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  1. I know many of you have had your dogs from pups and have seen them grow up. This is something I am really loving to be able to do with my collie Misha. I do have some questions though. I am not sure if they are breed-related, but maybe someone could give out some suggestions or pointers? Misha is a really good dog......about 20% of the time. She has so much energy and drive that sometimes it's really hard just to run her down at all. We do try to wear her out all day but she seems agressive many times during the day. What is this? True aggression? Dominance? She nips and snaps at our feet, lunges at our faces and all out growls and snarls like a beast from hell. Being about 10 weeks, this is a little daunting. I mean, I've never really had a dog before. I want to do what I can to make her happy and bring her up well, but I wonder if I am doing something wrong. Are most border collies like that as puppies? She's real good at going to the bathroom outside, but, at times, she will do something wrong just to do it wrong. She's a dog, I'm a human, got that. I swear this dog seems to think beyond me, though! She watches constantly and does whatever it is that pleases her. Which is fine many times, but there are things that by now she knows is off limits, but does them anyway (i.e. biting feet and hands, being on the couch, not wanting to sit before being fed). What really, is the best way to discipline a dog? Do you know when it's needed? I feel strongly I have to get this right. I love my girl and I love this breed. I'll do what it takes and I really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you all. With love, Bri and Misha
  2. Hello, I'm new! So far I'm really enjoying being here.

  3. Thank you very much! I am enjoying looking at everyone's dogs. I appreciate the welcome.
  4. First off, I wanted to make an introduction here. My name is Brianna and my Border Collie is Misha and I really hope to be spending quite a bit of time learning all I can about this breed and from those who have had them many years. I really think and hope that this is a great place to start, for both me and her. I have to say one thing first and foremost, I truly and honestly respect what so many of you are doing, preserving the true nature of Border Collies and their history. It's quite a magnificent thing to see in a world where old values matter little. To be truthful, I didn't mean to get quite so caught up in controversy as I seem to have with this breed. Being as this is my first dog, I did not realize how much a group may be passionate about a breed and what happens to it. It was both surprising and revealing to learn of the AKC issues and it ultimately led me here, to people wanting borders to be what they are. I was even surprised by how much the breed reminded me of myself: hard-working and devoted, not to mention high-energy, haha. I want to do best by Misha. I don't think I have ever read so much in my life! I am entranced by these dogs and their history. I find my girl fascinating, as well as the stories I'd been reading as I waited for this account to be validated. My dear pup comes from cattledog stock, her parents were used mostly to herd cattle on the ranch she was born on, but seeing as the breeder also has sheep and horses, I am hoping she will adjust well to other livestock. I hope I am not too old to start learning how to do trials or even agility trials, depending on what suits her best (as well as I!). If anyone knows a good place to start or go in Oklahoma, that'd be great. For now, Misha has some growing up to do, so I'll keep those grandiose thoughts to myself. Any books, sites, and other media I can get my hands on that you can recommend would be wonderful. Misha is too young yet to begin any serious training, but it's always good to know where to go. Either way yet, I'll do my best to listen and learn well from all of you. It's obvious the pair of us have a way to go yet. I included some pictures of my dog.
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