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  1. Thanks for this help Bob. We've tried this the last few times at work and there seems to be some improving. We will keep chipping away at this. Thanks!
  2. Hello Bob, I've been having some trouble with my dog slicing flanks on the drive. He had a rocky start (improper training and an inexperienced handler -- me); he is my first working dog and is now 5. I've learned so much from him (and still am), and we've gotten much better training done as I've learned, but this slicing of the flanks is a lingering problem. I've tried several different methods (long-line, shortening distances he works from me, pushing him out off his stock, stopping him before he flanks while driving, etc.) to try to help him understand what I am asking. I'm at a loss. He knows “get out/back” and respects it on the fetch and outrun. If I stop him and tell him out, he squares up some (it gets better each time we work) and continues on. He’s always been a sort of “flat” out runner, and I blame the bad start for his lack of feel for his sheep; I've had to “re-teach” him and it has gotten WAY better. However, I feel that when I'm asking him out from his stock, he is translating that to getting out from me. I thought of this the other day while working when I asked him out; he was tight on a flank up until he was opposite the stock from me, where my pressure would push him out, then he moved way off his stock. (I hope that makes sense) So with that... any ideas on how to teach him that -- when I am asking him out (driving/fetching/outrun) -- it means from his stock, not me. Thanks!
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