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  1. Address Paula? He's a nutter but I can just see the potential wayyyyyyyyyy deep down under there. I swear he has doggy ADD! 15lbs of absolute crazy!
  2. I know, I need to get a full body shot!
  3. Meet Zoom! He is a 6-8 month old BorderJack and by far the nuttiest dog I've ever met. I'm currently fostering him but he is slowly growing on me.
  4. I am a huge Susan Garrett fan... So I'd personally reccomend you check out her stuff.
  5. Couldn't agree more with this. Hopefully my posts aren't coming off that I know everything...just stating my preferences. I don't have a dead set opinion on early s/n and certainly wouldn't turn a dog down simply because of it, but if I had the choice I would certainly wait.
  6. My opinion is just that- my opinion. I don't know how you can say that ' you wouldn't base an opinion with just a small sample'....it's not like I am saying what I know is factual. From the small amount of male dogs that I've owned (under 10) to the many male dogs I've worked with in rescue (too many to count) to all my friends male dogs, in my opinion, the dogs neutered later on tend to be more 'manly'. That's what I like, I don't like the goofiness. Of course there are males that who have been neutered earlier that are still 'manly', but the majority that *I've* met are goofy. Just my opinion as of now...But that's the wonderful thing about opinions. They can change as we learn!
  7. Yes, I did know them as they were my own dogs. In my personal opinion, males neutered earlier ( >4 months) versus males who are neutered later on do tend to have different attitudes. They are more puppy-like and seem to have a very goofy personality. Not to say that this applies to ALL males as of course every dog differs. Edited to add: When I said I was coming from an agility perspective, I meant that I neutered later on due to making sure growth plates were closed. Upon rereading it I realized it could have been interpreted as meaning I neuter later on to make sure they have drive for agility.
  8. No, I don't do AKC...I don't believe this is sanctioned. Just my local club opening up the field. I thought it was ridiculously priced, and it's only from 10am-2pm. I highly doubt I can get my money's worth.
  9. What are the prices of agility Fun Matches in your area? I got an email this morning from my local club (CA) where the price is $25 for an upcoming match...
  10. As the owner of an agility dog and as the founder/president of a Border Collie rescue, I cannot recommend this book enough!
  11. Coming from an agility perspective, I waited until my boy was a year of age to neuter. I dislike the attitude and low drive (that I've witnessed) of males neutered too early.
  12. Are you asking for general puppy training, or are you hoping to get into a sport?
  13. Also, I personally wouldn't build a lot of eye-contact into this behavior. I don't want my dog focused on me out there, more so on his 'job' (the equipment). Of course your want the dog to pay attention to you but you don't want to build the behavior so he feels the need to watch your face out there. Just my opinion.
  14. She's stressed and know's it's a behavior with a lot of pressure. I would work on this behavior alone and make it FUN! Turn this into a huge game for her!
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