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  1. you make everything grooooovy Christine and Lone
  2. This is flying Hattrik by Jenni very stylish Jenni with Alun Jones Christine P.s.: Jenni, you´re allowed to go for 2, 4, or 6 years zu the USA - but definitely NOT for the rest of your life!
  3. hi Jenni !!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you here! but.... You can't leave Germany! I need you here to join more Clinics with Alun. (Jenni is a very nice "Girl" and a very Good organizer) Hope to See you soon Christine and Schrubber ( the Nickname, Jenni gave to Lone )
  4. Ruhe sanft, liebe Kati Stille Grüße Christine
  5. Oh yes, please let me know - but this time a clinic without snow (í´m a poet!) There are quite a lot Trials in the area where i live. You´re always welcome to stay in my house. Christine
  6. :D I think in the last picture, all dogs look the same Yes, i also hope to see you and Bonnie again next year. Are there any plans in Poland for a Scrimgeour Clinic ? Unfortunately i do not have a real good field for a clinic, otherwise you will be the first to be invited. Christine P.S. @all - i forgot to say: The name of the ram is: Hoss (my husband is a fan of Bonanza)
  7. Voila, Lone working Herdwicks in summer... That´ll do Christine
  8. ...for my Herdwicks ... and in five months i will show you tiny little Herdwick lambs Greetings Christine
  9. I am one of the lucky persons who has seen this live. It was unbelievable. What a great dog and what a handler ! Christine
  10. Hi Julie, thank you - Lone is doing quite well - its me who needs more education. Next weekend we join a clinic of John Jones (Wales) He comes to Germany for three days, and i hope I will make the same steps forward as Lone did. Christine
  11. Hey, i found a really interesting site in the world wide web: Facts about Paul Turnbulls Blue Kind regards Christine
  12. Thank you. I like to take pictures from outside the spectacle - sometimes (i think) they tell more than all those lowered dogs Every evening from 7-9 pm, they showed on TV a summary of the day.... that was really great.... you could hear the breath of the dogs and feel the adrenaline of the handlers... So after watching "live" - we immediately went to our hotel and switched on the Television.... If i had known that before (the summary on TV) - i would have managed a recording apparatus. But i will observe - if they will sell it someday as DVD - and I will let you know. Christine P.S. I also wish i could have some more of those wonderful Fish&Chips
  13. Thank you ...Yes and James McGee has worn a Swiss hat during the Final .... Funny LG Christine
  14. Hi, i spent some days with my camera at the World Trial in Cumbria, England - if you like to see "some" pics, click here Parade and Qualifying Day 1 and here Semi-Final and Final Greetings Christine
  15. Oh thank you so much for giving me a big grin in the morning with this cute puppy and the new vocabulary "Lone-ish" :D :D I hope this little Sweetie gets a good home soon. Lots of Greetings from Germany Christine and the lone-ish Lone By the way: I found a "real" brother of Lone! This is Sam. He lives in the Netherlands.
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