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  1. Hello again Bob, I now have two young dogs (18months) who are as keen as mustard. I have two problems: 1. They both have quite good outruns and stay out but come in far too close to the sheep when they try to lift them. How can I get them to stay back from the sheep when they come in behind. (I'm getting a bit old with a bad leg so running is out of the question )?. 2. One of my dogs is great as long as the sheep stay together but, if one breaks and runs, then he goes after it and worries it oblivious to any commands. Any suggestions? Kind regards, George
  2. Hi Bob, Just to bring you up to date. About a month after my last post, my young bitch 'switched on' and she is as keen as mustard. She is now every bit as good as, if not better than, her brother. What a relief! Thanks for your reassurance. Kind regards, George.
  3. Thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed. George
  4. Dear Bob, I have two young dogs (a dog and bitch -15 months old) of champion stock from the same litter. The young dog is as keen as mustard and learning fast, hopefully he will turn out well. The bitch however is simply not remotely interested in sheep. I have taken her to the sheep for a few minutes at a time while avoiding putting any pressure on her - no rough voice and no forcing her against her will. I've left her for a couple of days then tried again. She studiously ignores them or very occasionally will approach them then immediately go off and eat poo! I am at my wits end as I cannot think of any way of ecouraging her to get interested. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
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