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  1. There is another thread on here at the moment with ideas for trick training - lots of videos etc. That would be a good place to start. Nosework, such as looking for treats, or more specific nosework training, will also help keep him occupied inside. The tip to inside activities is to keep his mind occupied with either learning or brain heavy activities. I am not sure about supplements. I have a boy with hip dysplacia, who has been put on cartrophen injections, which are also used for arthritis. They have been excellent. They are basically artificial synovial fluid, from what I understand, which is the fluid which lubricates joints. I am sorry to hear about your boy - he looks lovely!
  2. Maybe it is a tri-colour thing? Our first boy was a tri-colour and he was very much the same way. Your boy is gorgeous and adorable and you are very lucky to have him. Enjoy him, but remember that adolescence is yet to come and his behaviour may go backwards when his hormones hit. Hopefully that does not jinx things for you!
  3. Oh, I do love a white face BC! Even though he is a half white face, your Mac reminds me so much of my Oscar! As for a longer lasting chew, you could try a bully stick, or beef tendon, or something like a goats horn or deer/elk antler. Horn and antler can cause concern about broken teeth, but are much longer lasting chews, and not messy or smelly. I will only give my boys whole, not split antlers. Obviously, you need to remove them when they get small enough to be a choking hazard. I have heard that you can soak the antlers overnight to soften them, although this will probably mean they are chewed up more quickly, but reduce the chance of a broken tooth. Others on this board will recommend a stuffed kong, possibly stuffed with his normal kibble wetted and then frozen, so you feed his meals this way so as not to over feed him. I have known people to give their dogs carrots, even frozen carrots as chews, though this can be a little messy. From memory, there was a recent thread about chews etc. that you should be able to find if you search. Hope this helps.
  4. Mental stimulation does not have to be super stimulating, if that makes sense. I have found for our dogs, taking them for a drive with the windows down a bit, so they could sniff all the wonderful scents as they go past, is quite mentally draining. Using the nose is a great way to tire a dog out, so I highly recommend nosework, even if it is just wrapping treats in a blanket for him to nose out and find. A snuffle mat is another good option too. Even just talking to your dog is good. You are not alone! Your puppy is still a baby, and worse, he is one who is starting to have the size of an adult without the hormonal and emotional maturity of one. These times were sent to try us! Without meaning to depress you, I found that things just gradually got better, until one day I realised that my dogs didn't act like puppies any more, or did so only on occasions that were so uncommon that I specifically noticed them. Hold strong. In years to come, as he is an old dog who can no longer leap to his feet as easily as he once did, you will miss these days.
  5. She looked like she enjoyed that! So many tricks you can teach every dog, congratulations!
  6. That could be a poster for "FOCUS"! Looks like she has no difficulty clearing her jump height either.
  7. He looks like he just took off from a trampoline or something - not sure whether it is the angle but that is some serious air there! He is a seriously good looking dog.
  8. Congratulations, it seems like you are both doing so well, and he is truly gorgeous. Hang in there with the agility classes - you are probably still doing the basics and he is still a big puppy at 10 months old, so no wonder he is getting distracted. You both have lots to learn and lots of time to do it.
  9. Love the Dobby/Yoda ears he has at the moment, although who knows where they will end up. Keep the photos coming!
  10. What a cutie! I have a soft spot for white faces and tricolours, and you have both in one!
  11. If you are feeding dry kibble, you can make a snuffle mat. If you google "make a snuffle mat video" there are heaps of instructional videos out there. Basically you use a load of fleece or other material, cut it into strips, buy a holey rubber mat and then tie the strips of fabric through the holes so the ends all stick up. It is not difficult, just time consuming. Spread some kibble in between the sticking up ends and your dog will have to nose around in between the strips and sniff out the kibble. It will take a lot longer and will mean she can't eat as quickly. It will also work her mind by working her nose. When the mat gets dirty, you can just throw it all in the wash. You can also buy ready made snuffle mats, if you don't feel like making one.
  12. Sounds like we have a keeper... I love a new photo thread, especially with a super cute tricolour. Those blue eyes!
  13. What a wonderful thing to see! He is really a completely different dog, so content and healthy. Congratulations on all the time and love you have given him, and I am sure you have received it back in multitudes, and will for years to come. Thank you so much for the update.
  14. What a gorgeous guy! Bless you for rescuing him.
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