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  1. GentleLake, my condolences to you and your family..
  2. Hey Mike, I know everyone is a volunteer. If they don't want to answer questions that's fine, I understand. However, when information given from one party completely contradicts the other, folks begin to wonder. Mark shared above that they shared confidential details, that's good to know, and had I not asked I wouldn't have known. Do I need to know, hard to say, to be told not to ask when I too contributed..won't happen again here on these boards.
  3. Ok, how does something from 2012 relate to what is now being told to people? The test is available. So, did they share with the HEF their data - for this test?
  4. Has the univ of Finland group shared their data yet?
  5. Is the gene involved, and the 4 markers different than what ProjectDog determined years ago?
  6. Were they sent any samples of normal dogs though? Or as normal as can be determined via BAER testing and knowing they were not related to any known pedigree of affected..Just wondering if the figure is skewed based on what they had to begin with.
  7. " The other is the rate of penetrance -- what percentage of our dogs who are carrying two copies of the variant mutation actually suffer early hearing loss?" How do we find this out? Are there any in the research that BAER tested normal yet per their results should be at risk?
  8. How did they determine a 35% carrier rate? I'm having a hard time understanding or figuring out where they got this number.
  9. Thank you Eileen...not even sure where to begin with questions but truly appreciate the statement and information..
  10. With the little bit of info that's been spoken of lately..can anyone tell me what other tests are a 4 snps and a risk predictive test? Would the risk predictive be along the lines of the 4 grades of cea, your affected, but to what degree depends? Will this test only be predictive, not absolute?
  11. And how a trained dog can really save your bacon, he may have been clueless but at the end he understood more than most..
  12. Per more information this morning, any samples sent to Wisdom or Genoscoper will now be tested for EOAD. Only after validation is complete will they update the test results. A few weeks? They don't know..
  13. Just correct the bad behavior. The amount of time and effort you've put into getting her to the crate is wasted as the behavior has already happened. Corrections go a long way. Do it once, do it right.
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