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  1. Is this on lead and *at the very first snap* is the dog already in his space being rude?
  2. Journey

    HELP...Upset tummy for over 6 weeks

    Since the vet did not do a fecal...if it was my dog, I'd fast for 24 hours, worm him, panacur, and use some Tylan powder, with regular feedings, along with some good probiotics. Food allergies, in the big picture, are pretty rare.
  3. Sounds to me a bit domineering and controlling..why can't dogs eat in peace? If he doesn't like you messing with him while eating, then don't! Put him in a crate.. The bond with my dogs is based on trust and mutual respect, not me feeding them.
  4. Central Florida? There are only about 3 people I would recommend in Florida. David Saunders, Sandy Tindal and maybe, big maybe one other...miss my home state, especially when it is only 17° here! Are you going to Leida's? She'll be wonderful for ya! Or JK....stay away.
  5. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Ok, what about group 2 and 3? And would not an MDR1 dog be more susceptible due to the defect, just in general? Not just speaking of ivermectin.
  6. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Understand, so if their dosage is so incorrect would the takeaway be that there is nothing to worry about it all?
  7. Journey

    Goodbye Peg

    I'm so sorry to hear this Mark.
  8. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    No, where does it say that? I know he verbally corrected the info that was on the screen...wrt to dosages.
  9. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    I've recently come across this research/presentation. Not only is it bad for all dogs on HW/Flea medication, it's a double whammy for MDR1 dogs. I've spoken to a few people about this and their consensus is this is something we should carefully watch and research, scary... @betty boop dog lover, while this may not pertain to Hogan's nystagmus, it made me pause wrt his focusing issues, if he is MDR1. Just one more reason I feel something should be done to eradicate MDR1 from the breed, now.
  10. Journey

    Vestibular disease

    The Dramamine may help with his appetite as well, won't hurt. My guy was one that reoccurring did happen..much easier on me the second time around! Good luck and I hope he feels better soon.
  11. Journey

    Vestibular disease

    Yep, pretty common in the seniors unfortunately. My guy took about a week to feel better and the head tilt never completely went away. I used Dramamine to help and it really did help. That and feeding on the floor, a plate vs a bowl, keeping them in a nice not bright area..I saw that the bright lights and sun made things worse. Good luck, it's no fun but generally good recovery.
  12. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Thank you @Denise Wall, I know you are working on this now. I just feel with the yearly newsletter a huge opportunity was lost to inform the membership that this genetic defect is in the United States. What @Eileen Stein placed on the heartworm pinned post I think is great! However, unless you're reading this thread no one would even know about mdr1 being here in this country. @Amelia wasn't even aware of it until her puppy was 8 months old. How many others are out there now completely unaware?
  13. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Your first comment @Amelia makes me wonder; was your breeder not informed of the genetic issues or did they neglect to tell you? I hope your test results are normal. I'd hope too after your comments here you'd post publicly the results. The second comment I find completely unnecessary. No one hates Steve and your need to mention him directly I find odd. It's not his fault he wasn't made aware of the issues when he bought Glenn. One can only hope going forward he's open and honest with bitch owners who use Glenn. TSDA has a great site. Anyone that wants to see trial results can simply go look them up. Last I saw there was 2 years worth of Glenn. He's not that "new" to the US. Coming a year now since I went to the HEF about MDR1, I've come to accept that nothing will be done for the most part. Sure, there is a verbage change on the website, beyond that, not much. The annual newsletter had all the info about EOAD and the research progress but not a blip whatsoever about MDR1. Lost opportunity imo to inform the members of this situation.
  14. Journey

    Report on the EAOD Research Project

    Do we have any update as to whether or not they were able to submit it for publication? Also, do we know if the general test is going to be available this month or not? Will it be definitive?
  15. Journey

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    I'd like to let folks know, when testing for MDR1, you can also use Gene Check. ://www.genecheck.com/www/htdocs/agriculture_index.html They developed their test using my Peat. Owner is a border collie person as well as a nice guy, Bob Wagner. He's also on the HEF. They're not advertising it but I was told they'd do the test. I just think it's nice to support our own...