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  1. Pixie is so gorgeous! You can just start to see hints of her growing out into a dog, like she is moving into that in between stage where she is sometimes a puppy still, and sometimes a gangly dog. That is a super fun stage, enjoy!
  2. I have four boys, three desexed, one who is not. They all get along really well. Lost one boy, added another and still have a great group who get along well. That is a personal preference.
  3. I love the sleepy eyed, ear up, ear down photo, Pixie is so sweet, she really suits her name.
  4. So sorry for your loss. No matter how long we have them, we always wish it could have been longer.
  5. Ouchie! It is so hard that they cannot tell us why and where they hurt. That would make life so much easier. But I do agree that foxtails are horrible. I usually have to clean paws every time my boys come inside, so I end up checking paws daily almost without thinking.
  6. She is precious, and I love the tricks you are training. Keeping her mind busy is so important. If not, you can find the picture below to be so true.
  7. So, with a new agility dog to train (hopefully), this looks, really good. How were you signalling it? Verbal or gesture?
  8. I am so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for the update. And, just in case you hadn't noticed, your boy is absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Thank you for the update tamapup. Patience and persistence! I spent ages with a dog who I had to work with about forty feet from the other dogs at dog school because he went ballistic whenever we went closer. In the end, he went to Grade 4 (non- trialling) at dog school, got a rally novice title and competed and titled in agility. I cannot tell you how many tonnes of treats I shovelled down his gullet to get to that point!
  10. One of my boys used to respond to Nexgard/Nexgard Spectra with diarrhoea too, although not bloody. Mind you, he had a sensitive gut to a lot of things. Pixie is precious, I have slight puppy envy right now. Keep the photos coming, she is adorable and we love seeing puppies grow!
  11. On this topic, I have one boy who is seven and entire. I have had several people tell me that if I want to keep my entire male healthy, particularly in relation to his prostate, I need to masturbate him, because entire males need to ejaculate regularly for their own health I must be a bad owner because I have never done this.
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