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  1. That seems like a good idea to have a little doggie pool in the shade for him. We live in Austin and its hot hot hot all the time. We keep Troy in side mostly but he has a long walk in the morning a few short ones throughout the day and long one at night. He gets really hot no matter how long were outside. Just keep cold water - throw some ice cubes in there during the hotter parts of the day and if you have a sprinkler he can chase around too or a nice bath
  2. We moved in and this place and now my Troy is scratching so bad! We've tried baths, and some cheaper flea treatments and also diamataious earth (sp?) anyways...I do work at the Human Society and one of the staff there gave me some over the counter heartguard type brand pill that treated all kinds of worms and fleas. I ended up giving to my moms dog because it said not to give it to border collies. Is there any pill specially made for these cute fluffy dogs? He's going crazy and the baths are not enough. Thanks for reading!
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