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  1. Just gorgeous..yes, more pictures won't be a burden!
  2. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    If you're in NJ why not just go to American K9 Country.
  3. I think the euthanize advice is a bit premature, you fully owned that you should've had him muzzled but didn't. And that´╗┐ it taught you a lesson you're not likely to ever forget´╗┐ Seeing as how he's bit twice now, once a child, I have to disagree with it being premature..there's no way to warn the third person, or if it will happen. Kudos to her for trying and admitting it's a plausible option at this time.
  4. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    Have you considered the fact it may not be harmful to you, however, you're placing this on your dogs neck. Close to the brain, the eyes, the mouth... If you must..use these methods w/o the collar. Use food, use rewards, use a long line. Set your boy up to succeed. Not fail. Start with baby steps, don't expect him to know anything. It's not stimulation. It's a correction when the dog actually doesn't even know what you are asking. Don't assume he knows, he doesn't. Switch up your command words, start fresh. Start clean, start new. Make it a game and make yourself the best game in town.
  5. Euthanasia, before the next victim is a child you didn't see.
  6. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    If you don't see the stress these dogs are exhibiting..that poor Aussie pup. It's a behavior based on fear/pain not a relationship.
  7. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    Your dog, your dollar. An e collar can be a life saver, literally, however, for most training...that's debatable. Sounds like a short cut to the LAT training..
  8. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    Since you haven't got papers I'd doubt they'd be able or allowed to tell you anything. Proof of ownership, registration papers, legal liabilities..the papers you did see, the dam should be the breeder. Toss that name out here and see what you get..
  9. Journey

    Sudden Death Pining

    DSG, not sure if realize it but you've out to word what many can't. It's quite evident the bond you and Mags shared. Treasure it and all the good you gave each other.
  10. When and how many times a day do you feed her? Puppies intake generally causes a need to go soon after they're done.
  11. Journey

    Abca lookup?

    Is the neighbors dog related? If so, the owner and/or breeder of the dam should be your dogs breeder. Of you have that info could be someone here can tell you info..
  12. Journey

    registration with abca ?

    You can register them, short answer. Question should be though why do you want to breed them? Do they work? Health clearances? Buyers waiting? What can they offer the breed?
  13. Journey

    Seimur at work

    Fantastic pictures and a nice boy! Sometimes it takes trusting your dog to really see what they can do. It's nice when they so you so much and makes the next step easier.
  14. Journey

    Mats behind the ears

    By Absorbine. Yes, it's a horse product. You'll need to seriously dilute it and whatever you do...don't spray it on solid floors. You'll kiss that floor when you least expect it!
  15. Journey

    Mats behind the ears

    Show Sheen. Diluted and misted on him will help stop matting.