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  1. Prongs have their place, but I don't think a collar or harness will help if the dog is sniffing as much as a halter that controls the nose can in this situation. I consider prongs more for dogs that are too strong for the harnesses and hate having things on their noses; my parents' rott mix is just one of these dogs lol.
  2. Since you are recovering from an injury, perhaps a head halter might be a good investment to prevent the behavior while retraining it. The head halter will help with the sniffing as a front lead harness, also good for plain pulling, can't. If you go this route, get help fitting the halter and be sure to introduce it slowly and with lots of rewards. It worked well for my girl, but I made sure it was comfy and she didn't wear it on a walk until I was sure she was ok w/ it. I used to like the Gentle Leader, but the narrow nose band seems to cause more problems than the old wider version did, so I find halties and BeBop USA halters are more comfortable; if you use the halti, be sure to clip it to the collar too as a dog can back out of it and get loose if you don't. HTH
  3. Just did some snooping and the ACHC is connected to the "American Pet Registry" an up and coming puppy mill registry...why am I not surprised?
  4. What about a Vitamin E deficiency? I remember hearing in my animal nutrition class last semester that a Vit. E deficiency can mimic Selenium problems.
  5. Ok this is just sick and twisted...from the BorderFame website at http://www.borderfame.com/index2.htm Herding? Not a single dog in their line appears to even have an AKC herding title or even an Instinct Test!!! Sounds like they want a black and white golden to me - not that I'm cynical or anything! It is interesting that they list links to the USBCC, USBCHA, and ISDS on their links page...
  6. Ick! Is it me or does that topline look like its slanting? Please don't tell me the Barbie Collies are going to end up looking like those gimpy American showline german shepherds!
  7. Mr. Snappy - did you know the bcbordercollies.com site is down? All that comes up is a generic base page from some web service.
  8. I love how it has that 'antique' picture look to it, and Solo looks so wise.
  9. Be careful about jumping into kibble for now - I'd prob stay w/ the boiled chicken, rice, pumpkin mix for a few more days until the stools are solid since food changes, especially to a processed food can be rough on a sensitive stomach.
  10. Maggie doesn't know why I'm sitting at the computer crying....such beautiful dogs!
  11. I agree that much of the OP's original concern is related to "puppy stuff" but there is no reason to criticize him for seeking a greater understanding of his puppy's behavior. Leadership for dogs is great as well, but I would highly disagree with you on the restriction in puppies in the bedroom and the modified alpha roll you describe. These techniques, especially the rolling, are outdated and unnecessary for a normal puppy. A benevolent leadership program, where the dog must work before getting attention, food, or other resources works much better and does not have the potential to damage the dog-owner relationship. As a trainer I would NEVER suggest anything that could cause fear - alpha rolling can do just that depending on how it is implemented and describing the action on a message board lends itself to inappropriate application. The best way to teach others, whether dogs or people, is through positive reinforcement - please consider that when replying to posts. Thanks!
  12. Aww so cute - I love doggies in motion. It looks like Rufus wasn't too sure about the big wooly things. How'd he do?
  13. For my agility go outs I took advantage of my dog's 'space bubble' - when she got too close, I would turn into her (not touching her just blocking w/ my body) and she would be forced to go further away from me. I started adding a cue when the swerve was going well and now she knows that 'get out' means 'go away from me and take another obstacle'. So far it's working well in Gamblers, which requires the dog to work away from the handler for part of the course. I think it worked great for Maggie since she does have a space bubble and does tend to want to work away from me but thought I wanted her close. Don't know if this would work w/ frisbee, but figured I would add my 2 cents.
  14. Aww so cute! I wish my dog and my parents' dog would sit still long enough to catch such a pic.
  15. It depends a lot on the dog; my girl is highly sensitive to movement and if she sees a rabbit is gone, despite all the training we have done. Squirrels she can ignore if I catch her attention before she's taken off after them. In the city I would not trust a dog off lead unless you have spent a lot of time working on obedience and such - there are too many cars and one slip can end tragically.
  16. I guess I'm just lucky - Maggie *knock on wood* very rarely knocks bars; I think it's been at least 4 or 6 months since she knocked one in practice and only once in the past 4 years has she knocked a bar in competition! She is very accurate in general - I just wish she could pick the speed up at the same time lol.
  17. Yea Mags has a ton of force when she pulls, but more often than not I get the same look Natalie mentioned - "sheesh you're lazy! do your own work" - now if only I could get a bunny to run out front.....
  18. You know, any dog can be used in skijoring (dog harnessed to person on skis) with the proper equipment. Maggie and I are working on skatejoring (dog w/ rollerblader) and canicross (dog w/ runner) since we don't have that much snow - I'm ordering her a new harness next week actually. Here are the links to two versions of the harness I like: http://alpineoutfitters.net/Secure/Scripts...p?idproduct=155 http://www.howlingdogalaska.com/GuardHarnessPage.htm I have a belt and towline from another company: http://www.gearfordogs.com/pages/Skijoring_Gear.shtml A google search for skijoring will come up w/ lots of good info, as will a search for canicross.
  19. Aww! Here's my girl - probably also a BC/ACD cross. She's about 6.5 yo and 33lbs right now.
  20. Barb, I don't know what exactly you're thinking Miztiki means, but the way I interpret her comment (and NILIF) is more along the lines of teaching the dog to say "please". My dog eats in peace, but she must sit nicely before she gets her food, just as I was taught to wait until everyone at the table was served before I began eating my dinner.
  21. One of the best ways to work with kids and a dog on 'no bite' is to tell the kids it's a game - if the puppy nips then they are to see how fast they can stop running and be a tree. They can even make it a contest, kind of like 'red light, green light' or 'mother may I?' By having them stop running and ignore the puppy, they will learn how to behave with a dog and the pup will learn the fun stops when she nips. On the tug game - if you play tug it must be with clear rules, so little kids should not attempt it. The rules I use are: I start and end the game when I want and you must drop the toy when I ask. To prevent issues between the pup and the kids, have them help w/ obedience training by asking for sits, downs, and come - this should teach her to listen to everyone and makes the kids feel special too. Also make sure the pup can get away from the boys - a crate that is strictly for the dog and that the boys are instructed and prevented from accessing is a good solution.
  22. The search function is on the msg boards in the upper right corner under the "post new topic" button if you can't find it!
  23. I highly recommend NILIF now that I hear about how he reacts to your other dog - this is a puppy that is basically screaming for a leader; if you don't take this role he might, and little tyrants are no fun for all involved. I'm glad it sounds like he's getting more exercise - that should help some for sure and its good for people and dogs alike. Congrats on the walking well on leash part too - that's one of the toughest skills for pups to master I have to say. How much training time does he get btw? What does that involve? Sometimes brainwork will tire a pup out way faster than physical exercise alone.
  24. I think it sounds like your pup needs more exercise (both mental and physical) and more leadership on your part. If you do crate him a lot, but he keeps you up at night, have you tried taking him on a nice long walk before bed? How about playing fetch right before his last time outside to go potty (pups need to go out after playing so this might help the housetraining and the energy level). How much exercise a day does Jake get? What type (play in the yard, fetch, walks, with other dogs, etc.)? How much training? Is Jake on a Nothing in Life is Free program where he is asked to 'work' for food, toys, petting, and anything else he enjoys by performing simple commands (i.e. sit, down, come, etc.)? If not I would highly recommend it. A search for NILIF on the "general" board should get you some more info on the program. What do you mean by being 'aggressive' with other dogs? Often puppies play rough w/ adults and when they start adolescence, the adults start correcting their unruly behavior. Has he had much chance to interact w/ dogs other than your own? This might be advisable if you can find a stable dog that is willing to discipline a pup appropriately - some dogs just put up with it, so it won't show him he's being rude. I actually "rent" my BC out to puppy owners - my friend had a 7 mo hound mix that loved playfully beating up other dogs and wouldn't stop even if the other dog tried to get away, so Maggie got to work with him; after a few "How dare you touch me you little worm" (snarly, slight chase, some body blocking) reactions from my girl, he started to play appropriately. Now they are best friends and he will read her signals accurately and respect them. HTH
  25. On the licking/nibbling: Try to yelp when your pup's teeth touch skin, stand up, and withdraw attention for 30 seconds - this would mimic the reaction of other dogs who don't like pups who bite too hard and really seems to get the point across. Be sure not to give attention of any sort, even saying "No", until the pup is not mouthing. On food: Eukanuba is really not worth the price - if you feed kibble you'd want to go with a better brand - I feed Eagle Pack Holistic, Prairie, California Natural, and Innova in rotation. Some people have success w/ raw feeding or home cooked diets as well. Do a search on dog food and/or raw for lots more info on the subject. There are two posts in the general section on raw feeding currently.
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