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  1. I agree w/ the moving suggestions, however...be absolutely SURE that you can live and share space and dog care w/ any future roomies. I had a horrible situation freshman year (lived off campus) w/ a roomie and her dog I thought would be ok. Bottom line was that she and I had radically different ways of working with dogs and what we found acceptable canine behavior and along w/ some other household care issues, it resulted in my then roomie moving out mid-year and breaking her lease to do it. Trust your gut whatever you do - I would've saved myself a lot of grief if I had done that then.
  2. He He I love Macs. My fiancee is a PC person, though he likes Linux so is not quite locked into the status quo. My current puter is a G4 - I love how it works and the picture stuff is a bonus lol. I've noticed that people w/ Macs can flex a ton more when it comes to switching b/n Macs and PCs, but it doesn't usually go as well if you start w/ a PC...there tends to be more cursing! Have fun w/ your new acquisition!
  3. Since Shep is being treated by Dr. Overall as I understand, I won't give any suggestions, since she is *much* more skilled than I am lol, however, I did want to mention that if properly introduced, a muzzle can decrease anxiety or at least not escalate it. The key is to use the muzzle when good things happen before using it when it is truly needed so the association is a positive rather than a negative one. Also, have you talked to Dr. Overall about trying to desensitive Shep to the vet so at least his anxiety is a bit delayed? Does he ever go to the vet for a "meet and greet" with treats and no procedures?
  4. Did your vet say no water? I would check on that; I've never heard of restricting water for that long before surgery, but maybe they have their reasons? Something to check on for sure.
  5. Yup I know what you mean...this is what Maggie and my parents' dog do when I go home:
  6. RABBITS!! Yea the real ones I now have three rabbit skins that I bought just so I can make a fur tuggie and a few small stuffies. Maggie also has this stuffed fish that she loves - it makes bubble sounds when she chomps on it. Her kong is only a hit if it is filled. lol She's one of the few BCs who thinks that frisbees and balls are boring and will only tug on occasion.
  7. Wow what a neat thread! I have an aquaintance who is Wiccan and I always wondered what that really meant, so you all have def helped me learn some new things. Personally I've found it hard to find a church that seems to fit. My family attends a Unity church (not Unitarian, just Unity) and that's where I feel most comfortable, but there are none near where I go to school. I am looking forward to this summer as it looks like I'll be near a few churches and that will be fun to check out. Unity is kind of a hybrid I think - it's technically Christian but brings in a lot of pieces from other religions. The thing that seems to draw me most is the idea of "Spirit" rather - Spirit is mother-father-god and encompasses all things really. Unity also holds that Heaven and Hell are both states of mind that you create for yourself and that reincarnation is possible but not necessarily an absolute - it's pretty much up to you, at least as I understand it. One of the really neat things about Unity is that we do a lot of meditation and affirmation stuff - it was kinda odd for me at first, but now I find that I start missing the meditations most, although my yoga class is starting to meet that need. I'm a much more positive thinker now too I think, which is always a good thing imo. I find it sooo interesting to hear from all sorts of veiwpoints in this type of discussion; it really makes you think about your beliefs and the ideas/assumptions behind them I think and also reevaluate your interactions and feelings toward others that share the earth with us. Thanks all for the insight and knowledge!
  8. I don't know if I can be much help since I don't have a teeter at home, but I did have a teeter phobic dog. I would go with the 12 ft if at all possible - maybe just buy a base to pick up and then have hubby pick up a 12ft board somewhere closer to home? The reason I say this is that there's the mantra you hear a lot: Train like you compete, compete like you train and also because I think that the different angle and tipping point could indeed throw a dog off in the ring. Maggie was very able to tell differences in teeters when we were working through her fear of them and I think the same could be true for your girl. Maggie still knows *exactly* where her tipping point is and will stop there (what I've taught her to do to prevent fly offs); if she had practiced on a different length that point could be quite different and thus cause problems.
  9. OMG I loved that movie as well and have been meaning to recommend it on the board - you beat me to it! And I heartily agree on your warning...that movie was one of the most moving I have EVER seen.
  10. I have to say I never see myself having a small companion type or terrier type (excepting jack russells and papillions) - the only dogs that have tried to bite me were little nasty terrier mixes or dogs less than 15lbs. I wish Maggie could go everywhere like the little dogs can if they fit in one of those dog purses.
  11. Hmm is the funny ruff of neck fur an ACD/BC cross thing? Maggie's chest looks similar, though in a different color lol.
  12. Sue's advice is GREAT! I was just about to suggest the same things. One note - with fearful dogs, sometimes you have to be the one feeding treats, not strangers if she won't approach. This is fine - if you only allow her to get treats from strangers despite extreme fear you could end up with a dog that is still concerned about people but will approach for food, setting you up for a bite if the person does something unexpected. You want her to be calm on approach first. HTH
  13. Umm actually the original is under the 'how to post pictures' heading...the last three posts or so I think.
  14. Yea the holistic vet thinks he needs the chlorophyll because he has some deep seated ear issues and she thinks it'll help some. She mentioned growing wheatgrass as well, but my mom doesn't want to deal with all that - it's easier to mash up green beans and peas. Too bad Snap can't go out and catch his own toothbrushes (ie voles and mice); the vet suggested beef heart in addition to the other stuff we've been adding - I wonder if the tougher cardiac muscles can clean teeth? Snap is on a taurine supplement; we're using a recipe from Pitcairn's book actually because I'm super concerned about getting all the right nutrients and balances of stuff now that I'm taking an animal nutrition course.
  15. Well the vet thinks Snap needs the chlorophyll in the green veggies, hence the addition. I like the muffin tin idea too btw! Sounds quite handy. So NB venison/pea kibble doesn't have grain or poultry? Hmmm might have to see if we can locate that - the vet said kibble was ok if it didn't have grains, but the only type I knew of was Evo and that def has poultry in it. Thanks for the idea!
  16. I know several of you have cats on raw or homecooked diets and a lot more have dogs on such diets, so I hope you can help. My mom just called to report that the holistic vet thinks we need to put our cat on a raw or homecooked diet. Right now we feed some Wellness kibble and a beef/oatmeal mix, but the vet is having us drop the Wellness and add green veggies to the beef mix. This is all well and good, but my mom has two questions: 1. How do you prepare the veggies? The vet said to buy baby food (expensive) or overcook the veggies and grind them up; I thought it was ok to just grind them, so do they need to be cooked for good digestion? Anything that saves time but still is healthy is ideal lol. 2. What can we feed the cat to keep his teeth clean? He has bad teeth but is allergic to poultry we think so we can't feed necks or backs from chicken or turkey and the vet had no suggestions there. Would lamb ribs/necks be soft enough? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  17. Maggie is approaching the 7 yo mark, so I am even more on the look out for any odd things that could signal a health problem than usual. Recently I've noticed two things that make me wonder, not enough to really concern me, but I figured I'd see if anyone else has any ideas what might be going on. In the last month or so, Maggie has started coughing a bit when she pulls on her collar, even with just a little force - it sounds just like a dog that is pulling with all its might against the leash, but she isn't. Generally she makes the coughing sound while there is pressure on the lead, but it stops when she loosens it a bit more, and it doesn't happen every time she pulls a bit, just ocassionally. Also, she seems a lot more intent on getting fed - she used to be very laid back about feeding times, only getting hyped when she saw the bowl and heard the food bag, but now she'll actually try to get me to go into the dog room to feed her hours before I usually do. She's even walked up to me, whined, then walked to the dog room door a few times, which she has never done before. She still gets 3/4 to 1 cup of food two times a day, and though I did switch her food to Prairie from EP Holistic a few weeks ago the behavior seemed to start slightly before the switch, she's even getting less exercise than before the behavior started as well. I still don't give in to her whining and looks, and she is fed around the same time every day. She has to sit for her food and look at me before being allowed to eat as well - all of this has been in place for years! Any idea of what might be going on with one or both of these strange things? Anything I should be really concerned about? I'm planning on talking to the vet about this stuff in April when she goes in for her DA2PP vaccine.
  18. Hmm never really thought about that, but when I quicked Maggie right before an agility competition I used clear nail polish to protect the tender spot and it worked quite well - no signs of soreness at all after our runs. Perhaps you could use the nail polish that's designed to strengthen human nails?
  19. LOL...I dislike having my dogs in the bathroom with me, tho it does ocassionally happen if I don't close the door tightly, in which case Maggie is instructed to close the door herself which she'll do willingly before assuming a sit or down stay in the corner.
  20. If you have a clicker nearby and can catch something you like, go for it! I use a verbal marker so that I can always catch things I like.
  21. I worked with shelter dogs on a pilot dog training program for a semester - treats were the primary reinforcer, but not a lure or bribe so they never seemed to require the food to be there to do a learned behavior. There were a few dogs I used toys with, and one little beagle mix that would only work to run with me, nothing else! That dog was a smartie and learned fast when I figured out what she liked. My BC is on a variable schedule of reinforcement for learned behaviors, with a higher rate for tougher situations or learning new tricks. She is primarily food motivated, but we do use life rewards like walks and sometimes toys depending on the situation.
  22. The clicker SD list is OC-Assist-Dogs at yahoo - they are GREAT. Miztiki's suggestions of the teamwork books are good - very good for people w/ disabilities that are training their own dogs since they break down tasks pretty well. The How of Bow Wow video and the rest in the series are also awesome.
  23. My Maggie was about 32lbs at 11 mo, she's 6 yo, 18.5" and 33.5lbs now.
  24. Just thought I would share the cute pics I took of Scott (fiance) and my girl...she loves him as you can see. I do too. I think he's finally getting used to me taking pics of him - I actually caught him smiling in one last nite (posted here) and he never seems to smile for pics! Scott and Maggie just hanging out while I study for my nutrition exam: Scott playing the "Got your Nose" game w/ Maggie (he tries to grab her nose and she just looks at him funny lol):
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