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  1. I am new to this. really new. as in, I adopted a herding breed last month and JUST started reading a bit on herding. I have to ask a silly question, what is the stick I see handlers using in the training videos? I've seen a stick, a stick with a rag, and a rake used. I'finding it hard to tell what it's used for. Keeping the dog out from the sheep...? thanks for entertaining me!
  2. Until just now, it's never occurred to me to look up kelpie breeders in my area (stupid, geeze!) I just did, and there's at least two with in a couple hours of Toronto. imagine that!
  3. It is my understanding that Kelpies can be quite variable, working and show dogs are registered to different organizations in Australia. Does anyone know of a DNA test that includes Kelpie in their list of breeds? If I do test her I wouldn't want a test that wouldn't consider Kelpie as an option. I still wonder, just because as far as I know they're so uncommon in these parts. Anyone have some sheep? (I ask a crowd of BCers...) maybe I'll see if she walks on top of them in true Kelpie style!! lol!
  4. I was also wondering about kelpie, I've seen some pictures that look VERY similar. They are not common around here though... She was picked up as a stray and was in a shelter for a month before my rescue pulled her, so I have no history on her. I also wonder where her curly tail comes from. Also, if anyone has a good description of coat colour, please let me know! kind of like black and tan... but not (if you can't see it in the pictures, her legs are almost brindle)
  5. Hi folks, I recently failed fostering (it was bound to happen!). Someone I know is positive that she has a bit of BC in there somewhere. I'm not too sure about that... maybe in trace amounts...? So I thought I'd come to the experts on the BC board to see what you think! Here's a couple of pics: (for scale, she's about 40lbs or perhaps a couple pounds more) Thanks! (next time i find an extra $100 kicking around, maybe I'll do a DNA test for shits and giggles!)
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