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  1. Lawgirl

    Donald McCaig

    Vale Donald, a true gentleman and tireless advocate for the working Border Collie. You will be missed, even by those who knew you only through your words.
  2. As it is the Centenary of the Armistice which ended World War One, I thought this might be an opportunity for members to share family stories about World War One. My grandfather on my father's side fought for GB throughout World War One. He would have been 26 when the war started. He died when my dad was in his final year in high school, so I never met him (he would have been turning 90 the year I was born). We have not been able to get his war records as they were destroyed in the bombing of London in WW2, so what we know is the little he shared with the family. We are not even sure which battles he was in. He was a machine gunner throughout the war on the western front, when the average life expectancy for a machine gunner was 14 minutes. He was wounded twice, including being sent back to England once. While he was there, his entire unit was wiped out. After the war, he refused to marry his fiancée, and was nearly sued for breach of promise, before emigrating to Australia. Even 30+ years later, the marks were still there. When my uncle was out late after a dance, and had to sneak back into the house without waking anyone, my grandfather was able to describe in detail everything my uncle had done when he got home, although he had never woken up. In the trenches, you either slept lightly or you never woke up . Does anyone else have stories of family members who fought, or served in the Great War? We will remember them.
  3. Lawgirl

    Raw feeding, how much for pups per day

    Nothing to add to the advice you have received, but you now need to pay puppy photo tax...
  4. Lawgirl

    Wearing a coat

    Where I live, as I said above, it rarely gets below freezing, but it can dip below on a nice frosty morning. My brother lived for years in tropical northern Queensland, and I went up to visit. We had a barbecue at the beach for tea, a balmy evening, sea breeze coming in as the sun set, might have been 20C (68F) I did not have a single goosebump in short sleeves, my brother and his girlfriend were pulling out winter coats and scarves. I can't remember the last time I put on a coat to keep any of my boys warm, but I do have a cooling coat for my agility dog.
  5. Lawgirl

    BARF thighs or wings best?

    Interesting - here in Australia I had heard of BARF as an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
  6. Lawgirl

    Wearing a coat

    Not entirely sure if I envy or pity those of you who live in the very cold places. Where I live it might occasionally dip below freezing in the middle of winter for an hour or so on a few days, but never any snow. I do not do so well in hot weather, especially when it is humid.
  7. Lawgirl

    My Best Friend

    I call that second pose being a border collie. All of mine have been well known to sleep like that.
  8. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    Yay I could see this time! I loved how absolutely happy Kiran was in the second run. I mean it was not perfect but you could see he was having so much fun mum! For a young dog especially. That means more to me than a perfect run.
  9. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    I will keep trying the video. Someday it will play for me...
  10. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    Oooh, I like that, title, then higher grades of title if you don't want to move up to the higher level. Can you compete in the higher level and still go for outstanding or superior in the lower level as well? Or do you have to decide to do one or the other? In ours, once you qualify for your title, you can only complete comps you have already entered at that level where entries have closed. Otherwise you have to pay for your title and enter the next level up. I could watch your Molly video. Go figure.
  11. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    OK, I tried to play the video and it came up as video unavailable? Not sure why. Congratulations! Is it three runs to get your title? That used to be the case here but then they changed it so you have to get five clear runs now for novice and open, 6 for excellent and 7 for masters, and there have to be at least three different judges too.
  12. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    There is one trial I know of where they run back to back classes e.g. Open, Open, Excellent, Excellent, Novice, Novice. I have not been to the trial, but I have heard that some judges simply reverse the course for the second run to save time. That way they only need to turn the spread jump around. I was happy overall with our trial. We had seven runs, with just one qualifier., which was our fifth of the first day. The first three runs Oscar was so excited to be competing again he was jumping everything in sight. By the fourth he had settled down and was paying attention but I got lost on the course and sent him the wrong way. By day two, we had one run with two course faults, and one run with one course fault and ten seconds overtime(!) - not sure how, other than I had to keep calling back from the wrong jump to get him to the right jump. It was not a very flowing course, and my handling was probably too slow too. Oscar was happy, I was happy, problems were more my fault than his, weather was good, we got a pass. I have modest expectations from trials and this more than met all of them.
  13. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    Well done! Funny how you really could see his brain switch on halfway through his first run! Wish we were allowed a second run on our courses. Oscar got a third place qualification on novice snooker in our trial on the weekend, but I did not get a video of it.
  14. Lawgirl

    Kiran agility thread

    Good luck for your first trial! Oscar and I have our second local trial for the year this weekend too - first trial since, um, early May. Have not done much training over our winter (no indoor training rings) and it has been raining lightly but solidly here for the last two days. We will see how we go... Anyway, photos and videos please. The weaves look good to me, definitely getting there.