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  1. Weaves. Yes, yes absolutely I would normally be throwing a toy at the end to reward him, but my spouse videoing at the end of those poles REALLY would not have appreciated either the ball to the face or being tackled by Kiran Turning back to me in this case is actually what I wanted.
  2. Disc seminar, today. Photo taken by a friend, and credit goes to her (shared with permission, and left unnamed here also on purpose)
  3. "Not a mutant psycho" is my favorite description. All a border collie needs is an owner who will actually involve the dog in their life, and provide some kind of structured activity. That can be working sheep, it can be doing sports, it can be picking up trash, it can be helping with the laundry and playing ball in a structured way. The biggest difference between them and other breeds, in my limited experience, is that they desperately want to be involved. It doesn't have to be 'adavanced', it doesn't have to be ninety billion hours of exercise, they just want to CONNECT and be part of your life.
  4. You guys make me so happy. Also, have some video - early agility discrimination training
  5. I'm glad - and I'm glad you said so, because I sometimes feel like one of those obnoxious and overly proud parents who just can't stop gushing about their precious for 3 seconds. At least I'm self-aware? He makes me want to pull my hair out once in a blue moon, and he's certainly smart enough to occasionally train me (We have a game we play regularly, where he picks things up from the floor and hands them to me and I give him a piece of kibble or some attention. Yesterday morning it took me a couple of hours to realize that he wasn't bringing me little bits of fluff - he was tearing off individual tiny pieces from my kitchen sponge and bringing them to me) but he's just... a nice dog. All my dogs are nice dogs, of course. This one just managed to somehow hit being a nice dog who is also an absolutely perfect fit for me and what I wanted and expected and that, in my 40 years of dogs, is actually pretty damned rare.
  6. I called this 15 month old, teenage, intact, got a little foxhound in him puppy, off full out pursuit of a rabbit tonight. One recall cue, 180 degree turn and right back to me at the same speed he was chasing the rabbit. I have never been so proud of a dog in my life.
  7. CptJack

    Agility or Flyball in Southwest VA?

    I really wish there was something closer to you. You aren't the first person even from Abingdon I know that shows up at our trials and struggles to make the trip to get to the classes and training. Hopefully things will keep pushing SW and get better with time. Meanwhile, I know the agility trainers + others at every last one of those clubs. If you have any questions/want more information feel free to send me an email - or friend me on Facebook (Becky Pack - not my real last name but my dog/dog sports FB and lots of people chatting about things there and a good look at the community and people).
  8. CptJack

    Agility or Flyball in Southwest VA?

    Also dear god, I am not a fan of anyone calling themselves a balanced trainer and talking about corrections teaching agility, but that's just me. (Re: The place in Chillhowie). Much less someone teaching everything from Protection to Therapy Pets, and also I HATE the program that certifies "Master Dog Trainer" (Jump start your career in a profitable business!) But that's just me, you didn't ask, and I'm not going to say more about it. Besides a general 'agility is LARGELy about building enthusiasm and motivation, not being 100% correct, so talk about that/ask maybe'.
  9. CptJack

    Agility or Flyball in Southwest VA?

    http://allamericandogsports.com/ http://starcityk9training.com/class-schedule/ http://fieldofdreamsk9.com/
  10. CptJack

    Agility or Flyball in Southwest VA?

    II am originally from Russell County and live in Pulaski, now. And yeah, the closest options for you are going to be Blacksburg and Roanoke, unfortunately. Your very closest option for agility is All American Dog Sports in Blackburg, but there's also Star City and Field of Dreams in Roanoke. All American Dog Sports is probably your cheapest option, too (75.00/7 weeks of group classes) but those classes are all on week nights. I am pretty sure Star City does some on weekends. No idea about Field of Dreams. I don't know flyball well enough to say for sure which places, but the classes in Blacksburg only run about once a year. The ones in Roanoke seem to cycle more frequently.
  11. Well, those certainly aren't the *only* people he charms. He's a good boy! We went on a boat earlier this week. There were pictures and a little bit of video. Agility wise - he's coming along. Still WAAAAAY unbalanced toward handler focus and no clear idea what the heck the point of this game is, but he's happy and willing and I've no doubt he'll come along. He's only just now turning 15 months old. By the time we get his jumps up to height, I'm sure he'll be better about it.
  12. Oh and I guess maybe back on vague topic of dismissing: Yep, absolutely dismissed by pedigree breeders - and I'm sure some people who would poo-poo on him even in a sports type setting for being a mutt. It irritates me, but honestly his genes have been solicited more than any other dog I've ever owned, based soley on being a really nice dog with really good structure and it makes me laugh. Okay, makes me laugh and kind of smug in the general direction of snobs.
  13. He certainly raises a lot of interesting philosophical questions. One of the things I find most interesting about Kiran is that people in general gravitate toward him, but there is a certain subset of folks who really, really, cannot be overstated, *really* love him - and that subset is older (60+) who are either actively farming or ranching, used to farm or ranch, or who spent a lot of their lives on one (like grew up on one). It's at the point that I can almost predict the connection to the farm/ranch life before they say a thing, based just on how, and how much, they like him. To a one every one has said: 1-) Kiran reminds them of dogs they loved, 2-) You don't see many dogs like 'that' (him) around, anymore because 3-) that life and the dogs are both dying out. A talk with one someone who is actually A BC person wasn't surprised by the touch of Foxhound in him - because there are, apparently, some old, old, OLD, bloodlines being used on some of those farms, tracked and guarded and where pedigree and purity of breed or even breed did not matter at all. If it was a nice dog for what they wanted, there was no hesitation in using that dog or breeding it. Kiran's not a BC - clearly. He's slightly over half BC, but just not a border collie. I wouldn't claim he is, and I sure wouldn't claim he could do the work of, or work like, one, but I can say with absolute confidence that his parents are useful on the ranch, and that his brother is an excellent stock dog for the stock and farm he was bred to work. Kiran of course is just a nice dog. A really, really nice dog. He is just very, very, stable and sound, both physically and temperamentally. He is very self-assured. He doesn't have quirks, phobias, or obsessions; he doesn't even have concerns. He's very biddable, intelligent, and handler focused, but he isn't particularly soft. He's politely friendly with people and other animals, and adores kids, but they're no kind of distraction. He'd rather be doing stuff with me. He isn't specialized in any way. If you put a job in front of him, no matter what that job is, he's going to get it done. He may not do it with the flair and grace a more specialized dog would bring, but he WILL get it done. He has drive for days - work, interaction (with me, strangers he just... lies down when they try), food, toys, doesn't matter. His stamina is baffling, even by the standard of sports dogs. His ONLY two downfalls in general, but not for me, are that he is very much a loud-mouth, and that his off switch is occasionally still kind of shaky. In general though, he's just the quintessential, good-old boy, farm dog. I really, really, really like it and really, really wish the kind of breeding that produced him wasn't going the way of the dinosaurs. Picture since it's a photo thread (technically) and I wrote a freaking novel..
  14. Yeah, dock diving is going to be a thing.
  15. Spoon. No, seriously. SPOON.