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  1. Nothing too special just general and acceptable dog behavior. Also I am talking about the larger doodle breeds Aidan has met or we have seen in action with other dogs.
  2. I think this post explains a lot of the problems with the ones we have unluckily met over Aidan's first three years and a lot of the problems we have seen with these dogs in action in general. I am not saying there are not any good ones out there. But we have not met or seen them yet.
  3. I have not met yet a doodle, oodle or noodle I have been impressed with.
  4. At first I tried to explain and reason with them about the Border Collies individual differences. Now I just tune them out and as soon I can walk away. They are really not worth the time or the effort. Also our Aidan sounds like your Celt... he has the "longer legs" and a "medium rough coat". He also has been called a "part greyhound" in a nice way at a 'Running of the Hounds' a local Greyhound event to support rescued retired racing Greyhounds. At their annual event they set-up a short sprint course of about 25 yards for the dogs to run in. The fastest on the course was a Greyhound at 27 mph.... Aidan was not that far behind at 22 mph. He was then also accused of being a Greyhound wearing a Border Collie coat.
  5. I meet Border Collie snobs all the time here. The funny thing is they do not now or never have owned a Border Collie. The Border Collie owners that I have met almost all seem to know that Border Collies do come in different sizes, colors and coat length. Someday I am sure I will meet a Border Collie snob with a Border Collie.... so far I have been very lucky.
  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing also for a great New Year for all of you.
  7. Very enjoyable and very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  8. The best Christmas card I have seen this year, very cute.
  9. Great story and a great dog. Happy Gotcha Day, Daniel. :)/>/>
  10. Aidan


    In this way Buster will live on to inspire and help others. A great way for a dog to be remembered. Sorry for your loss and Godspeed.. Buster.
  11. Cute pictures and it does look like a lot of fun for them. Our old Border Collie loved the stuff to play in when she had the chance, hopefully Aidan will too.
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