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  1. Journey

    Trusted source of CBD oil

    I get mine from the raw distributor I purchase from. Nothing online but I know she sends it to a few friends in Virginia as well.
  2. Journey

    Slippers on the farm

    Ah, the theivery they do! Had one this year that stole twins..and wanted to keep all 4!
  3. I might not only not listen to the vet in this case but I'd definitely have him off puppy food. Scaling back on a growing pup just doesn't make sense to me. I feed raw, supplement with kibble..for my pups that need it I give them about half a cup of oatmeal (steel cut oats groats) a day as well. Mine need the grains as I've never been able to keep weight on on a grain free kibble. All mine are off puppy food at 8 weeks. Steady slow growth.
  4. Journey

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    I forget hold old the OP's pup is..are you sure all the puppy teeth came out?
  5. Journey

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    Curious..what are you feeding her? Her food could play a part in any odors she has.
  6. Journey

    What the Vet said?

    It's standard for a Vet to say that. It's not standard to do it. Wait till the pup is mature, all growth plates closed, then do it. Generally around 15 to 18 months. In the meanwhile I'd get him chipped. It's not *that* painful..
  7. Journey

    Another eye issue or..

    Ok, I'm following so far, I hope. They found a disease in a few dogs, found a mutation, but there's no correlation as some with the mutation didn't get the disease. So there's a predisposition/assumption for this mutation to cause the disease but no test to prove it out as some with the mutation do not have the disease.
  8. Journey

    Another eye issue or..

    They don't, not that I could find. How can they link two issue to one gene too? I'm not used to the new boards! Thanks for the info! I couldn't find anything else other than this article.
  9. Journey

    Another eye issue or..

    If it's not definitive, how can they say a DNA test is available? Or is this along the lines EOAD? 321406.full.pdf
  10. Journey

    Help with Border Collie Breed ID

    No help but she sure is cute!
  11. Journey

    Vaccinating older puppy

    Eh, details, details...aside from crossing borders of other countries, rabies is the only legal one required. That may differ state to state but most are now 3 year. Daycare isn't something that would hit my radar, you may be right there.
  12. That's big. You'll have to feed her for a long time. I can understand the hesitating.
  13. Journey

    Vaccinating older puppy

    Yep, bad math/verbiage..one year from what she just got!
  14. Journey

    Vaccinating older puppy

    I'm with GL, if she's had nothing, then this, no more per Dr Dodds protocol, until she's a year.
  15. Journey

    Adequan injections?

    When I was using it we did one shot a week for a month, a loading dose, for her. Then we went to one every 2 weeks, and progressively stepped down till one a month. As needed I could give her more. I used it for about a year, however, it was necessary to go back to about a 3 week interval. When she came off it I never went back. Her situation isn't leg related, I found it worked for a while but not well enough to continue. Good luck with Gibbs!