outdated and misleading info on that thread. We can no longer claim 0 Border Collies have the mutation.
  14. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    One in Idaho, doing fine. One in Montana fine as well. Neither are amounting to much though. I anticipate pet home on the horizon for one. Norm has the other for training, don't know anything else on him. Both tested normal. One in Missouri, had issues but is apparently good now. Kristen Reiker has him, Waylon. He appears to have just had coccidiosis. Tested normal. The other may still be puny. Another in Louisiana, has had issues off and on, looks to be OCD shoulder now, grand pup. Interesting to see you grouping it..yep, there's been issues, sporadic, and weird, in many. Not Betty, but I'm pretty sure the video of Hogan was pre anything for his surgery.. though I think he had a Nexguard in the prior few weeks.
  15. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Hi Emily, No, so far Peat has been fine. Extremely careful though with what she's exposed too. It's not so much "flavor of the month" in my case. I have a stake in this as far as my name is on the pedigree of this litter. I own the dams dam and grandsire (both tested normal). I pulled some favors and got the only bitch in the litter, hoping to stem this flow on this litter at least. This was prior to testing and prior to Tanhill Glenn being the flavor of the month.