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  1. With the little bit of info that's been spoken of lately..can anyone tell me what other tests are a 4 snps and a risk predictive test? Would the risk predictive be along the lines of the 4 grades of cea, your affected, but to what degree depends? Will this test only be predictive, not absolute?
  2. And how a trained dog can really save your bacon, he may have been clueless but at the end he understood more than most..
  3. Per more information this morning, any samples sent to Wisdom or Genoscoper will now be tested for EOAD. Only after validation is complete will they update the test results. A few weeks? They don't know..
  4. Just correct the bad behavior. The amount of time and effort you've put into getting her to the crate is wasted as the behavior has already happened. Corrections go a long way. Do it once, do it right.
  5. Sorry to read about your boy. Thanks for taking the time to seek out a potential rescue. Have you not had any luck with your local rescues?
  6. Get the puppy *you* like/want. There's no guarantee either way they'll get along, or won't, so it may as well be one you want. It's *your* house!
  7. Journey


    Ah, Smalahundur, I am sorry to read this. I for one will miss your dead on non PC replies better known as truths. I understand what you are saying and have to agree. Good luck to you though!
  8. So we should watch for an announcement on their blog? I thought they were going to let the ABCA know when it was available?
  9. This is so nice to see! Happy for you both and glad she is doing so well!
  10. Correct dosage, however, the recommended from many others is for a minimum of 8 weeks.
  11. If you haven't had a full tick panel done on him I would highly recommend one! Once you have those results it may change your game plan. Have you pulled any ticks off him in the past year?
  12. Just checking as mid May has arrived Any news?
  13. Fingers crossed everything goes well and smooth!
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