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  1. The other day Leila was keeping up with a greyhound at the dog park, they had some really good all out sprints going. The greyhound was not impressed with being herded about.
  2. Well she's grown into her ears a bit, lol.
  3. While the intentions are good, stealing a dog is not ok. Get the authorities involved so these people can not ever own a dog again (or may be less likely to wind up with another dog). Many years ago in a fit of insanity I considered doing the same thing when my ex-mother in law had 11+ dogs and horrible living conditions. Instead we got involved and helped find dogs homes and took several to the pound (wolf hybrid x Chow mixes). It was a horrible situation. Sometimes I still wish we'd gotten Animal Control involved, even though it would have likely wound up with criminal charges. Recently a neighbor of mine decided to "liberate" Leila because she got locked outside and barked for a couple of hours. I was floored at the audacity of their intentions and filed a police report. Do what you can without stealing the dog, or encouraging someone else to do so.
  4. I have a 30"L x 21 1/4"W x 24"H folding wire crate for when we go camping or other trips where I'm taking my car, its the only one of my crates that fits in the trunk. I wound up with a really big one for at home, it stays in the living room, I don't know the dimensions but you could fit a really big dog in it comfortably. This works great for the days that Leila is home when I'm at work or at school. And I have a few assorted sizes of varikennel, hard crates from my days of being a multiple dog/goat household. I guess you can say one can never have to many crates! lol
  5. Its fun to watch this pup grow, she's grown into the legs and head a little bit. We had fun a few weeks ago on a road trip to a sheepdog trial and got to meet Gloria, Gael & Nick. Leila went for her first swim and loved being around other black and white doggies.
  6. You are in Sac? Kathi Leggett is awesome! I used to train with her when I lived in the area. http://touchngoagility.com/classes.html The Sac area has lots of great folks and different trials to check out (AKC, NADAC, USDAA)
  7. Thanks KelliPup I really do appreciate that!
  8. She looks so happy! I'm looking forward to when my pup is old enough to do agility.
  9. Thank you so much!!! I found "Mine" yesterday and started reading it. It would help to see how the game works. I've been working with her with a clicker and treats and sort of fumbled through something yesterday. She had a bone she likes and I'd ask her to give (take her mouth off it), click and give her a treat (a good one). We worked with one of her toys and food too. She started to realize that my body being in contact with her thing meant more good stuff was coming. I think with some consistency with this over the next several days and then introducing the kids to the game should bring some improvement.
  10. My girls are pretty well behaved (unless you count the pre-tween angst of the 10.5 year old) and understand being mellow with the pup. They also know about their body language, not to wave their arms around the puppy when she's excited, no wrestling, and if the puppy is sleeping to let her be. This morning's situation caught us all a bit off guard as no one was aware the dog was sitting on a treat and feeling the need to protect it or herself. We had a good talk on the way to school about dog language vs people language and what we can do to make it so working with Leila is safe and enjoyable for all of us (the pup included). A few of my friends have unruly kids and they drive me nuts. I don't tolerate that stuff from mine at all. With this particular issue I think lots of games with the "mine and yours" idea will be very helpful. I've already been working with the commands for "give" and then "take". But she's not at a point where she takes the kids seriously, they are just two legged litter-mates.
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