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  1. I tried spraying with water once, my boy just learned to open his mouth and get a quick drink...
  2. Phaedra is gorgeous (love the name by the way! I think if I got a girl pup I would have to consider calling her Phryne) and it sounds you will have a wonderful life together. Enjoy the differences between her and Odin, they are all precious.
  3. I had not been able to access the Boards since last week, it would just come up with an error message (and I should have taken a screen shot but did not, sorry). I had faith that things would be fixed again. Thank you to Eileen for her hard work.
  4. It is dogs like Kiran that make me so sure that pedigree breeders have it so wrong. Breeding for a bloodline/looks alone, and negatively judging dogs that do not have that pedigree is so one sided, and means that you cannot see the wonderful qualities of a dog that is a little bit of who-knows-what-exactly. My first dog as a kid was a complete bitsa; we think mum maybe had some lab and kelpie in there, but he was the size of a jack russell terrier. He was a fantastic dog and I have very fond memories of him. He would have been a pedigree breeder's worst nightmare. Kiran is clearly a wonderful dog but equally would be dismissed by a pedigree breeder. Leaving aside all else that is wrong with pedigree breeding, that elitism really rubs me the wrong way.
  5. Recently in a Facebook BC group here in Australia, a lady asked for advice about her BC trying to "herd" her neighbour's dogs. She was fence running, and while fence running she would be impossible to distract or call away. This person was asking if this was something she would be worried about, mainly because the dog was wearing away the lawn next to the fence. I immediately said she needed to stop it as it was obsessive behaviour not "herding", as did a number of other people, however, more frightening was the number of people who said "you will never stop a BC from herding, it is in their DNA". Mindlessly and obsessively running along a fence is NOT HERDING! Rant over.
  6. OMG, this is the best way to start a Monday morning (where I am)! Hilarious! Kiran you brilliant boy!
  7. Yay Kiran! I love these updates, keep them coming, so I can indulge my dog crush.
  8. D'Elle, I would guess I.C.E would stand for "In Case of Emergency" so a whistle to attract attention when things are going wrong. Capt Jack, I was interested about the NADAC rule of "verbal or visual" cues. I sometimes use a hand clap to get Oscar to look or turn to me on an agility course. I run in ANKC courses in Australia, not NADAC, but was interested to see that rule. Presumably hand-clapping is neither verbal nor visual and therefore forbidden. It is a very useful cue to me. OP, I am afraid I have no other advice for you than you have already been given, but you have a super cute pup who sounds like a real gem!
  9. I have seen all types in the little bit of agility I have done, including people who won't feed their dog if it did not pay enough attention to them in the ring. I, and most other agility people I know, would never do that. Our judges here all want to see dogs having fun. Some clubs even have encouragement type awards for novice dogs who are the happiest team. I am never going to be competitive on a national level, may not even make it into the top grade of competition. But I am perfectly OK with that because Oscar loves doing what he does, even when he makes up his own course. From what I have seen, building drive in your dog to be able to work at a distance, or to keep going for several obstacles without turning to find you is good. In front of most rings I see, people are trying to keep their dog calm and focussed on them, not ramped up and desperate before going in.
  10. I don't think anyone of us could really know what we would do in a situation like that. I would like to think I could do something to save the poor dog, but I am honest enough with myself to know that I would probably freeze in terror and then hate myself afterwards...
  11. I see the weather has improved where you are! Kiran is a water baby? He looks beautifully put together side on, long and leggy. But front on he seems all ACD, square and solid.
  12. He looks lovely! I am no expert, but I would not question if someone told me he was full BC. He does have low ears, so maybe some hound?
  13. Seeing both Molly and Kiran running side by side, you can see how Kiran has a more solid body shape (not that he is at all overweight). He is also taller. I still had him in my head as puppy size, despite evidence to the contrary. They both look like they are having a ball.
  14. Gorgeous, he is growing into a real strong looking dog. Still cute as though. I loved when he did not want to let go of the disc - he was still so puppyish.
  15. I am a little worried we have hijacked the thread. BC-Coding, I hope we have not scared you off. How are things going with your dog? PS Photos are always welcome!
  16. I will just have to continue to adore from a distance. Such a beautiful dog in every way.
  17. I endorse all of the above advice. I note that you said it is like the treat you use no longer has much value. Are you using just one type, or have you tried using different treats? If you have not already tried it, maybe try to find another treat which has high value and mix it up a bit.
  18. Have to admit I am having a serious dog crush on Kiran, and if I was not on the other side of the world... sigh.
  19. Well done Kiran! What a good boy! As an aside, he is in the leggy adorable phase.
  20. Unfortunately, after x rays taken yesterday, my youngest boy Shadow has been diagnosed with quite severe hip dysplacia. He will turn two years old in April. He has very shallow malformed hip sockets, and malformed ball joints which are already showing signs of bony changes. The vet has placed him on 300mg of gabapentin twice daily, and a 7 day course of carprieve. We have also completed week two of an initial 4 week cartrophen injection course, which will go to 3 monthly after that. I know I need to keep weight off of him, gentle exercise, joint supplements to keep him comfortable. The vet recommended trying medical management first before surgery. Femoral head excision is one option, but they do not recommend it because they said at his size, the callus that would form would not be robust enough. Would likely need to be two complete hip replacements, which would be very expensive and probably involve around 500 kms of travel (over 300 miles) one way to reach someone qualified to do the operation. There is no hydrotherapy available anywhere near where I live, although a beach is in fairly easy reach. Any tips on the best way to exercise Shadow? We have never done frisbee, ball chasing etc with him - exercise till now has been chasing our other dogs around a baseball diamond, where he can stop and rest whenever he wants, for around 15 to 20 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. Is it worth learning massage for him? Any experience with joint supplements? I am grateful for any and all advice. I tried to attach a photo but for some reason it wouldn't let me.
  21. Very nice run on the jumpers course! And the chances course was smooth, although I have never run one of those, so am not sure what to look for!
  22. Merry Christmas to you and all your family, two-legged and four! Great photo.
  23. They are both very handsome dogs, but I do prefer Kiran. Good luck with getting into the agility foundations course, I am sure he will do well!
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