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  1. CptJack

    Donald McCaig

    This makes me deeply sad. He will be missed.
  2. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    Thank you! If only I'd worked that out before reading 'he's not happy and confident ever' being used to justify why an ecollar is a great choice for this individual dog o.O But seriously, thank you. My blood pressure also thanks you. I want to be a helpful person but there's a point where ignorance becomes willful and I'm just freaking OUT.
  3. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    "It's not practical to carry treats, but I can t-totally slap on a special training collar and carry the remote." Training treats are used for... you know training stages, not forever. NO ONE I knows carries treats around everywhere they go with their dog. They take treats to training! If your dog won't take he treat, your dog is over threshold or you need to use another reward. The excuses you make here are ridiculous and make me sick for your poor, stressed out, shutting down miserable dog. You're lazy and going fast, easy and convenient for you and training with a trainer who isn't a hack would require either more money, more time, or more work. After people FOUND decent trainers close to you. Or you're brain washed by he snake oil salesmen and slick sales pitch. Either way, every video of your dog you can see that dog suffering and it's horrific. That isn't hyperbole. What's worse - you're 'converting' other people by being lazy and posting videos of your miserable dog. I wish this forum had an option for ignoring users. You are clearly going to do whatever you're going to do, and I can and will be avoiding going forward, but *EVERY TIME* I forget what this thread is about and check, see a video, I end up nauseated by watching this train wreck.
  4. CptJack

    Kiran agility thread

    Mostly! He wasn't stressed out or concerned about the environment. He just still has a whole lot of 'is this right? ' checking in. (What he's looking at in the picture is me) . It's largely a function of being very green. I will miss the heck out of those check ins and being careful in a year or so! And. Thanks everyone. Irene (photographer) does a wickedly good job.
  5. CptJack

    Kiran agility thread

    First professional trial photo. Scrawny ass
  6. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    I mean, I know dogs who look sad all the time. They still have body language independent of sad face.
  7. CptJack

    Abca lookup?

    This thread makes me sad (and frustrated), too, but. Thank you. I am very, very proud of that dog and I am glad you liked the video!
  8. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    Yeah. That video hurt me to watch. :/
  9. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    That's always a heck of a question, isn't it? I think most trainers I know, the really good ones, tend to have clients find *them*, long before they start charging people for their knowledge. Me? When I'm looking? I avoid the chains altogether and go looking for people who's own dogs are doing well and, for me, who have STUDENTS whose dogs are doing really well. But I don't trust chains further than I can throw them, and I trust pyramid schemes even less. This combines the worst of both with dogs in a way that sets my hair on end.
  10. CptJack

    Training with Wellington update

    https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/Former-Patriots-Player-Jerod-Mayos-Missing-Dog-Found-Dead-490164731.html Off leash k9 is a chain place using e-collars. They hire people who are barely trained and primarily make money through the sale of collars. I don't love the method but several trainers I respect a lot use e-collars so no problem there (though used on a fearful dog is pure stupidity), but this chain is terrible. Trainers aren't trained, much less capable of teaching someone else how to use the collars to train their dogs. That said, and in disclosure, this person was working for them but had this person's dog as a private client. Says something about who they'll hire, though!
  11. Yes, absolutely! With Kiran, I encourage interaction with others. He's not a therapy dog, and won't be (I don't have time to commit) but he is very, very confident - in himself and his sense of safety in he world. He's also very much a one person dog. So having other people have food or a toy so he'll interact with them. It often leaves them with the impression that he likes them and that can be very good for people. Reality is more like they're a food or, better, fetch dispenser, but there are times and places that him interacting is a thing I want. So handing them some food or a disc or ball so he'll play with them is good. But, as you said, he's neither fearful, unsure, or wary - nor is he overly 'magnetized' toward other people. Heck, my HUSBAND can't even do anything with him without food or toys immediately obvious and me obviously lacking them. Me? I've trained and proofed new behavior with praise, just to see if I could. Weird. Cool! But weird. But really really really not a thing I'd do with a dog who wasn't rock solid OR a social butterfly type dog.
  12. CptJack

    Wearing a coat

    When I use coats depends on the dog and dogs condition (and natural coat) as stated but also what they're doing. Running around and active it has to be very cold - single digits cold. Crated at a dog trial for several hours - so not moving around much at all? I'll smack coats on at 40-45 degrees. Those temps being ones they would be ENTIRELY comfortable, even overly warm being very active in.
  13. I can't give you an article, but I can tell you that is exactly what happened with Kylie (non-BC). She was a shy puppy - not fearful or bad but why. We did the 'have people feed her' thing for a while. The people invariably pet her. She quickly stopped going to them for treats because *she did not want pet* way more than a treat to overcome. Switching order - approach/pet/treat did not work either - didn't want the treat enough to tolerate he petting. And really it's that simple . IF the dog really dislikes what the treat predicts a lot, it's not going to change their CER on the strangers/touching. And. I don't know if you've run into this one but if the dog is highly driven by what is there/the stranger is offering but is still afraid, you can also have a scenario where the dog is baited in much closer than they'd choose to be to get the treat. Once that is gone, they are closer than they want to be and can freak out and, yeah, bite to create the distance they would have STAYED at , had the food not motivated them to get closer. Strangers throwing food or throwing a toy (toward the dog but AWAY from themselves) is much preferable to me with dogs who are unsure of stranger interaction. Dogs who are confident and happy about it- well. The interaction is rewarding and they don't need more reinforcement of it, anyway, so I don't bother.
  14. CptJack

    Kiran agility thread

    Oh thank goodness! And yeah, I don't much care about perfect, especially with him. I want more happy confidence in the ring, and that's about ALL I will care about for at least 6 months. At little less trying to be good and a little more yay.
  15. CptJack

    Kiran agility thread

    And of course that's a download. I can't even upload again because it's the same video. I did check. It's listed as public :/ Blah