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  1. Lawgirl

    Strange Tan Appearing?

    I agree with Hooper2 that I do not think what is shown in your video or photo above is the result of any illness or malnutrition. It looks like your dog's coat governing genes are coming out. This is not a BC website but covers agouti, sable and creeping tan in dog coats http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/tan.html
  2. Lawgirl

    Strange Tan Appearing?

    Look into creeping tan. One of my tri boys has a lot more tan coming through on his head, legs and flanks than when we got him as a puppy. Not the best photos but you can see the tan creeping up his legs.
  3. Whenever I see Kiran's thread in bold I am so eager to check whatever has been posted. You may feel like an obnoxious parent but this is exactly the place for it! I love the tearing up the kitchen sponge for treats!
  4. The name itself is lovely, I have just known soooo many Bella girl dogs, not all of whom are very well behaved, that I cannot stand it as a name for a puppy. It seems to be an extremely popular name where I live, and I would prefer a more individual name.
  5. OK, so I tend to name my dogs with human names, and then my OH gives them multiple and ever changing nicknames. E.G. Our boy Bailey ended up as Bai-Oui, Bay Leaf, Baz, Mr Baz, Senior Sergeant Bailey Bing Bong, Washbucket and Freckles. He answers to each and every one of these names, and none of the other dogs respond to them. As an aside, if you have any thought of doing agility with your dog, think about how easy the name you choose will be to call out on the agility course when you are a bit out of breath and trying to get your dogs attention NOW. George is not a great agility name as it takes too long to say. Oscar is shortened to Oz, which is nice and easy to say on the agility course. As far as girl's names go, so long as it is not Bella, I have no real suggestions.
  6. Lawgirl

    My Bree

    Beautiful dog!
  7. I tried spraying with water once, my boy just learned to open his mouth and get a quick drink...
  8. Phaedra is gorgeous (love the name by the way! I think if I got a girl pup I would have to consider calling her Phryne) and it sounds you will have a wonderful life together. Enjoy the differences between her and Odin, they are all precious.
  9. Lawgirl

    ADMIN: Please Read

    I had not been able to access the Boards since last week, it would just come up with an error message (and I should have taken a screen shot but did not, sorry). I had faith that things would be fixed again. Thank you to Eileen for her hard work.
  10. Lawgirl

    Frog sniffer dogs

    gcv-border I completely agree that this sort of work is amazing, and it is wonderful what canine noses can do. I wonder how long dogs (not just BCs) have been used in conservancy work? It seems so obvious once you hear about it, as it is really a natural extension of dog's instincts, but someone had to think of it first...
  11. It is dogs like Kiran that make me so sure that pedigree breeders have it so wrong. Breeding for a bloodline/looks alone, and negatively judging dogs that do not have that pedigree is so one sided, and means that you cannot see the wonderful qualities of a dog that is a little bit of who-knows-what-exactly. My first dog as a kid was a complete bitsa; we think mum maybe had some lab and kelpie in there, but he was the size of a jack russell terrier. He was a fantastic dog and I have very fond memories of him. He would have been a pedigree breeder's worst nightmare. Kiran is clearly a wonderful dog but equally would be dismissed by a pedigree breeder. Leaving aside all else that is wrong with pedigree breeding, that elitism really rubs me the wrong way.
  12. Lawgirl

    Frog sniffer dogs

    The same people have been using their dogs to survey fox activity in Warrnambool, Victoria, to help out the maremma dogs who guard the penguins.
  13. Lawgirl

    Frog sniffer dogs

    This came across my newsfeed - another interesting BC job. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-10/frog-detection-dog-program/9848392
  14. Recently in a Facebook BC group here in Australia, a lady asked for advice about her BC trying to "herd" her neighbour's dogs. She was fence running, and while fence running she would be impossible to distract or call away. This person was asking if this was something she would be worried about, mainly because the dog was wearing away the lawn next to the fence. I immediately said she needed to stop it as it was obsessive behaviour not "herding", as did a number of other people, however, more frightening was the number of people who said "you will never stop a BC from herding, it is in their DNA". Mindlessly and obsessively running along a fence is NOT HERDING! Rant over.
  15. OMG, this is the best way to start a Monday morning (where I am)! Hilarious! Kiran you brilliant boy!