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  1. These are very helpful, but Nova is not very interested in treats, like Jack is in these videos...but it's certainly worth a try. I really liked the one where she transitions from going backward to forward...keeps the dog in the right place at her side. Thanks!
  2. I am trying to teach my 3 yr old BC to walk on a leash. She does pretty well for a few steps, but then wants to walk ahead of me...or she wants to go in circles on the leash or!!!! I am taking her for training, but it's hard to get this girl to walk calmly next to me. I have tried slow calming circles, and giving treats behind me (to the side), but as you know...she's not really food motivated. This girl is bright, but I'm not getting the message across or something. Is it because of too much "off leash" time? I would appreciate your tips!
  3. Thanks Bob. Is the "drop" also a bred in thing? Or maybe learned from being kicked? I don't have a very good down on her yet, at a distance...would it help me to work on that? Maybe save a few teeth? I'll try to track down Bobby and Anna. Julie
  4. I am just starting my 2 year old adopted BC on herding. No official lessons yet, but I've been letting her move our rope cattle, up the return lane, and working on getting control of her in a controlled space. She moves the cattle by "nipping" at their back feet, but when she nips low on the foot, they kick her...as she hasn't learned to "duck/drop" yet. So now she's nipping high on the hind legs, above the hocks. I believe they are supposed to stay below the hocks, but not sure how to teach her to nip lower. Nor do I know how to teach her to duck or drop. When I ask for a down, I get a sit. (ok...she's half Aussie...I admit it!) Can you give me some pointers until I can get to a trainer? I am having trouble finding one in the L.A. area. Thanks!
  5. Is my dog the only one named "No No, Bad Dog"!!!???
  6. I adopted my first BC 6 months ago. I have been reading your discussions for a few months now, and you all have just about hit on all my "problem" areas! I realize they are just BC traits, and I thank you for your discussions and helpful hints. I have two more that I would appreciate some input on. #2; "Nova" goes in circles all the time, and always clockwise. Someone said it may be from her being kenneled during her youth. (She's 2 now) If she has room to run, she'll go straight, but if she's trying to stay near me (off leash), she circles. Any ideas on how to stop her? I'm sure she'll be great on sheep, and with Come by. Away has me a little worried! #2 She also loves to roll in poop. Never horse manure, but usually her own (or what the cat's have buried). She's mostly white, so any tips on fixing this problem would be wonderful! Thanks!
  7. Is Yippie a Kelpie or BC? Adorable!
  8. Thanks for all your input! Nova is in our backyard all day with grass, but it seems she eats more when she's excited or nervous. Makes me feel better that she is not the only one.
  9. Would like some help. I adopted a BC recently and she constantly eats grass. I have had other dogs that eat grass to digest or help throw up what's bothering them, but "Nova" seems to be eating all day. No stomach problems that I can tell, and she's not throwing up. Seems to be a compulsive behavior or habit. Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs, or have any suggestions on how to stop it, or slow it down? Thanks!
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