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  1. well, we have three "rescue" collies - two BC and a smoothie, Glen (BC) was our first dog, after a year we had Tilly Glen was vile to Tilly for 2 days, growling and snapping but after she pounced on him in play hes been fine last thursday we went and did it again, hence "Maddie" (2 year old red BC) came into our world, we were told she was "food focused" but she has been fine, however Glen has been a pig again,and maddie and tilly had a couple of bad spats, tilly coming off worst (shes quite timid really) but now Glen is almost there, maddie nicks his toys, and maddie and tilly have shared a bed this afternoon (our bed, BTW) the three of them met 1st at the rescue centre (on leads) and were fine, around the house they walk around fine, glen insists on a little growl but hes a big dimbo and has generally accepted maddie, maybe we are mad, who cares, 3 dogs rescued, thats the point
  2. Entertaining TV, fiesty sheep, one dog was having none of it, face to face 2012 ISD trials Gower, wales We had it LIVE on TV....
  3. I asked our GB/UK "welsh sheepdog" expert if Tilly could posibly be a welsh sheep dog (as opp[osed to a collie) and he said more likely a smooth collie, but boy can she jump, i had to weld a 1ft extension on the gates cos madam cleared them with no run up, just BOIIIING and over she nudges form behind "lays down" and spots her prey, and can see a rook at 200 yds, but right now shes asleep on my bed...
  4. hi, your dog on the left in your signature is the spit of Glen!
  5. this morning - disaster - maddie pounced on tilley quite nastily, and had hold of her (tilley is quite timid), we think tilley woke maddie by (literally) sticking her nose in, however ive been out working and came back, maddie and tilly are besty mates, and all three came for a treat and sat next to each other glenn doesnt share toys, food or beds, everyone needs to understand that and all will be well...lol BTW, im tols Maddie isnt brown, shes officially red
  6. Soon be winter and our bedroom view will be like this again...
  7. ahh, well now..... 3 years ago we stumbled across Glastonbury (the town, not the pop/rock concert) and the town is full of, shall we say "interesting" shops (hippy/wicca/pagan/spiritual) and we were quite teaken with a few aspects, the music in the video is Egyption Ney (flute) music and many shops play these type of music - its quite relaxing, even for dogs if you search youtube for NEY MUSIC you will find plenty peace and light, blessed be.....as it were
  8. Today has been a better day, she isnt 100% house trained but shes had 2 walkies with the other two and no great probs, Glen always gets grumpy near bedtime (a 5 year old grumpy old man) so hes told her off a few times I spent the night in the spare bedroom as maddie decided my side of the marital bed suited her best
  9. bathed her today, she had to be trimmed at the rescue due to badly matted fur, shes all fluffy now one thing i hadnt realised before (well you dont do you) brown dogs have brown noses...lol
  10. They had her a week, and she came from another rescue after a week there, she appears fit and healthy, they had originally said she wasnt available for a week, I suppose only a scan would confirm it we had our last litter of pups 20 years ago (an accident when a dog got out) but the rescue said help was only a phone call away, im not bothered anway, the wife will do the midwifery...lol
  11. pssssss its 22.09 here Glen and Maddie are in thier baskets.........snoring I should point out that they all sleep in our bedroom....
  12. We actually renamed her in honour of Madeline East, a lady in County Donegal, Ireland who rescues animals, they have a problem with BC's - our 1st (Glen) came across from Ireland (actually all 3 of ours did), Madeline had Glen for 8 months (I think she couldnt let him go), luckily Glens paperwork came with an email for Madeline and now we are in contact via Facebook This is her FB community page Jessie dog rescue, Co Donegal
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