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  1. First, I agree with the suggestion of a Lupine harness. Or anything. They guarantee their stuff against chewing. And I know it is not for the life of that dog. My brother's third dog in a row chewed - and the item was replaced - at least 30 years after purchase (maybe longer). Second, a crate in the car is not necessary if you have a good harness for the car. One that hooks into the seat belt. Heck, I used similar stuff for our 3 kids back in the 1970s - when car seats were plastic, hung on the back of a seat. and had a plastic steering wheel.If you use a crate, you still have to secure it somehow or the whole thing will fly in an accident. I run the seat belt through the handle of the cat's crate.
  2. Our first border collie mix was Fergie. We named her for a lovely dog we met when we stayed at a B&B on a farm outyside Thrisk (yes, James Herriot had been their vet) in North Yorkshire. That dog was named for Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York. When we told the vet through whom we adopted the pup, she told us that the family whose dog had the litter had called ours Sarah. But Fergie's full name was Ferguson J. Puppyfrau. Our current border collie mix is Dixie. OK, we are in North Carolina. But it sure was not our choice. However, she was a rescue who had been through too many changes (including time in a pound) in her 7 months that we didn't want to impose a new name on top of it all. Her full name is Dorothea Dixie Cup. We do live a few miles west of the old Dorothea Dix hospital and hers one one of the first biographies I read when I was in 3rd grade (when dinosaurs roamed the earth).
  3. I didn't march - I can't handle a crowd in the thousands. But my 14-year-old granddaughter and her father came with me to a rally of hundreds. Now I have to find a way to actually do something that matters. Got to pick on way to make a difference.
  4. nancy


    I could be that he was mistreated by young boys before you found him. Our rescue, Dixie, is the opposite. She is a tad wary of new people - then friendly once she gets to know them. But she absolutely loves young boys and behaves fantastically with them - the younger, the better.
  5. Ask the vet if it's OK to try both plain un-flavored yogurt and plain canned pumpkin. I haven't know a dog (or cat) who even tries to resist those.
  6. nancy


    I agree that this is one smart dog to go to church - and to go to your church. If I could only remember the characters' names from the bible stories I remember, I could suggest a great name. Lazarus is the only one that comes to mind - and Laz for short.
  7. Am I the only one who, in watching the Olympics, suspects that the AKC has been involved in breeding the male swimmers? The shoulder to hip ratio is the kind of thing they go for. What happens to those guys in their 50s? Can they even stand up without a walker?
  8. I remember when I was running with Fergie. A woman come down her walk and yelled at me for "forcing" the poor dog to run. Fergie was barely breaking into a trot and was, even so, pulling me. See how the dog reacts. And, if he wants to stop, let him. I let Dixie lie down on our last walk on the American Tobacco Trail. We'd stayed in the shade and only walked. But she needed a rest. And we found a puddle for her to enjoy - she won't drink from a bottle or even a small cup that I can carry. Have to admit that, when she spotted the horse walking ahead of us, she picked up steam. That was the biggest and most wonderful dog she'd ever met!
  9. You scared me! I thought this was another version of Sputnik 2. I was in 6th grade when the Soviets put that dog up in the satelite - with no plans to bring her down alive. My now best friend Sandy and I were livid. We started "The Room 6 Weekly" - with our teacher's permission - to write a scathing editorial about that. And equally scathing anti-Soviet editorials each week. We knew that Kruschev was quaking in his boot when our issue came out! BTW, the dog was not named Laika, no matter what you keep hearing. She was a Laika - a Russian huskie breed. She was either Belka (Squirrel) or Strelka (Arrow).
  10. I hated Misery - it was too intense and gory for me. But I thoroughly enjoyed The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. For one thing, my brother lives in that general area, so I could understand the situation. And I still want to know what else was out there! Is The Stand gory? If not, I'll look for it after I finish this book about 2 of my favorite people, Pauli Murray and Eleanor Roosevelt - The Firebrand and the First Lady.
  11. Years ago, when I was getting used to our first BC mix, Fergie, I got specific advice about percentages of protein and fat for a border collie from a wonderful guy named Bill who lived on the border area of Vermont and New Hampshire. I think it was ~21% protein and ~15% fat. I went to PetCo and PetsMart and made a list of every blessed kibble and its percentages. Checked back to find the best choice. Since then I have used only PetsMart's Advantage (their store brand) Lamb & Rice and several Lamb & Rice kibbles from PetCo that start with Nature or Natural (have already recycled the bag from the last purchase). Fergie always got compliments from the vet for her health, weight, coat, and all. Yeah, she did at only 15 - but it was an aggressive cancer. Dixie is now 4-1/2 and gets the same results from the vet. Oh, Fergie had some arthritis - but neither indicated hip displasia. Granted, neither dog ever actually worked. They put up with us, which is enough of a challenge. Four walks a day of ~ 1 mile each, at least. Romping with other dogs whenever possible. Playing hide and seek - with me or with toys. Dealing with Maggie the attack cat.
  12. Dixie (at least part border collie - sure looks the part) loves fireworks. If any neighbor starts them this week-end, she will whine at the door until I put on her leash. Then she will drag me down to watch the displays!
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