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  1. Z and I luuurve Snooker as well - you've gotten some great explanations above so I'll defer to those, but I highly second the suggestion to find someone in the walk thrus to give you the run down. IME USDAA competitors are *very* willing to help newbies, especially in Starters, so don't hesitate to ask for help. The judges in Starters are also generally quite happy to clarify as needed. Everyone remembers what it was like to be in your shoes!
  2. She doesn't need ACK to compete in stuff. There have been plenty of discussions about all the various venues for things - perhaps forward those links on to her? Or she could register her dog through the new mixed breed scheme ACK put out if she just can't live without competing in their stuff. (gag - sorry I think the mixed breed program is crap) eta - I just reread some of the prior posts - is she interested in ACK herding or other stuff like agility, obed., etc - I'm confused.
  3. That is so awesome! Paws crossed for you and the new addition's future together, especially the SAR part!
  4. Along with Olivia's warning - there are rubber stick toys available now if you want to stick with sticks.
  5. Therapy work is great for the right dog and handler, same with SAR - I've done both (6 years as a Delta Society Pet Partner team with Maggie, and 9 months in SAR training with Z). Therapy work is fun, but takes someone who isn't just going to be the anchor at the end of the leash and a dog that truly enjoys interaction with strangers and is steady in all sorts of crazy situations. SAR is a HUGE commitment of time and money and there's always the risk that you or your dog may not make the cut - lives are at stake so standards are very high. Agility is also a great possibility - most dogs grow out of the clumsy phase and you can use whatever motivates your dog as a reward, be it sticks, food, etc. You can just do it for fun or compete, whichever you'd enjoy most. I'm an agility addict myself (started with Maggie in 2001 and haven't stopped yet lol). Tricks are always fun, especially when you can wow people at the park or a local tricks event. I've taught Maggie some service dog tasks - I can't use her legally since I don't have a disability, but they are handy around the house (closing and opening doors, retrieving stuff, etc.).
  6. Me three. Adolescence is such a great time to take advantage of a developing brain. Adolescents often have the most personality and inquisitiveness at that time, which is one reason i think they can be hard for some people to deal with.
  7. Most dogs will have some alien abductions of their brains between 7 and 10mo ime - Kes just turned 10mo and his is finally coming back a bit. I always tell my students to continue working with their dogs on the basics as normal, if not harder than usual, but don't be surprised if you have to go back and almost reteach something during one of the brain abductions.
  8. ((((hugs)))) I had a cat die from FIP at 9yo, so even though the diagnosis wasn't a happy one, at least she lived a good long life. FIP is awful.
  9. I've heard of this being prescribed for MAJOR behavior issues (e.g. owner directed aggression), but never for something as seemingly mild as what you describe. They do market the GL as something that can be left on for up to 16 hours, but if it's having that big of a suppression effect on behavior, I'd seriously be questioning its appropriateness.
  10. Our vet says her best guesstimate is 1/2 full weight at 4mo unless the dog is of a giant breed. I've kept records of Kes' growth so far and he's 9mo now. By his 4mo size (18lbs) he would be 36lbs full grown, but by the 80% figure at 9mo he'd be 41lbs full grown. Give us about 9 more months and i'll tell you which was most accurate. Nothing's fool proof though - Ziva was 26.2lbs at 5.5mo and at 2.5 years now she's 24.4lbs! She was a pudgy puppy.
  11. IMO there is a risk of "too much exercise" in two areas: 1. If you get a dog used to 2 hours of heavy exercise/day he'll likely need 2 hours of exercise every day or you'll see behavior issues. You effectively are creating a super athlete at that point. This issue can be somewhat addressed by teaching an off-switch. You should be able to find threads on that by doing a search of the board as there have been a number of good discussions in the past. 2. If your dog is under 18 months to 2 years of age there is some thought that too much hard exercise can damage joints. To avoid this, the common suggestion is to allow free play, but do not force the dog to continue play/running/fetch if they show signs of tiring or wanting to stop. Let them dictate their activity. All three of my dogs are herding mixes (two are ACD crosses, one is a corgi cross) and none of them *require* two hours of exercise to be sane in the house because we've worked hard on instilling that wonderful "off switch". My two youngest dogs would be thrilled with hours and hours of exercise and often get it on nice days and weekends, but during the week, they are generally satisfied with one or two 1.5mile walks, some fetch in the house, and some mental activities (stuffed Kongs, training). Currently my youngest (and highest energy) dog is on crate rest - if he were used to 2 hours of exercise every day this would be a nightmare, but because he's been taught to settle and is used to some days where exercise is minimal it's been bearable with the help of lots of chewies and Kong toys.
  12. IME, yes. Though the energy level is more likely to change as the dog ages, the basic personality should stay the same if not become even more confident. I've seen fearful dogs blossom in homes, but I've not seen confident dogs become more cautious unless their new home completely isolates them. Toy drive does fluctuate in some dogs after placement, but usually returns - Ziva had insane ball drive at the shelter, but once home with me she wasn't nearly as interested. She's now big into tug, still not as obsessed with balls.
  13. COOL! Don't you just love it when the dog is ready, but you're left in the dust? Been there, done that myself.
  14. Thanks guys! Paula - I highly suggest actually walking the Pairs course with something in your hand so you can figure out when you need to switch hands (i.e. if there's a cross) and you might want to practice with a stick in your hand during practice sessions before the trial so your dog doesn't look at you like you're insane lol. I used to carry treats in my hand when working Z, so I'm comfortable moving things from hand to hand while running and that really helped. It also helps to practice the hand off in the exchange area with your partner at least once so you can make sure your dog is placed right, as are you. Z's good stay is one of the main reasons we did so well in Pairs because most teams had to keep the dog leashed until they had the baton or risk the dog starting early and thus lost a lot of time. The scoring is time plus faults, so that can be a big deal if you end up with any faults.
  15. More videos! Sun. Gamblers (about 30 seconds is just me waiting to start, the run itself was about 45s) - it was messy but it worked. Sun. Pairs (aka Relay) - Molly ran first, we got second for a total of 20 obstacles.
  16. DH was wonderful and did some video for me. Sat. Jumpers: Sat. Snooker:
  17. Ziva is now Stardog's Can't Take the Sky, AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D This weekend was our 3rd trial (3rd and 4th days of trialling) and Z did just wonderfully. RESULTS Saturday Starters Snooker: 1st and Q, time of 42.73 and 40 points Grand Prix: NQ - handler error (I got lost big time lol) Starters Standard: 2nd and Q, time of 49.17, SCT of 71; we placed second to our Pairs partner by only .61s! Starters Gamblers: 1st and Q, time of 42.57 and 49 points, 24 points required for Q Sunday Starters Gamblers: 1st and Q, time of 43.33 and 38 points (17 points to Q) Starters Standard: 1st and Q, time of 48.2, SCT of 71 Starters Pairs: 1st and Q, time of 25.36 and no faults with required time+faults of 76! Our team was 1st out of ALL the Starters Pairs by almost 40 seconds! Starters Jumpers: 1st and Q, time of 22.55, SCT of 33 After I shower and eat dinner, I'll be posting video for you all. I'm just soooooooo proud of my girl!
  18. Here are the pics! Car contains: 2 30" mesh crates, 36" varikennel, backpack of snacks and drinks, tote full of dog stuff, leash rack, 2 gal H2O, 2 duffles for human stuff, ground tarp, reflective sheet, 3 towels, laptop, purse, extra shoes, rainsuit, 2 camp chairs, two stacking containers for miscellaneous small stuff, and a regular size pillow. Passenger side: Via back hatch: Front: Exterior side:
  19. So we just finished our first day of the trial and I was able to get everything and everyone into the car for the trip last night. Pics are currently uploading - we packed the car *full* but didn't need to use the rooftop carrier I bought just in case. This trial is smaller than most of PBH's as I understand - we were all done by 3:30pm today. I'll post the final results tomorrow evening or Monday morning, but for now I'll just say that Z's doing great.
  20. Pull it - I tried to repair Maggie's slab fracture of the upper carnassial molar last year and really regretted it. 1. The repair held for almost exactly a *year* yet cost $500 and 2. after the repair failed and the tooth was removed Maggie was MUCH happier - the slowing down I'd attributed to aging (she's 10) apparently was due to the fact that she wasn't allowed to chew on anything after the repair and depression/stress related to that. She's also stopped licking her feet so much. I will forever remember to ask about restrictions after surgery BEFORE deciding on a plan of action - the vet didn't tell me about the chewing restrictions until discharge and it obviously seriously impacted her quality of life for a year. I'm almost happy the pricey repair failed because at least the welfare issue only lasted 12 months vs. the rest of her life. She's just over one month post extraction and is happy as a clam.
  21. I recognize you and Rory from Chaz - welcome!!
  22. I found a nifty thing that may be rather helpful at Target: a back of the car seat organizer for, of all things, baby stuff that includes a cooler section and lots of pockets and straps *and* turns into a messenger bag style tote when not on a car seat back! The best thing: $20! I'm looking at diaper bags for toting my agility class supplies now too lol!
  23. The premium did mention loading/unloading (limited to 15 mins per car), so they must be improving a bit lol. Thanks for the heads up about the game - will check on that. Any idea when that exit/entrance would be clogged if there was a game?
  24. EEK! No wonder you didn't want to go back! I've gotten pretty good at setting up my area in as few trips as possible and I always bring H2O to avoid tummy issues, but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and bring a canopy and reflective mesh stuff (which I'd have to buy since we haven;t needed those in the past). At least I've got the heads up tho - fingers crossed!
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