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  1. My BC "IF" was trained without using a collar /lead She has worn a collar /lead....she is trained (walk with me)She has no more than 20 days experience with wearing a collar or on a lead."IF" is 21 months. All commands have been taught to her off lead ,un collared. "IF" has a working set of commands and is always faithfull to them .She is a country dog and a city slicker. "IF" world consist of everything from deer and rabbits,horses, sheep in the country to traffic,sounds,street crossing,people in the city.She sees and hears it all.She is fully capable to deal with both . "IF" knows about 16 verbal commands(basic and road work) and 10 nonverbal commands(directional and basic).She has no obsessions(but is extremely enthused when she can swim)"IF" isnt neurotic,she is extremely affectionate..."IF" she wasnt such a drama queen she would be perfect. This dog has lived her life withoout a collar/lead and she turned out simply amazing.....unleashed. I am wondering "IF" there are others who have trained without a lead and what there results have been.
  2. Buntzen Lake is a nice place to take the dog, Always other dogs there , alot of trails and of course the lake itself. Do you walk the trails to the hydro damn? I always wanted to take "IF" canoeing at buntzen.We go there a fare bit as well...."IF" loves to swim .
  3. I am still here folks, Thanks for the nice comments about "IF". She was named"IF" for four reasons. 1st being ...."IF" you shit on the floor, "IF you dont listen, As "IF",no "IF" ands or buts....."IF" just goes with everything 2nd..i read bc respond better to one syllable words. 3rd...the cult ,song "IF"....IF, IF thats the way that it is.....IF 4th ...i didnt want to have to call my dogs name (okay yell it out) and have people think i was calling them.You know what i mean..you go to a dog park and someone yells out sandy and three dogs turn there head and a few ladies as well. The Hat.......is just a hat......its the man that makes the clothes not the clothes that make the man. (thank you for the compliments) And the stick comment...well that was damn funny.....i just about choked on my coffee when i read it. One point to you. Thanks again for the welcome and comments
  4. " IF " tri ,female born april 2008. She does what i do.. GREETINGS.
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