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  1. Yea I found out I can get really clear close ups w/ my new camera set on the flower setting, so was annoying the dog by just snapping parts of her...she puts up with so much lol.
  2. I was having fun with my camera. Feel free to add your 'parts of a dog' pics! 2 Ears 2 eyes 1 nose 4 feet 1 tail and a body of course, but pics of that look funny lol.
  3. Hmm I'm starting to lean toward the rescue route - and right now it looks like finding a 'Texas Heeler' won't be too difficult (I checked on Petfinder and found quite a few young male BC/ACD mixes). I have looked at mals but I really do need a dog with an off switch - the ones I have met were usually a little over the top. Do you know if hip dysplasia is more prevalent in mals than BCs or ACDs? That's one of my main concerns with a larger breed especially. I did work with a fabulous mal at the dog daycare where I worked and he's one reason why they are still in the back of my mind as a performance dog. He was technically owned by my boss, but spent all of his time in a kennel unless I let him out. I actually was able to teach him the English words for basic obedience since he was trained in German (schutzhund work), and I actually had approached my parents about adopting him. He was a big guy though - prob about 80lbs - and already 2 or 3, I can't imagine the energy needs at 6 mo or a year lol. How do they compare to BCs anyway?
  4. Here's the link to one of the dogs at the shelter that got me thinking - I think he's prob BC/ACD personally given the build and markings. http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=2&...w=0&tmpl=&stat= Wish I wasn't still in school cause he sounds like a great boy.
  5. Thanks for the input thus far everyone! I too was leaning toward the ACD (leggy version, no 'show' dogs for me) or a BC. I love shepherds and AmStaffs, but they will probably be my 'family' dogs down the road. My current girl was adopted at 11 mo and although she herds more like a BC than an ACD, I think she's prob a mix of the two. I think I may try to rescue another ACD/BC mix for my next dog - I can't choose between the two breeds and I don't really want to be like everyone else running a BC in agility lol. I would love to raise a pup cause I really miss not knowing Maggie as a baby pup, but I think for performance it might be better to look at dogs b/n 6mo and 1 yo since they're still young, but old enough to see some of their adult build and personality like someone mentioned earlier. More thoughts are always welcome!
  6. Thought I would get your opinions on where I should look for my next performance dog (agility for sure, possibly flyball, rally, herding, etc.). I've narrowed breeds down to German Shepherd, Border Collie, AmStaff, or Australian Cattle Dog so far and I know I want a male. My current girl is a BC, possibly mixed with cattle dog. There are two adolescent ACD (and/or BC) mixes at the local shelter that could be promising and I know BC rescue gets a lot of potential performance dogs too. I hesitate to get a GSD or AmStaff from rescue for performance due to the structural problems in GSD and dog aggression in AmStaffs. I found a great breeder of AmStaffs who I've been talking with and I could probably get a pup from her in the next few years that has parents with health cerfs and low incidence of dog aggression. My uncle breeds good GSDs, but I don't know if hhis dogs' temperament is suitable for a working situation (much calmer, lower drive I think). I could find a good pup from BC working lines too I'm sure - never a breeder of strictly agility or conformation dogs of course. I had my heart set on a baby pup, but those two cattle dog teenagers are awfully tempting. Can you all give me some things to think about when it comes to shelter animals vs. breeder animals in this situation? What about adolescents vs. baby pups? Thanks!
  7. No pics or video of our runs yet, but here are some photos my friend took while we were waiting. Maggie qualified in two 'games' runs: Gamblers and Snookers, but was too slow in standard. We run in USDAA btw. Mags and I Maggie smiling Tired Dog Waiting for a treat lol
  8. Yea we are truly blessed - the park is 20 mins away from the house, only charges admission on Fri thru Sun and is ever expanding, all while being low traffic. The bike trail we rollerblade on there is currently 2.5 miles long one way, but will eveentually be 5.2 miles one way, so it should help with our endurance lol. BTW, Prophetstown is located near Battleground, IN, just a few miles outside West Lafayette if anyone in the area wanted to check it out.
  9. View from the trail Ghostly dog Profile at sunset Headed Home - "Do we have to?"
  10. Here's a few pics I took while Maggie and I were exploring a new trail at the state park near me. If anyone lives in Northern Indiana, check out Prophetstown State Park - these are all from Trail 1 and the park itself is new so it's still a hidden treasure. Trail Head "Come on! Why do we have to stop?" Dog on a mission "I'm soo beautiful and the sun makes my fur look fabulous!" Continued in the next post...
  11. One thing I do when training different sports at the same time is use a physical cue - in my case it's usually a collar. Maggie knows that when she's on a slip lead or her light weight snap collar we will be doing agility stuff, when she wears her 1.5" wide padded collar it's rollerblading and she can pull if she wants, her plain ID collar is just for walks and short trips, and her cushioned prong or limited slip collar is for working in public places or running with me. Maggie also knows that when she's wearing a vest she's 'on duty' as a therapy dog so she moderates her behavior then as well. If your dog has a special vest or collar for SAR I think that in and of itself will cue him into the different way of working on equipment.
  12. What about bringing him to work and leaving him crated in the car? If it's nice out you shouldn't have to worry about temperature dangers, you can take him out on breaks and lunch to work a bit, he learns to settle in a small area, and you know exactly what he's up to. Just make sure you get a super strong crate for him so you don't lose a car in the process - Kennel Aire makes some nice wire ones, but an airline crate contained my crate escape artist girl. HTH, I agree that he needs more exercise for sure - do you have hills for him to fetch balls up? That would be more of a work out than on the flat.
  13. Ok here's a pic of Mags in her 'nest' in my room - this is what happens when you steal the dog's crate to serve as a kitten foster cage. lol
  14. Maggie doesn't usually show her teeth in pleasure unless I'm scratching just the right spot - then she lifts one side of her lips and shows just one canine; haven't caught that on film yet lol. Here's one of the faces I see when she is intent on something in the distance she isn't allowed to investigate - in this case it was three deer about 800 feet away!
  15. Lol leave it up to a dog person to notice Gryffin, my parents' Rottie mix.
  16. I had October Break this past weekend and my boyfriend, Scott, came home with me. I snapped this pic Saturday night and just had to share - it's my new favorite pic.
  17. Just another 2 cents on the genetic basis for bad temperaments... My girl Maggie went through 3 other homes before she came to live with me at 11 mo. I have no idea what her life was like before I got her, but I think the worst thing that happened to her was probably a fight with another dog and lack of socialization, no actual physical abuse. I think Mags maybe slightly genetically fearful, but she is not dangerous. This dog that used to literally flip out when surrounded by more than 4 people spent a weekend with 50 kids, much of the time with 5 to 10 petting and hugging her at once. She has her CGC and is a therapy dog (her certification was renewed this year). Even at her worst, Maggie would nip (no actual contact) at fast moving strangers and react to dogs, but she has never bitten - the closest she's come to that was when I stuck my arm out to block her from snapping at another dog: I got a small scrape before she swung her head away after realizing she had touched my skin. I've volunteered at a shelter for 6 years and I have seen 12 week old puppies resource guarding so seriously that they offered multiple hard bites on a test hand! There is are differences in genetic temperament and we need to be careful not to lump all genetically fearful dogs into the same catagory as those who are more predisposed to a serious bite. Yes any temperament faults that are genetic should be bred away from, but making sweeping generalizations can be pretty bad as well. Not all fearful dogs are born that way or were abused or can/cannot be trained or will bite - the bottom line is to know *your* dog and what they are capable and to take that into consideration when/if you breed.
  18. Here's Maggie at home after her first long weekend of work!
  19. Maggie went over to a friend's house with me last night and they have a new kitten. She was doing great, especially since the kitten was scared of her. By the end of the night he was brave enough to slink up to Mags and play with her tail. She ignored him until he decided to see what would happen if he bit her tail! Needless to say she kept a good eye on him after that lol.
  20. Glad to hear that things are looking good for Tib!
  21. I think her eyes are either going to stay blue or turn green...the centers are more green than the outside edges. I like Noiree, but it seems a bit long. I'm starting to lean toward Lexus (she's a compact kitty that likes going fast andtaking quick turns lol). I've also considered Onyx and Ebony, also Sephora.
  22. Well I picked up my foster kitten today - she's 4 weeks old, black, and very loud! Maggie is fascinated and won't leave the crate the kitten stays in alone; luckily it's in a room where I can shut the door lol. Here are some pics I took a little bit ago that I thought you all might get a kick out of. And a cute pic of the kitten herself (I need a name lol):
  23. Maggie is about 6 yo....when I'm out with her most people think she's only a pup lol.
  24. So I have wanted to post pics of my girl for ages, but never got around to figuring out how until now. Enjoy!
  25. Maggie has never actually run out of the ring, but it has been quite close. My parents aren't such an issue now since I'm at college and Maggie stays and works with me, but my bf, now that's another story! The last trial we were at I looked at the course and found a place for him to stand that wouldn't distract her off course, but would instead cause her to go faster at a key point. It worked well, but I also was very aware for the potential for an off course, so we worked on attention and tricks for about 20 mins before our run w/o my bf nearby. HTH
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