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  1. I have made mistakes while teaching my 4 yr old to drive. She does not want to walk into pressure on the drive and slides off to either side. Usually the side that will allow her to turn the sheep back to me. What I am trying is taking a position off to the side of her and walking in parallel calling her in when I see the sheeps heads start to turn. My biggest issue is that I do not see the sheep turning until they are more than 45deg away from where they were going. I flank her, we over correct and the whole thing turns into a zig zag mess. Assuming that I can train myself to see the sheep turning in time to give her direction/correction, what can I do to help her stay in position and walk into the pressure?
  2. I have read good and bad about Bio-Sensor. This consists of 5 small exercises that expose a very young pup to controlled stress. The theory is that the immune system is strengthened, the dog is better able to handle stress and has improved social skills. The good: http://www.breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation The bad: http://www.border-wars.com/2012/02/bio-sensor-is-bad-science-the-failure-of-super-dog.html I just seeking personal opinions about this. Does it work?
  3. 2bc4me

    Dog farts

    I knew 2 dogs that had that problem. The first was feed pizza and lots of other human junk food. The other was fed a vegetarian diet. But who knows if they would have had the same issue on regular dog food. They were wicked bad to be near. You have my sympathy. Good luck!
  4. 2bc4me

    Need pilling help

    We had a once a month pill for the family dog. My mother would make spaghetti for the family that night and make a serving for the dog after our dinner. She would cut the spaghetti into small pieces, top that with some of the sauce, cut the meatball into pieces, load one of the meatball pieces with the pill then top it all with grated cheese. He never failed to eat the pill. We teased her about this, but she said she was not spoiling the dog because she used generic cheese and not the good stuff.
  5. The last post left off my smiley face. Here it is.
  6. Nope, the peewee league is the PT course for AKC and the JHD for AHBA. Novice in USBCHA is at least Little League.
  7. We entered the Crook and Whistle SDT held in Jefferson, WI at the Novice level. It was our first time at a USBCHA trial. Pip did very well and we took first place at this trial. We have some stuff to work on, but this run felt really nice to me. The field we train in is not this big and I was unsure if she would go deep enough, but the way she went out, made me proud of her.
  8. Welcome to the puppy Honeymoon! My border collies go through a stage where they 'forget' nearly everything from this stage. You have to reteach them stuff. But they learn real fast because they have not forgotten it, they are just finding their boundaries.
  9. This is Quin and Pip watching some training videos. Too bad that this does not actually work, but Quin does pay close attention to when the sheep are on the tv.
  10. 2bc4me

    Pip's Progress

    Thanks for the responses. I will be much more mindful of the stick. Those sheep are indeed very dog broke. I admit, I like having dog broke sheep for these lower level trials where we are just fetching. In training we work sheep that are much less willing to come to people. But, I am going to try to find different places and sheep to widen her ability. I have fun working her. She just wants to please.
  11. I am so happy with her run. All the mistakes were mine. AHBA HTD level 1 I am hoping that by next year she and I will be running in USBCHA Novice. She has a bigger outrun, but the trial rules say to set the dog at that spot. She does nice square flanks, and we are starting to drive. One of my bucket list items is to train a dog to compete in USBCHA Open trials. Sorry, I am unable to upload the video.