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  1. We have been super busy here, but I finally found a chance to post about our recent celebrations!! On the 15th was the ONE year anniversary of adopting Kai from the Oregon Humane Society. The beginning of his life was rough, he was rescued along with 70 other dogs from Eastern Oregon. They had been left outside in the freezing temperatures and only had cattle carcasses to eat. Here is a picture from the rescue. and here is Kai (the middle black puppy) and a few from the last year as a very happy pup =) Our second celebration was Paige's 6th Birthday yesterday!! Happy Birthday to a one of a kind dog!!! The birthday toy! and finally a recent one of both of them!!
  2. LOL! It is so funny =) Such a great depiction of her dogs personalities!! It was too good not to post (Im glad someone else did) Everyone needs to read it Hahaha
  3. We have a Border Collie cross who is also mostly white but with two black ears and one black eye =)
  4. Heard about this on the news and thought everyone here would really enjoy it. A great story about two dogs moving to a new state with their family. Definitely worth the read!! http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/11/dogs-dont-understand-basic-concepts.html
  5. I really really don't understand what goes through peoples minds. Thank god the dog is okay. http://www.katu.com/news/local/105913623.html
  6. "You're a Border Collie owner when...your facebook profile picture is your Border Collie and you get 2347862743 friend requests from other people who ALSO have a Border Collie as their profile picture. " Or you take it a step further and the dog has their very own facebook page, and has more friends that are Border Collies than you have people friends on your page.
  7. The same dog bed has sat in the same garage, with the same dogs for over 6 months. You put those same dogs in the garage for barely an hour to do non dog activities. Upon your return you find this and all you do is LAUGH! ... and you know it was the 13 month old dog-puppy haha after sweeping oh.. Kai.. what will I do with you...
  8. Lol they are entertaining for sure.. never a dull moment. Especially when he manages to tip it up so the door/opening is facing the ceiling and I go look in and theres a 13 month old dog-puppy on his back not concerned in the least. (maybe one of these days I will get a good video of him)
  9. Happy Birthday Ouzo !! you were more than adorable as a puppy and still just as handsome!!
  10. Great picture of the whale breaching a rare shot indeed !
  11. We have a collapsable kennel in our living room which the dogs go into and store toys in etc. Well it is Kai's favorite and he gets in and rolls around on his back causing the kennel to either roll around the living room, get caught up on one end, or completely collapse on top of him (which he seems to enjoy) I snapped this photo one day of his antics.
  12. They have been popping up in the Pacific Northwest as well ....
  13. gorgeous pictures!! and the dogs look like they are enjoying themselves as well
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