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  1. I had an obedience/agility trained bc that was at first afraid of the sheep. Many lessons latter, he did get his AKC started title. It can be done.
  2. My boy actually learned the command ‘No Hump’. After his first birthday, the best gift I gave both of us was to get him neutered. It slowed but did not stop that behavior. Every time he starts humping, I make him stop. Every. Time. I have learned to see the intent and give the command before he gets going. Good luck.
  3. If he likes the starfish shape, Tuffy is selling one. https://www.chewy.com/tuffys-ocean-creatures-general/dp/39280?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=Tuffy's&utm_term=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7Z6aiJqf5AIVip-zCh0-Agc3EAQYASABEgLolvD_BwE
  4. I am a bit late to the conversation, but I also have a dog that loves to bring balls to strangers at the park. I resolved the recall by teaching a retrieve. I would have a toy myself and have him retrieve that to me. I also made sure to teach a solid recall at the park by having my dog come to me just for a petting and release. We do many practice recalls before the actual last one. Most of the people he brings the ball to think he is adorable. There was one lady who wore a mid length white skirt to the dog park. I will never understand what she was thinking. She sat down on a park bench and my very friendly dog not only brought her a ball, it was a filthy dirty ball. Since she was sitting, he helpfully dropped it on her lap. Quin is 10 now. I do not think he will out grow this.
  5. Please find a vet behaviorist. This is not normal for a young dog. My bc was fear aggressive toward other dogs. He was put on prozac and went through a process of training that raised his threshold to allow him to be more normal near other dogs. A behaviorist that is not a vet cannot proscribe the medication. I was able to have him around other dogs after that. He was not cured, but I learned his triggers and how to redirect him to stop the aggression.
  6. I had a border collie that liked to attack the vacuum cleaner. I mean hide behind furniture or around corners and pounce when he thought I was not paying enough attention. He taught the next puppy to do the same, they taught the next puppy to do the same. He passed from cancer and I was still dealing with having to put put dogs in down stays or put in crates to get vacuuming done. The next puppy was a bit afraid of the vacuum and would go off into another room. I ignored her and now she just jumps up on chair out of the way. So much better. I think I like having a dog a bit afraid of the vacuum.
  7. If only they could learn by watching. Quin loves watching the training videos with me.
  8. I had sessions with a Vet Behaviorist. My fearful reactive dog was put on beef flavored chewable prozac tablets for 6 months as we worked through his issues. It helped take the edge edge off his anxiety. He was never cured. I had to manage him for the rest of his life. However, we were able to take group obedience classes after that. We were also able to go take herding lessens and compete in AKC/ASCA/AHBA trials at the started levels.
  9. When each of my dogs were that young, I had x-pen gating that I could set up in what ever room I was in. As they got older, the x-pen space grew until it was nearly a quarter of the room. In the x-pen there were the safe toys and chews. They had quiet time in the x-pen that time of night so there was not much destruction going on. They also learned that evenings are a settle down time. It was a perfect time for the stuffed kong. They were with me in the room, but had to amuse themselves. I also made sure to get the smaller 2 ft ones so I could step over them. Since they were never used unsupervised, I easily taught my dogs to stay in and not jump out just cause they could.
  10. Definitely find a vet behaviorist. I had a bc who was fear aggressive toward other dogs. We followed a program that, 6 months later, allowed him to be ok near and around other dogs. He was never totally cured, never alone with nor ever unsupervised around other dogs. I managed his condition for the rest of his life. He learned to herd sheep and competed in AKC/AHBA herding trials. Due to his reactivity, that was an uphill battle, but, it was so much better for his mind than chasing a ball. There is help out there. I urge you to to find it. I also agree that the dog park is not a good idea for reactive dogs.
  11. I had one that got bored in his crate about that age and chewed the tip of his tail also. It took years to grow back correctly. He had toys and other chews in there with him, but who can tell what goes through a puppy’s brain.
  12. I have three at this time. My oldest boy, Quin, eats everything that is, or might be, food. I watch what I feed him as he has a tendency to be fat. My girl will eat when she is hungry and leaves the food when not. My young boy, Bard, is the one that leaves food. I have to police the bowls because I do not want Quin to ‘help’ by finishing what Bard leaves. All of bcs have been thin when young, but Bard is a bit thinner than the others had been.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Maybe my other bcs had a coats long enough that I did not notice exactly how thin they were. I will give him more time to mature. He cannot be starving because he leaves food in his bowl.
  14. What a difference a year makes. We needed to put the mileage in. I needed the repetition of watching the sheep to start to see the movement before it happens. Sometime around June, I could see her starting to actually maintain pressure on the sheep as she was driving them. This is still a work in progress, but it has gotten so much better. As she learned that, the line straightened as the sheep are now moving forward instead of being turned by her slipping to one side. On another good note, this year I learned to shut up and let her work. It is amazing how good she is doing her job without my interference.
  15. I think my 1 1/2 year old smooth coat bc Bard is too thin. His hip bones are so prominent, they can be seen from a distance. I have never had problems keeping weight on a dog before. I am feeding him Acana. I can get him to eat about 2 cups a day. He is a very slow eater and gets distracted from eating easily. I offer him food twice a day, as much as he wants for about 15 minutes each time. He does not have parasites. He is very active. At what point do you get concerned about a dog being too lean? What do you feed to help put weight on him?
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